Fish Cooking Techniques: 9 Different Methods, Tips That Make a Difference

Fish Cooking Techniques

Everyone loves to eat fish, and those who love to cook are only true fish lovers. In order to cook fish that will leave a mark on the palate with its flavor, it is important to understand the unique characteristics of each fish.

The fish is selected according to the season, cleaned without damaging it, and the most important moment is reached: the fish cooking process. This is the moment when you will add all your dexterity to the fish. It is important to choose according to the type of fish and your taste in food. It is up to you to determine the best one among many cooking alternatives and to apply the method properly, the flavor of the fish will take care of the rest.

Thanks to the rich variety of fish in our country and different ways of cooking fish, you can prepare tables that reflect the breadth of our fish culture. Of course, it is not a coincidence that the fish-eating culture is so developed in these fertile lands surrounded by fertile seas on three sides.

Many delicious varieties you will need to cook fish are abundantly available in our seas and freshwaters. In addition to frequently used cooking techniques, it is possible to experience a quality fish feast with lesser-known and interesting methods.

9 Different Fish Cooking Methods

1) Frying

It is among the most commonly used fish cooking techniques. It is possible to fry the cleaned fish whole if it is small, or in slices or fillets if it is larger. The frying technique, which brings the fish to the table quickly and deliciously, is also frequently preferred because it is practical.

2) Grid

The grilling method, which gives good results in very oily fish, is also among the delicious fish cooking techniques. Preparing a charcoal fire for grilled fish is important in order for the fish to be cooked ideally without being burned by flames.

3) Smoke

Smoking allows the fish to cook without fire. Smoke-smoked fish offer a very different taste experience with their sooty aromas.

4) Marination

Marinating is done by keeping many fish, especially sea bass, in lemon juice or in a similar environment. This method ensures that the fish meat becomes Turkish delight. 

5) Gravlax

The gravlax technique, which is based on the underground marinating process in Scandinavian countries, is a method that can be done comfortably in the home environment today.

6) Steaming – Steaming

Cooking fish with steam without direct contact with water is among the healthiest methods of cooking fish. The steaming technique also helps to preserve the nutritional value of the fish.

7) Shallow Roast

The shallow frying technique is done by frying in a non-stick pan with less oil. Choosing less oily fish so that it is not too heavy is beneficial for your palate. 

8) Baking

Roasting in the oven is a convenient cooking technique for large fish. It provides an ideal meal in terms of both visuality and taste. 

9) Cooking in Salt

Salt cooking is also an increasingly popular form of cooking. The method basically consists of cooking the fish coated with a thick layer of salt. 

Which Fish Will Be More Delicious If Cooked With Which Technique In Which Season?

Choosing fish according to the season and cooking it with suitable fish cooking types will enable you to achieve results that will surprise master chefs. Of course, your personal taste in food is important, but it is also beneficial to use techniques that highlight the unique characteristics of certain types.

  • Anchovy: When you think of fish, the Black Sea comes to mind, and when you think of the Black Sea, of course, anchovy comes to mind. Anchovy, which is among the most popular fish varieties in our country, has almost all kinds of dishes. During the delicious periods between October and January, when it is oiled, it is absolutely necessary to gather with friends and a grilled feast with plenty of anchovies. Since it will have less oil in the summer months, it can be preferred to fry it.
  • Bonito: Bonito, which is very delicious from September to February, can also be eaten in the oven and grilled during these periods. At other times, fries can be consumed.
  • Sardine: It takes its place on the counters in its most delicious form during the period starting from July until the end of summer. Sardines that can be steamed can also be served grilled.
  • Horse mackerel: Between November and February, you can cook horse mackerel, which has a high taste, in a pan or grill.
  • Trout: Fresh trout, which can be found on farms throughout the year, can also be consumed with many delicious recipes. Especially the trout made in the oven with butter add flavor to your tables. Although the cooking methods of fish varieties differ, the techniques to be applied according to the period make it easier to reach the ideal taste.

7 Tips for Cooking Fish

While preparing an unforgettable dinner for your friends, you can choose your main course for fish. It is very useful to know some tricks to prepare delicious fish cooking recipes:

1) One of the most important points about fish is undoubtedly freshness. In this way, the fish to be consumed according to the season will be more oily and delicious.

2) The cooking time of the fish in the oven varies according to its size and the type of food being made. Scratching both sides of the fish allows it to cook better in the oven.

3) While grilling, you can apply oil on it to make the fish fry better.

4) It is a good choice for pan-frying by cutting into slices for cooking large fish.

5) Small size fish like anchovy can be cooked whole.

6) In the steaming method, which is among the suggestions for cooking healthy fish, a small amount of butter added to the water will add flavor to the fish.

7) Various measures can be taken for the intense odor endured in order to cook fish. A few bay leaves can be thrown into the pan to reduce the smell of pan-fried fish.

What are Fish Cooking Tools?

Since the variety of fish cooking techniques is quite large, many tools are used to add convenience to these methods.

  • Frying fish in the pan can be very difficult, especially with small fish in a row. This process can be carried out quite easily with the double-sided fish cooking pan.
  • Electric fish grill types also allow you to ideally capture the light flavor offered by the grill.
  • Fish cooking bench and fish cooking stove models, which are frequently preferred in places like restaurants, also stand out with their fast and effective cooking methods.
  • With many different types of fish cooking machines, it is possible to bring fish varieties to the tables in a practical way.

5 Different Fish Cooking Recipes for the Enthusiast

1) The Indispensable Taste of Pan Anchovy

Pan anchovy is one of the fish dishes that will never lose its flavor. You can prepare an elegant table by serving the anchovy pan with different kinds of salads. 

2) The Taste of Baked Fish is Different Baked Bonito

The bonito you will cook in the oven will win your appreciation with its meat that will disperse in your mouth and its flavor diversified with vegetables. The nutritional value of this delicious recipe, which you can try often, is also quite high. 

3) Practical Form of Fish Pancakes

Eating fish can be intimidating because of problems like an awning. Fish pane, which can also be eaten between bread, will complement the comfort it offers with its taste.

4) Wrap Baked Salmon Recipe (Softy in 15 Minutes)

How about a delicious salmon recipe that is fully cooked in just 15 minutes and does not lose its moisture? You can easily prepare it and get delicious results with its video narration! For those who do not like salmon, this recipe can be a start.

5) A Classic: Crispy Fish Grilled Fish

Grilling is one of the most suitable cooking techniques for fish. The grill method, which is a delicious alternative to all kinds of fish, will never lose its popularity.  

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