10 Natural Treatments for Air Conditioner Impact

10 Natural Treatments for Air Conditioner Impact

Air conditioners, one of the electrical devices that help in many areas of our lives, become a savior in summer and winter. Coolness indoors in humid, sweltering heat many people feel better by. In winter, it prevents you from being affected by the cold by bringing the room temperature to the desired setting.

Air conditioning is beneficial in all seasons when used in a controlled manner. However, improper use will cause a temporary discomfort called air conditioner shock. Those who take care of their health should know about the things that are good for air conditioner strikes. You can find much useful information you are looking for in this article.

We have mentioned natural and herbal solution suggestions in these lines for those who say that air conditioning is good. It is recommended to use the air conditioner consciously in order to breathe more comfortably and to support the healthy functioning of your muscles.

What is Air Conditioning Strike? How come?

  • Air conditioning shock is the damage to the body by the effect of air blowing from the air conditioner.
  • The air conditioner, which is turned on in order not to sweat on very hot days, can cause situations such as coughing and chilling when you experience a sudden temperature change. This condition is also known as air conditioning shock.
  • Air-conditioning impact, which causes a temporary cold, mostly affects the lungs. When you go back and forth between hot and cold air, your body gets tired due to the temperature change and you feel flu, cough, and fatigue for a while.
  • One of the effects of air-conditioning impact is the contraction in the shoulder and neck region. You can experience this contraction usually due to the air conditioner running in office environments.
  • If you have been exposed to air conditioning wind for a long time and you have rarely moved; cold air will cause the neck and shoulder muscles to contract.
  • To live in a healthy way by staying away from the air conditioner; You should prevent the air conditioner from being on a high setting.
  • On summer days, you can fix the room temperature at 20-22 degrees.
  • You can bring the room temperature to 22-24 degrees in order to avoid colds during the winter months.
  • Excess of the given values ​​may cause an air conditioner crash.
  • To protect children and sick people from air conditioner impact; It is necessary to control the temperature in the room.
  • In summer, sudden sweating may occur when moving from a cool room to a warm room. This particularly affects children. When children have dressed appropriately for the weather, the risk of air conditioning shock is also reduced.

What are the Symptoms of Air Conditioning Shock?

  • The most obvious of the effects of air conditioner impact on your body is nasal congestion.
  • Nasal congestion is often experienced due to the constant air in the room. In order to prevent this, the air-conditioned room should be ventilated somewhat continuously.
  • Another observed symptom is body contraction. In particular, the difficult movement of the head circumference draws attention.
  • If the air conditioner is behind you and you are in an air-conditioned environment frequently; You may feel that your neck circumference is being held.
  • People who experience air-conditioning shock begin to cough. Coughing occurs because the lungs are tired.
  • General body fatigue is also one of the observed symptoms of air conditioning shock.
  • If you enter an air-conditioned environment for the first time after a long time, headache is one of the effects you will have.

What’s Good for Air Conditioning Impact? 10 Natural Treatments at Home

When you feel bad due to an air conditioner crash; You can go to your family doctor. In addition to the treatments recommended by your family doctor, you can accelerate your healing process with natural herbal methods at home. In this process, you can provide energy to your body by drinking plenty of fluids.

Soups prepared with broth, natural juice, and fruit slices will be very good for you. You can regain your health by resting for a while and using herbal supports. If you say which plants are good for air conditioner strike; Let us present you a healing list:

1) Chamomile Tea

  • You can get help from herbal teas for the treatment of air conditioner strikes at home.
  • Chamomile tea will help you during this time. Chamomile tea, which provides sputum removal and cough suppression, will improve by easing the effects of air conditioning on your body.
  • You can drink 2 cups of fresh chamomile tea a day.

2) Green Tea

  • You can drink antioxidant-effective green tea to prevent air-conditioning strikes, sore throat, and convulsions.
  • You can sweeten green tea with various flavors. When you add lemon, clove, and cinnamon, the cough and phlegm will also be relieved.
  • By preventing the contraction of the body, it helps to overcome the disease process more gently.

3) Honey Ginger Milk

  • The most natural way to prevent respiratory diseases caused by air conditioner impact; Drinking honey and ginger milk while sleeping at night.
  • Thanks to the warm honey ginger milk, sore throat and headache are cured. By giving honey ginger milk to people of all ages, you can help them recover from air-conditioning strikes.
  • In this process, the energy your body needs; is met with honey-ginger milk.

4) Sage

  • Sage is a natural tea that relieves coughing attacks and facilitates the removal of sputum.
  • It is recommended to drink 2 cups during the day in order to heal the air conditioner as soon as possible.
  • Sage is a mineral-rich tea and facilitates the elimination of this disease from the body in a short time.

5) Mint Tea

  • One of the effects of air conditioning shock is nasal and respiratory congestion. You can eliminate this effect with mint tea.
  • Peppermint tea relaxes the respiratory tract and supports the recovery of the lungs.
  • In summer and winter, you can drink mint tea to get rid of air conditioner strikes.

6) Thyme Tea

  • Thyme tea is a tea that relaxes the respiratory tract and softens the throat tract.
  • It is recommended to be consumed especially when coughing frequently occurs.
  • Body aches and phlegm cough due to air conditioner impact; It is improved by thyme tea.

7) Linden Tea

  • Linden, which is consumed by many people with colds, is also recommended for those who experience air-conditioning shock.
  • It has the effect of curing cough, sore throat, body fatigue, and muscle aches.
  • You can help increase your body resistance by adding honey to the glass while drinking linden.

8) Rosehip Tea

  • It is very easy to get rid of the effects of air conditioning by drinking rosehip tea.
  • If you wish, you can drink rosehip tea or rosehip paste with hot water and drink it as a hot beverage.
  • Rosehip tea has a high vitamin value and allows you to recover faster in this process.

9) Fennel Tea

  • Thanks to fennel tea, which energizes your body and relaxes the throat, you can get rid of the air conditioner in a few days.
  • You can drink fresh fennel tea twice a day, in the morning and evening.
  • This tea will save you from headaches, sore throat, and flu.

10) Honey Radish Juice

  • Another natural method recommended for air-conditioning strikes is radish juice with honey.
  • To prepare the honey radish juice, a medium-sized radish is taken and hollowed out with a small hole in the middle.
  • This radish is placed in a glass. 1 spoon of honey is poured through the hole. After 3-4 hours, radish juice with honey is consumed. It is one of the effective methods recommended for air conditioning shock.

How Many Days Does an Air Conditioner Strike Last?

  • If you see the symptoms of an air conditioner impact your body; You should immediately begin treatment at home.
  • If your fever is high; You can see the doctor and start using the necessary medicines.
  • The effect of the air conditioner impact is seen on average for 3 days. However, if your body resistance is very low, this period may take a little longer.
  • By eating healthy, choosing foods rich in vitamin C, and trying natural methods at home, you can get rid of air conditioning in a short time.
  • You should have your air conditioner cleaned every year to prevent air conditioner knock. The dust accumulated in the air conditioner affects the health of the people indoors in every respect. For this reason, it is recommended to have the air conditioner cleaned frequently.

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