11 principles to avoid kitchen accidents moms need to remember

principles to avoid kitchen accidents

The kitchen is the place to keep the fire for the whole family. And that’s where the most accidents happen. What’s better if we all know how to avoid unsafe risks. 

1. Do not let your hair down and wear baggy clothes when standing in the kitchen

The kitchen is always on fire. Therefore, what is easy to catch fire needs to be minimized to ensure the safety of the whole family. Baggy, sloppy clothes or a loose hair are completely unsuitable for cooking.


Do not wear baggy clothes when cooking

2. Do not put sharp knives in the sink together with other kitchen utensils

Sharp knives can cut your hand, bleed, worse can lead to blood loss. To prevent accidents caused by sharp and iron objects, it is best not to mix them with other kitchen utensils in the sink.

When giving a knife to the cook, give the handle instead of the blade. In addition to politeness, it is also a principle of ensuring the safety of others.

3. Do not let the handles of the pans and pans turn outward

You can accidentally bump the handle of a pot or pan, causing the food to be broken and causing serious burns. Therefore, it is safe for you at this time to rotate them to the inner wall of the kitchen.

4. Do not source electricity near the sink

The kitchen sink is used frequently so it gets very wet. Connecting to electricity near a sink can pose a potential risk of short-circuiting and electrification, a leading cause of fire and explosion.

5. Do not spray nose killers, insect killers near gas stoves

There have been unfortunate accidents due to subjective spraying of insecticides and insecticides right near the gas stove while in use. So mom, be careful.

6. Do not place the gas cylinder in a place that is too tight



Don’t put the gas cylinder in a tight place in the kitchen

Gas cylinders are indispensable items in Vietnamese kitchens. Along with it are also safety principles that cannot be ignored. In particular, the preservation of gas is something to pay attention to. Remember not to put the gas tank in a tight place. If you put it in a cupboard under the kitchen with a door, you must use a sliding door or open it sometimes during the day for air circulation.

7. Handling when the fire burns in the kitchen

Your kitchen should always stock up on flour not only to ensure a full stomach but also in case a fire breaks out. You will have to use flour or baking powder to deal with the fire in the kitchen instead of water because that won’t give the fire a chance to break out.

8. Replace damaged electrical equipment

Immediately call an electrician to repair or replace electrical equipment that is outdated or damaged.

9. Keep all dangerous tools out of reach of children

Children are always curious about your colorful kitchen. Therefore, put all tools that can cause accidents in a safe place such as a cupboard, knife holder or kitchen counter.

10. Double check before leaving the kitchen

You may forget to turn off the gas, forget to turn off the electricity, or forget to turn off the water for a moment of distraction during the day. In order not to make an excuse for visiting accidents, carefully check once before leaving the kitchen.


Before leaving the kitchen, please check that you have turned off the stove and turned off the gas

11. Emergency phone list

Finally, a list of fire and emergency phone numbers should always be posted in the kitchen in case an accident will be needed.

Hopefully the above principles will help you feel more secure when standing in the kitchen and ensure the safety of your loved ones.

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