What to Eat in the Greek Islands? Taste Guide

What to Eat in the Greek Islands

Greek Islands Food & Travel Guide

The Greek Islands, which are among the favorite holiday destinations of the world, have a very close location for Turkey. When the names of the Greek islands are counted one after the other, the desire to go to at least one of them awakens. The Greek islands stand out as a suitable option for a visa-free holiday. The Greek islands welcome a large number of tourists from Turkey every year with the possibility of visas at the door.

The Greek Islands are also a nice option for special occasions such as a honeymoon. Since there may be travel bans between countries in extreme cases such as pandemics, you can make your plans by making sure that the Greek islands are open after doing research on this issue.

The neighboring country, which has similar cultural characteristics to Turkey, is waiting for you with its wonderful bays, delicious cuisine and impressive history. You can take the first step of a pleasant Greek island holiday with this guide that tells you what to see and do on which island, are you ready?

What to Eat in the Greek Islands? Taste Guide

1) Santorini Island

  • Santorini, which you can reach with a Greek islands tour departing from Turkey, is among the most well-known islands. Santorini is a volcanic island with a deep blue sea and white architecture and many settlements are located on the hillside. In this way, a unique landscape accompanies every moment of the day.
  • The answer to the question of how to get to the Greek islands is by ferries and ships departing from different places, as is the case for Santorini Island.
  • You can also enter the islands where a green passport or Schengen visa is required for entry, by using one of the Greek Islands cruise options, with a temporary visa at the door.
  • After arriving on the island by ship, you can reach the hillside area by cable car or by donkey.
  • You can taste pizzas, salads, the island’s seafood, local Greek dishes and accompany the Greek drink, Ouzo, and various wines.
  • In the region where prices are more expensive than other islands, the towns of Oia and Fira stand out as suitable places to eat.

2) Mykonos Island

  • It offers a more stylish holiday opportunity related to the image and popularity of tourists coming to Mykonos.
  • You can reach the island, where the windmills in many parts of the Aegean will accompany your view, from Athens by ferry or by plane from Turkey.
  • There are different alternatives for every meal on the island.
  • Frozen yogurts and gummy ice cream, to which you can add ingredients according to your wishes, stand out as the favorite snacks of the summer months.
  • You can also have your favorite breakfast on the island, where you can find pastries and cheese as in Turkey.
  • You can try seafood such as calamari, octopus, and shrimp, which you can find fresh all over the Aegean, or you can choose appetizers that suit your taste.
  • If you are wondering what kind of place Mykonos Island is, we can say that it is a place that appeals to everyone for both cultural trips and entertainment-oriented trips.
  • Since Mykonos Island attracts the attention of tourists with its entertainment, it is a place that is often visited by first-time visitors.

3) Lesbos

  • You need to spare a few days to visit Lesbos, which ranks 3rd among the islands included in Greece with its size.
  • You can use the ferries departing from Ayvalık to reach Lesbos via Turkey.
  • Midilli, where you can drink ouzo and eat squid and octopus at an affordable price, has different alternatives in cuisine.
  • After taking advantage of the blessings of the Aegean Sea, you can also spare time for local delicacies such as onion meatballs, stuffed zucchini flowers and stuffed lamb in the oven.
  • All these delicacies can be found in many taverns at affordable prices. In addition, you should not return without trying almond Kavala cookies.
  • The island of Lesbos welcomes shopping enthusiasts every year. Olive oil, wine, sea salt and special herbs, cheese, honey, jam, authentic products, noodles, chocolate, ceramic products and silver jewelry are among the most preferred options.

4) Chios

  • Chios, which you can reach by ferry from Izmir Cesme, stands out among the Greek Islands holiday options.
  • While planning your trip on the island, which can be easily toured by dividing it into two as North and South, you need to include remarkable villages in your plan.
  • Chios is among the attractive islands with its cuisine.
  • The island-specific gum liqueur is among the must-try flavors.
  • The village of Lagada, where you can find fresh seafood and where you can safely eat every product in the restaurants, is also located in Chios.
  • You probably wouldn’t be surprised if we say that Chios is famous for its mastic gum.
  • Chios Buca is a nice place where you can try gum mastic drinks.

5) Thassos (Thasos) Island

  • The easiest way to Thassos, one of the islands that Turkish tourists have visited recently, is via Kavala.
  • Turkish menus are available in almost every restaurant on the island, where accommodation and food and beverage are very cheap.
  • Likewise, you can come across Turkish signs on the streets.
  • As in other islands, you can find fresh squid and octopus in Thassos.
  • If you want to taste a different flavor, you can try kokorec made in Panagia Village and made differently from Turkey.
  • The cacık you will see in taverns, on the other hand, can be tried as a more dense form of cacık.

6) Crete Island

  • In Crete, the largest island of Greece, we have many citizens who lived in Turkey before due to the population exchange.
  • In this way, you will not be a stranger to the island because of cultural exchange.
  • The cuisine of Crete, which you can reach by ferry from Rhodes, Athens or Santorini, is also known by many people in Turkey.
  • However, it is absolutely necessary to taste the grape dessert unique to the island and the white wines made by the islanders.
  • Heraklion, the most touristic place on the island, and the Heraklion Archaeological Museum are among the must-see places for history buffs.

7) Paros Island

  • The Greek Islands also contain some islands that are not as popular as Mykonos.
  • However, the little-known nature of these islands allows you to have a very quiet holiday.
  • Paros Island is the right address for those looking for this kind of holiday.
  • Paros, where you can find the classic Greek Islands style with its deep blue and calm sea, white houses, is also home to beautiful examples of Greek cuisine.
  • In addition to seafood such as shrimp, squid and mussels, many places offer a variety of pastries that will appeal to the palate of Turkish guests.
  • Among the places to visit on the island of Paros are the Church with Hundred Doors, Venetian Castle, Paros Park, Archeology Museum.
  • Apart from the cultural sites, you can enjoy Paros with its white houses, cobblestone streets, beautiful beaches and lively nightlife.

8) Symi Island

  • Located among the small Greek Islands with a population of 2,500, Symi is large enough to be visited entirely on foot or by bike.
  • The fact that it can be reached by a 1.5-hour sea voyage over Bodrum makes the island more attractive.
  • The restaurants and cafes around Symi Castle and the pier offer different options according to your taste.
  • During your Symi trip, you should definitely taste the famous Symi shrimp.
  • You can also relax and try delicious pancakes at the cafes on the hillside that leads to the castle.

9) Zakynthos Island

  • Zakynthos Island is located farther from Turkey than other islands.
  • Transportation to the island, which has made a name for itself in recent years, especially with its beaches, takes place via Athens. This island, which is difficult to access, has a wider location compared to Mykonos and Santorini.
  • The location of the island, which hosts impressive views with its deep blue sea, has also affected the cuisine of the island.
  • It is possible to notice that tomatoes are used more intensively in the restaurants in Zakynthos.
  • You can experience an Italian-inspired flavor feast on the island, where flavors such as risotto and spaghetti meet with seafood.

10) Rhodes Island

  • You can reach the island by ferryboat from Muğla Marmaris, and there is also an airport as another option.
  • The Old Town on the island, where you can do enjoyable activities such as fishing, diving and canoeing, is also among the must-see places.
  • You should especially try the perfect sea of ​​Anthony Quinn Bay and Kallithea Beach.
  • Due to the density of Turkish and European tourists on the island, the people of the island can speak Turkish and English.
  • As soon as you sit at the table in restaurants where you will come across Turkish menus, olive oil-based treats come to your table.
  • Then you can try delicacies such as Feta cheese, orange octopus and sole fish.

Greek Islands Visa Procedures – Do You Need a Visa?

  • The Greek Islands tour is also very popular in Turkey in 2021. The fact that many islands provide visas at the door has facilitated these travels.
  • You can get a visa at the door when traveling to islands close to Turkey such as Lesbos, Rhodes, Chios.
  • In order to benefit from the visa facility at the door, documents such as a passport valid for 6 months, ferry tickets, hotel reservations, and two biometric photos are required. You can also contact your tour agency for the islands where you can benefit from the visa application at the door.
  • For large islands such as Mykonos, Crete, and Santorini, there is no visa facility at the door. In order to travel to these islands, it is necessary to have a Schengen Visa valid throughout the European Union.

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