Wow! It turns out that children are not recommended to eat fried food when breaking the fast, this is the reason

Fried foods are not recommended to be eaten when breaking the fast

 Don’t let your little one go crazy during iftar, Mother. Moreover, let the child eat a lot of fried food when breaking the fast.

Fried foods are not recommended to be eaten when breaking the fast because they contain fat. Most of these foods are fried in partially hydrogenated oil, resulting in the production of trans fats. This type of fat is known as unhealthy fat.

Well, talking about the fat content in fried foods, actually your little one doesn’t need it when breaking the fast. This is because foods that contain fat take longer to be digested by the body.

Children who eat fried foods can eat a little big at breaking time because they are full by eating them. In fact, children need nutrient-rich food at iftar time. If he only eats fried food, it means that his daily nutrition and calories can be reduced or even not fulfilled.

Instead of eating fried foods, children should get used to drinking mineral water when breaking their fast. Adequate fluids will prevent dehydration after a long day of thirst.

Before giving mineral water, first make sure the needs of the Little One, Mother. Fluid requirements will depend on the weight and age of the child.

Well, here’s an estimate of fluid needs in children according to age:

  1. Ages 4-8 years need at least 1,700 milliliters (ml) per day.
  2. Ages 9-13 years require 2,400 ml per day for boys and 2,100 ml per day for girls.
  3. Ages 14-18 years require 3,300 ml per day for boys and 2,300 ml per day for girls.

An easy way to meet this fluid intake by dividing the time to drink. For example, at dawn, children drink 2 glasses of mineral water, 4 glasses when  breaking the fast , and before going to bed 2 glasses.

In addition to meeting your fluid needs, don’t forget to choose quality mineral water, Mother. Well, Mother can choose mineral water with essential mineral content that is good for the body like Le Minerale.

Not only that, Le Minerale is also guaranteed to be cleaner and more hygienic because it uses always new gallons. So, it’s not a used gallon that has been re-washed, Mother. The clear gallon also makes us feel safe.

In addition, the quality and cleanliness of mineral water is also guaranteed because the gallon lid is tight and airtight. This means that the mineral water in it is guaranteed from contamination with dust, dirt, and virus contamination of course.

Let’s take care of the health of Mother and family by consuming quality mineral water that is guaranteed to be cleaner, safer, and healthier from now on!

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