What is Crystal Salt? 6 Benefit and Use

What is Crystal Salt

One of the ingredients used in cooking is optionally salt. Salt is a substance that meets the body’s need for iodine. Today, we have examined the crystal salt for you among the salts available in many types on the market.

Crystal salt, the name of which you have heard often lately, has been compiled in these lines with all its curious aspects. Let’s get to know the crystal salt, which comes to the fore from time to time in the field of gastronomy and psychology.

What is crystal salt? What are the benefits of crystal salt? What should be considered when using? Here are the answers to these questions, now with you!

What is Crystal Salt?

  • Crystalline salt is formed when rock salt is under pressure for a very long time. The time period specified as a very long time is millions of years.
  • Crystal salt, which has a fine structure, is observed in grains smaller than the known rock salt . It is small because it is under very high pressure.
  • Transparent crystalline salt that has a color and a transparent appearance, the Himalayas in Pakistan is formed.
  • Crystal salt, which contains more beneficial minerals than the salt types heard in the market, has also made its name as a substance that protects against cancer as a result of researches.
  • Crystal salt, which does not cause environmental pollution, also does not contain chemicals.
  • You can have a healthy life with crystal salt supplied from a correct and reliable place.

What are the Benefits of Crystal Salt?

The benefits of crystal salt are on the agenda of many experts. Here are the health benefits of crystal salt!

  • According to the opinions of Canan Karatay, crystal rock salt is a nutrient that prolongs life. There are dozens of useful minerals in the pure and untreated crystal salt.
  • Crystal salt, which balances blood pressure, also prevents blood pressure disease in regular use. If you have a blood pressure problem, you can use your salt preference in moderation for crystal salt.
  • It has the task of maintaining the pH balance of the body.
  • Crystal salt, which is effective for the adequate functioning of kidney functions, ensures that the kidneys are cleaned and resistant to harmful substances.
  • Crystal salt also has many benefits for the skin. According to studies, the number of dead cells on the skin of people who use crystal salt soap is almost non-existent. It has been observed that these people have brighter and cleaner skin.
  • Crystal salt, which is also a medicine for those who have intestinal problems, helps the intestines to work actively.

How Is Crystal Salt Used?

The usage area of ​​crystal salt is wide. Let’s examine the preferred areas from the list:

  • You can grind the crystal salt in the salt grinding apparatus and add it to your meals in a measured amount. The crystal salt taken in foods will carry the beneficial minerals in its structure to your body.
  • You can dissolve the crystal salt in warm water and use it for a skin mask . Crystal salt, which you will apply to your skin in a very small amount, facilitates the removal of dead skin and regeneration of the skin.
  • The crystal salt lamp, which has been used for decoration purposes in homes lately , is preferred because it is believed to renew the energy of the house. These crystal salt lamps are used as they are good for stress and insomnia.
  • Crystal salt , which attracts attention in the field of cosmetics, has taken its place in the market in its roll-on form. Such care products are recommended against sweating problem. If you are experiencing excessive sweating; You can solve this problem by using crystal salt deodorant.
  • You may think what is the use of crystal salt soap that many people have at home . Soaps containing crystal salt give successful results in treating skin blemishes with natural methods.

How Much Does Crystal Salt Price? Where is it sold?

  • Crystal salt is a rare type of salt in Turkey. If you want to buy, you need to research the crystal salt stands that are sold specially.
  • You can find crystal salt at some herbalists and cosmetic stores in your area.
    The market value of crystal salt, which you can find in granular and in one piece; Average is 20 TL for 1 kilo.
  • You can get this salt, which is sold under the name of Crystal Himalayan salt, from internet stores.
  • It is recommended that you store the crystal salt you receive in a place away from a humid environment.

Is Crystal Salt Rock Salt?

  • Crystal salt is a type of rock salt. Rock salt is found in larger pieces, while crystal salt is smaller.
  • The minerals that both salts have are almost the same.
  • Crystal salt can easily enter the human body. It is a substance that is easy to absorb. Since rock salt is coarser, its absorption takes place later.
  • When you wonder if crystal salt is the same as rock salt , you may remember that there are fine lines between them.

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