When is New Year’s Eve? How Many Days Is The New Year’s Eve 2022?

New Year's Eve

We are in the days when we are getting ready to leave another year behind… Time flies so quickly, isn’t it? Even though the day we entered 2020 seemed like yesterday, now we are beginning to ask when is New Year’s Eve and how many days is the New Year’s holiday.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic process that has affected the whole world, we prefer to celebrate the new year in a friendly family atmosphere in our warm homes in order to reduce the rate of transmission and protect our health.

So, what day is the New Year’s holiday ?  What day is December 31, 2021, on New Year’s Eve, when we will bid farewell to 2021, an unforgettable year for all humanity with its tough exams ? For those who look forward to welcoming the new year and can’t wait to say goodbye to this difficult year,  2022 New Year’s Eve is coming!

When is New Year’s Eve 2022?

  • The first day of the new year, which we will welcome 2022, is the New Year’s Eve, which connects 31 December 2021 to 1 January 2022.
  • So when is Christmas?
  • 31 December 2021 is Friday, 1 January 2022 is Saturday .
  • We will wake up to the first day of 2022 on Saturday, January 1, 2022.
  • In other words, we will be welcoming New Year’s Eve on the evening of the last day of the week.
  • Take care to protect your health due to the covid-19 pandemic process.
  • If you are already planning for New Year’s programs, you can set your work and school departures for 31 December 2021, that is, Friday.
  • From Friday night, you can get ready to enjoy the New Year’s Eve.
  • When it is January 1, 2022, you will say hello to Saturday. We can remind you that some shops will be closed on this day, as there will be both official and week holidays.
  • On New Year’s Eve, markets and pharmacies on duty, emergency centers of hospitals will remain open for possible situations.
  • Do not forget to record the number of the locksmith service staff a few days in advance against the risk of forgetting the key and staying at the door.

How Many Days Is The New Year’s Eve 2022?

  • January 1 is considered a public holiday in our country. As with every official holiday, SaturdayJanuary 1, 2022 will be a holiday.
  • So, how many days is the New Year’s holiday?
  • We can say that the New Year’s holiday will officially consist of only the weekend.

when is christmas 2022

What is Christmas? Why is it celebrated?

  • As can be understood from the meaning of the word, the beginning of the year is the first day of the new year.
  • The day that a calendar ends is an introduction to the first month of the next year.
  • According to the Gregorian calendar, which is valid in almost all countries of the world, as of 00:00 at night, which connects 31 December to 1 January, the New Year is counted.when is christmas

What’s the Difference Between New Year’s Eve and Christmas?

We know that New Year’s and Christmas celebrations are the focus of many discussions. As of December, the start of the New Year’s celebrations, the decorated pine trees, “Happy New Year!” “Welcome 2022!” Shop windows decorated with spray inscriptions such as, snowy-looking decorations, an increase in red-green accessories, representative Santas wandering in the shopping mall aisles, huge gift packages and more…

There are two opinions on this subject. The main source of the controversy is not the new year, but the Christmas culture. Hz. December 25, which is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus, and the one-week period following it (a kind of celebration similar to the Happy Birthday Week in Islam) are considered as Christmas Feast. This holiday is a kind of religious celebration for those who belong to the Christian religion.

Of course, there are those who refuse to celebrate New Year’s Eve, which we can also consider as a calendar ritual. People who hold this view argue that New Year’s Eve is a Christian tradition and does not fit our religion. At this point, it should be noted that the terms Christmas and New Year are two different celebrations. Because, in fact, it is just a kind of entertainment specially made for the first day of the new year for the Muslim population that makes up the majority of our country.

when is christmas

As of 23.59.50 at night, the countdown made 10 seconds before the new year, decorating the pine tree, gifts received by making gift draws, wearing red clothes that are believed to bring luck, cooking a turkey meal with stuffed rice in the oven, salep with plenty of cinnamon and hot chocolates are also a part of this. . It doesn’t seem like a situation that can cause overreaction and criticism, other than to color a cold winter night and add some intimacy, to take a one-day short vacation and get away from stress.

In summary, it is important to show respect and tolerance to every view in our country, which has hosted a cultural synthesis due to the common history and shared values. We say that it requires courtesy that individuals who celebrate or do not interfere with each other’s personal spaces require courtesy. We congratulate all our readers for the New Year with our sincere wishes. May the new year be with you with all its goodness and happy surprises!

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