9 Tips to Flavor Bland Food

Flavor Bland Food
  • Check Your Salt
  • Add Butter Close to Cooking
  • Grate Onions
  • Add Sugar to Dishes Like Beans, Kapuska
  • Brine Meat Before Cooking
  • Boil the Meat in a Separate Pot Beforehand
  • Dry Meat Before Cooking
  • Add Spices to Food Last
  • Do not open the lid of the pot frequently

If the food you make disappoints you and the people who eat it, you may not know and apply some tips. But don’t worry! Because it’s never too late for anything. Thanks to the tips we will share now, your meals will not be uninspired anymore!

Here are the taste secrets of the dishes that make you eat your fingers…

What Does It Mean?

  • You must have heard the definitions such as bland bread, bland soup and bland meatballs before.
  • The word bland is often used to refer to food that does not taste salty, that is, not tasty.
  • What does plain mean, how does the Turkish Language Association (TDK) explain this word? Let’s have a look together if you wish.
  • According to TDK, slow has 4 meanings. These are “low-fat,” “pure,” “tasteless, unpleasant,” and “vulgar, ignorant.”
  • Bread is generally used in the sense of pure.
  • Definitions such as bland soup and meatballs are used to indicate that the food is tasteless.

9 Tips to Flavor Bland Food

Like any job, cooking has some tricks. If your food is bland, it does not mean that your hand is tasteless. It just shows that you skipped some important steps.

We answered the question “What is plain” . Now it’s time to share tips that prevent your meals from being bland . If you are ready, let’s get started without wasting time!

1) Check Your Salt

  • Sometimes the food we call bland can only be without salt.
  • Be careful not to forget the salt of the food. Salt added later may not give the desired flavor to the dish.
  • Add salt to the food in a controlled manner.
  • Do not take the food off the stove without checking the salt.

2) Add the Butter Close to Cooking the Meal

  • Pot dishes are usually made in the following order; First, oil is added, then the onion and tomato paste are fried, and finally the ingredients and water are added.
  • However, if it is butter, you may need to change this order a little. If you add the butter close to turning off the stove, the taste of the dish will increase.

3) Grate Onions

  • Onions for pot dishes are usually diced and then roasted.
  • However, if you grate the onion, the juice of the onion mixes with the food. This makes the food much tastier.

4) Add Sugar to Dishes Like Beans, Kapuska

  • Add a lump of sugar after frying the onion, especially in dishes such as green beans, capuska, tomato soup, menemen, and dry beans.
  • While sugar makes the onions caramelize, it also takes away the sourness of tomato paste and vegetables.
  • This method is often preferred in olive oil dishes.

5) Brine Meat Before Cooking

  • Cooking meat dishes really requires patience and effort.
  • Just like in restaurants, if you want to prepare juicy and delicious meat dishes, you should brine the meat before cooking it. So how will you do this?
  • All you need for the brine process is some salt and water.
  • Marinate your meat in salt water. That is all!
  • The brine will soften and flavor the meat.

6) Pre-Boil the Meat in a Separate Pot

  • If you are cooking with meat, you may need to boil the meat in a separate pot beforehand.
  • Because the cooking time of vegetables and legumes and the cooking time of meat are not the same.
  • Therefore, meat dishes require advance preparation.
  • So when should you add the boiled meat to the dish?
  • When the vegetables and legumes are half cooked, you can add the boiled meat to the dish.

7) Dry Meat Before Cooking

  • Sounds very interesting, right? But you heard right!
  • Always dry the meat you have washed before cooking.
  • This way the meat will be crispy and delicious.

8) Add Spices to Food Last

  • Be sure to add the spices to the food as soon as it is cooked.
  • Thus, the spices do not burn.

9) Do not open the lid of the pot frequently

  • Do not open the lid of the pot frequently, especially while cooking pot food.
  • If the food is cooked with the lid closed, the steam inside the pot will not disappear. This shortens the cooking time of the food.

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