What is Milk Stone? How to use?

Milk Stone

Milk Stone: Your Boiling Milk is Safe on the Stove!

One of the problems experienced from time to time by those who buy fresh cow’s milk and boil it at home and use it in various ways is that the boiling milk suddenly overflows. Milk overflow, which occurs in the blink of an eye, sometimes destroys a whole stove or sometimes a milk pot. We will recommend the use of a non-spilling stone to those who want to boil milk to its full consistency and without burning it.

Thanks to the milk-proof stone used to boil milk, neither the pot nor the stove will get dirty. Because this stone has such a magical effect; It prevents the milk from overflowing while boiling. Those who use commercially available glass milk stones can now boil their milk comfortably at home. Now let us introduce you to the milk stone, which is a great help at home. You should have this stone in your home before boiling fresh milk. It will be very useful to you!

What is Milk Stone?

  • Milk stone is a type of kitchen aid made of glass, metal, ceramic and iron that prevents the milk from overflowing.
  • It is a product that puts an end to having to stand in front of your desk for a long time while boiling milk, and allows you to boil milk and do other work at the same time.
  • Milkstone is one of the best-selling kitchen products of recent years.
  • Milk stone has such advantages that; Those who hear it will immediately take it home. Milk stone is an alarm system that provides an alarm when the milk reaches a certain temperature.
  • It boils the milk without polluting the stove or burning it.
  • If you do not want cream to form on the surface of the milk, you should buy this product immediately. Because milk stone is a stone that prevents the formation of cream on the surface of milk.
  • You can even sit and drink tea and coffee while the milk slowly boils on the stove. Because the milk stone will provide control of the pot for you.

How to Use Milk Stone, What is It for?

  • If you have a milk stone, you can easily boil your milk.
  • Using milk stone is quite simple. First, choose the pot in which you will boil the milk and wash it.
  • Then place the milk stone in the middle of the pot and pour the milk over it.
  • The milk stone will be stimulated from the moment the milk starts to boil.
  • When it reaches the full boiling point, it will make a sound to let you know that the milk is boiling.
  • The milk stone at the bottom of the pot has another benefit. It will prevent the milk from overflowing as well as preventing it from sticking to cream.
  • While you boil your milk in the pot containing the milk stone, you can safely focus on your other work.
  • Because when it reaches the boiling point, it will notify you with its voice and you will be able to come to the milk.
  • If you do not have a milk stone and want to prevent it from overflowing, you can think about what to use instead of a milk stone . We recommend you a wooden spoon for this.
  • Extend a long wooden spoon horizontally over the pot.
  • A wooden spoon will prevent foaming and milk overflowing.
  • Another method to prevent the milk from overflowing is to oil the mouth of the pot.
  • When the boiling milk reaches the oily part, it will sink to the bottom of the pot, eliminating the risk of overflow.
  • To use the milk stone for longer, wash and dry it after each use.
  • It is recommended to keep it clean so that its structure does not deteriorate.
  • Milk stones remaining in milk puddles will deteriorate their structure over time.

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