How Many Calories in Parsley? | Nutritional Value of Parsley

Nutritional Value of Parsley

Parsley is a herb that is not missing from kitchens. Its Latin equivalent is “Petroselinum crispum”. It can be consumed in any way from salad to soup. Growing conditions for parsley are quite easy. You can easily grow parsley even in a small flower pot on the balcony.

Parsley was a very sacred plant in Ancient Greek times. Over time, it has managed to maintain this sanctity by using it in every way. Because parsley is known for its healing properties. It is believed that all problems from flu to stress can be eliminated by consuming parsley. This effect is most likely because it is an antioxidant. Since it is an antioxidant plant, it removes all harmful substances that stress and tire the body. Parsley is one of the most loved and beneficial herb of all time.

Now, based on the calorie information of parsley, let’s have some idea about its effect on weight loss and the nutritional value of parsley. What is the effect on dieters? Does parsley juice weaken? Let’s find answers to all dilemma questions!

How Many Calories in Parsley?

Famous for its health benefits, parsley is a low-calorie food. Let’s examine together what the calorie value will be when you want to consume it in various sizes:

  • 1 parsley: 2 calories
  • 1 cup of parsley: 11 calories
  • How many calories in 1 bunch of parsley: 56 calories
  • 1 large cup of parsley: 15 calories
  • Half a bunch of parsley: 28 calories
  • 1 serving of parsley: 4 calories
  • 100 grams of parsley: 37 calories
  • 200 grams of parsley: 74 calories

How Many Calories in Parsley Juice?

Parsley juice has been consumed frequently and fondly by those who want to get rid of edema and burn fat lately. While it opens the appetite of those who see it with its green color, it protects health by cleaning the intestines when consumed. For those wondering about the number of calories in parsley juice, these numbers may help:

  • 1 cup of parsley juice: 72 calories
  • 50 grams of parsley juice: 19 calories
  • 100 grams of parsley juice: 38 calories

Parsley Nutrition Facts

Parsley, one of your body’s best friends, contains plenty of vitamins. Thanks to the vitamins it has, it ensures the continuation of vital activities. We can express the nutritional value table of 1 bunch of parsley, which has an effect on the intestine and digestive system:

  • 4.23 grams of carbohydrates
  • 5.09 grams of protein
  • 0.84 grams of fat
  • 5.13 grams of fiber
  • 112.5 mg sodium
  • 789 mg potassium
  • 219 mg calcium
  • 453 iu of vitamin A
  • 283.35 mg of vitamin C
  • 7.14 iron

Is Parsley Weakening, How Should It Be Consumed in a Diet?

Parsley is a useful herb that those who want to lose weight keep in bunches in their kitchen. The market is available in all seasons. It is sold for around 1 TL from time to time. We recommend that you keep parsley from your kitchen. Because in sickness and in health, parsley will be with you as a food that protects your body resistance.

Experts have made the effect of parsley on weight loss more descriptive with the following statements:

  • Parsley contains antioxidant substances. These substances help your body get rid of edema and create a suitable body for weight loss. It is possible to lose weight with parsley, but only parsley does not meet this expectation. It creates a whole with healthy nutrition and active life.
  • You can activate your body by consuming parsley for breakfast and other meals. By working your intestines, you make the digestive system easier. If you think you can get rid of edema, parsley is one of the foods that will help you lose weight.
  • You can add a few sprigs of parsley to the water you drink during the day and drink this water. Nutrient extracts in parsley can support fat burning by mixing with water.
  • You can start your diet adventure by preparing a cure with parsley. The prepared parsley cure will clean your intestines and start burning fat.
  • By consuming parsley fresh, you can benefit from its diuretic properties. At the same time, you can get down to your target weight by sweating.
  • Parsley becomes more effective when consumed with lemon, which is a source of vitamin C like itself.
  • While consuming parsley, you should not forget the lemon. You can see its slimming feature by adding lemon slices to drinking water.

What are the Benefits of Parsley Lemon Cure?

Parsley lemon cure is a vegetable drink that many people have tried and had effective results. This drink has no harm to your health. It is a beverage consumed to stay healthier and maintain body resistance. Are you wondering about the positive changes that will occur in your body when you consume the parsley lemon cure?

Here are those miraculous effects that few people know about:

  • When you drink parsley lemon cure regularly, you can see that your skin is refreshing and acnes disappear over time. Because this cure purifies your body from all kinds of harmful substances.
  • If you do not want to experience menstrual pain, we recommend that you prepare parsley lemon cure and drink it on menstrual days. You can see the pain relief feature.
  • Parsley lemon cure is also known to protect heart health. It is of great benefit to drink it from time to time to prevent heart diseases.
  • Parsley lemon cure, which is soothing to the stomach, also protects intestinal health.
  • If you have been having tense times lately and you are not feeling well due to stress, parsley lemon cure also has the effect of relieving stress. Parsley lemon cure, which has a relaxing effect on the body, not only relaxes the body, but also purifies the soul.
  • Those who want to lose weight, those who cannot get rid of edema, those who complain of bad breath, should definitely try the parsley lemon cure.

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