Types of Nuts and Their Benefits, Which Nuts Are Good For What?

Types of Nuts and Their Benefits,

This article, which includes the types of nuts and their benefits, will appeal to everyone. We will act by considering heart health, skin health, and many other organs on this path that we set out with the principle of healthy nutrition. We will give information about the types of raw nuts that will meet the minerals and vitamins that the body needs, and also teach the unknown about the types of nuts.

We have added to these lines how important it is to follow the advice of experts to consume 1 handful of nuts per day. Together we can wander between the lines to find out what the main types of nuts are!

1) Heart-Friendly Hazelnut

Hazelnut will be your health friend in every aspect. Experts state that hazelnut is anti-cancer and immune-friendly. Especially people who consume raw hazelnuts have an ideal balance of cholesterol. Hazelnut, which is a well-dried nut in terms of magnesium content, also protects bone health to a great extent. To take precautions against osteoporosis, hazelnuts should be consumed at breakfast and snacks. Because it contains vitamin E, it supports both skin health and heart health. Hazelnut, which is a fibrous nut, will also prevent diabetes. It regulates blood sugar, activates the intestines, and protects against intestinal diseases.

2) Blood Pressure Balancing Almond

Almond is a very good anti-inflammatory nut. It is recommended to consume almonds to relieve urinary tract infections. You can also consume almonds to take a precaution against the stones that will form in the gallbladder. Because almonds purify the body from harmful substances. Almond, which has the feature of preventing atherosclerosis, is also a great pain reliever. It relieves muscle and joint pain in a short time. For this reason, it is also recommended in sports nutrition. Almond containing vitamin E nourishes and moisturizes the skin and hair. We can recommend consuming almonds against dry skin and hair. The location of the almond is also very important for blood pressure patients. It is preferred in terms of balancing blood pressure.

3) Energizing Walnut

Consuming walnuts will be the right step to take precautions against cancer that threatens health. Because walnut is an antioxidant nut and removes substances that try to harm the body from the body. Walnut, which contains plenty of amino acids, protects your heart. To eliminate the risk of heart attack, you should pay attention to consuming walnuts. It has the effect of accelerating blood circulation and protects brain health. Especially during pregnancy, walnut consumption will lead to a healthier birth. The baby’s muscle and nervous system can be supported with walnuts. It is also stated that walnuts are effective for type 2 diabetes. In addition to all these, walnuts relieve fatigue and give energy to the person.

4) Vitamin Store Cashew

Cashew contains a high amount of copper in its structure. With this feature, it will fight colon cancer. Due to its low-fat content, it can also be consumed by heart patients. Cashew, which has very high magnesium content, is also very successful in balancing blood pressure. You can consume cashews to remove hair loss. Because hair loss can occur from copper deficiency. The solution to this will be hidden in the cashew. Experts who recommend that you consume cashews against bone diseases and osteoporosis add the pain-relieving feature of cashew to this information.

5) Peanuts Against Cancer

It will be a good nutritional choice to consume peanuts during the day against digestive problems. We recommend that you consume it in moderation, as the amount of calories is high. Since it regulates digestion and relaxes the intestines, it minimizes the risk of colon cancer. Peanuts will also destroy the stones formed in the gallbladder. Peanut butter obtained from peanuts is also very useful like itself. It eliminates intestinal problems. Peanut consumption before and during pregnancy also eliminates the risk of miscarriage. Peanuts, which are a source of folic acid, should be consumed by people of all ages for health. Because peanut gives energy to the person, balances blood sugar and makes the body more resistant to diseases.

6) Respiratory Friendly Pistachios

Pistachio, which has the ability to meet your body’s daily fat needs, will also protect lung health. If you consume pistachios during your cough days, it relaxes your respiratory tract. As it draws attention with its ability to protect body resistance, it will also be protective against coronary heart diseases. Pistachio, which is also recommended for diabetics, prevents blood sugar from rising. It relieves the pain caused by the stones formed in the gallbladder. Pistachio is preferred for its analgesic properties. It is also a complete energy store because of its high vitamin content.

7) Anemia Remedy Raisins

Raisins are useful against many diseases. It will increase the blood rate of those who have anemia problems. It will give energy to those who are tired and sluggish. If you add raisins to your breakfast, you can start the day more vigorously. Raisins, which have antioxidant properties, will also clean the intestines. Thus, it also eliminates the problem of constipation. Raisins with high calcium content protect bone health. Giving raisins to children at the age of development supports muscle and bone development. Thus, the risk of osteoporosis disease in old age is eliminated.

8) Intestinal Friendly Dried Apricots

Dried apricots are very rich in dietary fiber. Dried apricots are recommended for snacks and breakfasts for those who want to lose weight. The reason for this is to work the intestines and have a more active metabolism. Working metabolism does not contain harmful substances in the body and purifies the body. Dried apricots also play a role at this point. It regulates heart rhythm due to its potassium content. It will be useful against heart diseases such as tachycardia. It also protects skin and eye health.

9) Dried Figs for Body Resistance

Dried figs are a nut that will heal you from head to toe. When preferred in diet meals, it protects the health of the intestines and keeps the person full. Dried figs, which are not very high in sugar, balance blood sugar. It protects the person from many infections on cold days. Dried figs, which are also preferred for anemia, maintain body resistance. On days when you are sluggish and tired, you can energize your body by eating a few dried figs. In addition, dried figs also have the feature of activating sexual feelings.

10) Immune-Boosting Chickpeas

All types of chickpeas are beneficial for the immune system. Because of its high iron content, chickpeas primarily fight against anemia. A handful of roasted chickpeas consumed at the time of hunger will not only keep the person full but also give energy. It contains vitamins A, C, and E, and with this aspect, it is a preventive measure against diseases such as breast cancer. When you consume chickpeas, you will also protect the health of your hair. Hair loss will stop and the hair will gain volume. 

11) Anti-Cancer Blueberry

When it comes to cancer, the consumption of fresh or dried blueberries will draw attention. Because research on blueberries shows that it is protective against breast cancer. Dried blueberry, which stops the growth of cancerous cells, will also cure many diseases. It is recommended that people with urinary tract infections consume blueberries until the disease ends. Blueberry is an anti-inflammatory and germ-busting nut. It will be a very healthy choice for you to consume blueberries in order to avoid the risk of atherosclerosis and heart attack.

12) Selenium Source Core

One of the immediate benefits of the core is the gut workout. People with stagnant metabolism will consume a handful of seeds a day, which will be effective for their intestines. Minerals and vitamins in the seed have an antioxidant effect. Thus, it will easily remove harmful substances in the body and ensure the regeneration of the body. The core, which is also rich in selenium mineral, heals the weakness in the nails. It has the power to become effective for cell repair and repair wounds immediately.

13) Insulin Balancing Pumpkin Seeds

Many of the nuts form a shield against cancer. Pumpkin seeds also attract attention with the same feature. Pumpkin seeds, which are high in zinc, protect dental health and heart health. It is a dry nut that can be consumed against vascular congestion. It accelerates blood flow. Pumpkin seeds, which also contain omega 3 fatty acids, are also friendly to diabetics. It balances the insulin level and makes the liver work better. You can sleep more comfortably by consuming pumpkin seeds, which have a calming effect on the nerves. Because consuming pumpkin seeds also eliminates stress.

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