Raw Milk: Benefits and Harms, How Long Should It Be Boiled?

Raw Milk

Is Raw Milk Beneficial or Harmful?

Consumption of milk types such as raw milk or long-life milk supports muscle and bone development and is also a nutritional detail necessary for a healthy life. In ancient times, as in village and rural life, after the milk was milked from the cow, it was brought home and processed into yoghurt, cheese and milk. Although this habit still continues today, it has become very difficult to find raw milk due to the proliferation of milk production factories.

Almost everyone has come across a milkman walking around the neighborhood or streets with milk bottles during their childhood. The type of milk sold by these milk sellers is called raw milk. It is offered to the public directly from the farm without any processing. Those who buy milk boil it at home and use it for various purposes. In this article, we will introduce you to raw milk and give you information about the benefits of raw milk. We will list its benefits for hair, skin and health one by one. We have explained all the benefits of drinking raw milk, which has become a tradition, on this page. Then you can start reading our article!

Raw milk

What is Raw Milk?

Listen to the sound of “milkman” passing in front of your house in the early hours of the morning. This sound will take you to the most natural milk. This sound indicates that unadulterated, unprocessed, unpackaged milk has arrived. Raw milk, which has been purchased by a few people lately but is also wondered about, is milk that has not been processed in any way. In other words, the farmer milks his cows in the morning and delivers the milk from the cow to you in cans and bottles. This milk that reaches you is raw milk. It is very different from other milk you buy from the market. Raw milk reaches you without being boiled or processed.

How long should raw milk be boiled?

What are the Benefits of Raw Milk?

Mothers, grandmothers and great aunts have a thing to know when buying raw milk. Now we understand better why he stays away from packaged products. There is a high probability that people who wait for the milkman to pass by on the street every morning know better the benefits of raw milk. We asked, researched and listed the benefits of raw milk for you here. Here are the health benefits of raw milk, or fresh milk:

  • Raw milk contains many vitamins and it strengthens immunity with this vitamin.
  • Raw milk contains special fats and carbohydrates. There are also bacteria that are hostile to microbes. This means that raw milk is an enemy of disease.
  • Raw milk consumed during the growing age makes muscles and bones stronger.
  • Giving raw milk to babies after the age of 1 supports the formation of healthier tooth structure.
  • It protects against allergic conditions with the minerals it contains.
  • Research shows that people who consume raw milk during childhood have a lower risk of developing asthma and allergic diseases.
  • Consuming raw milk is emphasized to take precautions against osteoporosis. Raw milk should definitely be preferred in daily milk consumption. It strengthens the structure of bones.
  • Since the vitamins in raw milk are more effective, it gives the person energy and helps him be more vigorous.
  • Since milk is a source of calcium, it is completely health-friendly. It also eliminates digestive disorders.
  • Consuming raw milk will be more effective, especially in intestinal problems such as constipation.
  • Raw milk also attracts attention with its benefits for the skin. Regular consumption of milk makes the skin look more vibrant and bright. Heals skin damage. It prevents dryness on the skin and provides moisture.
  • Most of the energy the brain needs is met by milk.

how to boil raw milk

What are the Harms of Raw Milk?

Although raw milk has many benefits, it also attracts attention with its harmful effects. These damages will occur when the necessary hygiene is not provided and threaten health. If we talk about its harms:

  • Tuberculosis and Brucella disease are transmitted from dairy products. Therefore, when purchasing raw milk, care should be taken to obtain it from a safe and clean place.
  • It will also be important that the raw milk is natural and untouched. If transport conditions are not very hygienic, it may contain germs.
  • It should be important to ensure that the environment where the cow is milked is sufficiently clean. For this reason, we recommend that you buy raw milk from people you trust.
  • Generally, raw milk is brought to the customer in plastic bottles. Plastic bottles are also products with a very short lifespan.
  • You should be careful to buy it in disposable storage bottles. Otherwise, it may cause intestinal diseases.

raw milk prices

How Long Should Raw Milk Be Boiled?

After purchasing raw milk, it is necessary to boil it to consume it. Harmful microbes in boiling milk are broken and become suitable for consumption. Doctors repeatedly emphasize that raw milk should not be consumed without boiling. It would be a good idea to pay attention to the minutes during the boiling process. Because the nutritional value in milk that boils too much will be lost with the boiling process. In addition, milk that is heated too much and burns can change the taste of the milk and make it harmful. Therefore, when boiling milk in a pot or a large coffee pot, boiling for 10 minutes would be an ideal time.

Another detail to consider when boiling milk is the intensity of the fire. It will always be healthier to use low heat when boiling milk. We will recommend you to boil it on low heat for 10 minutes to prevent the milk from curdling and burning .

How long does raw milk last?

How Many Days Does Raw Milk Last?

Consuming fresh food is one of the healthiest ways of consumption. Consuming raw milk in its fresh form and in a short time will be beneficial for your health. Try to consume raw milk bought from the milkman within 3 days after boiling . If you keep it in the refrigerator, this milk will last you for 3 days. At room temperature, bacteria begin to grow and the milk becomes very susceptible to spoilage.

How to Store Raw Milk?

How can I preserve raw milk? Can raw milk be stored in the freezer? If you are wondering, let us first state that raw milk can be stored in the freezer. To use the raw milk stored in the freezer later, you can put it in the refrigerator and wait for it to melt slowly. It is recommended to keep raw milk in glass bottles to be kept in the refrigerator. Plastic products cannot be stored very healthily.

One of the ways to preserve milk would be to make yoghurt or cheese. In this way, you can keep the consumption life a little longer. You can make yoghurt from boiled raw milk at home and consume it in your meals.

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