8 great cocktails for Christmas Eve

8 great cocktails for Christmas Eve

Today, Christmas has become a gathering occasion for people all over the world. At the party, a table shimmering with candles, pine roots, and poinsettia flowers, a few Christmas-colored cocktails will make your chat space even warmer and crowded.

1. Eggnog

Eggnog is also known as a custard cocktail.

Eggnog is also known as a custard cocktail. The ingredients of this cocktail in addition to egg yolk and milk, also add cream, a little rum or whiskey, if you like, you can replace it with brandy and don’t forget to add a little sugar.

During the days of Christmas and New Year, the eggnog cocktail is used a lot. It is a tradition in the culinary culture that is very typical of the people of the United States and Canada. Wouldn’t it be interesting if you could get the Christmas feeling across the continent with this drink, wouldn’t it?

2. Wassail Wine

Wassail wine is the embodiment of good luck in the new year.

For Westerners, it would be lacking if Christmas did not have the visits of friends and neighbors to sip Wassail wine and hum songs. This tradition has a history dating back thousands of years in the land of fog and is preserved as a cultural feature imbued with identity.

According to the British people, this Wassail wine is not only the embodiment of good luck in the new year but also brings great health benefits.

To make this wine, you must first heat the apples and mix them with sugar. Other indispensable ingredients include: ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and a few drops of brandy or sherry. All will blend and create an unforgettable Christmas flavor for those who enjoy it.

3. Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is ideal for Christmas and New Year’s days.

It would be ideal to drink a cup of hot chocolate during Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Traditionally, this drink is simply dark chocolate melted but still retains a certain consistency. In order to adapt to many different cultures, in each country, this drink has been added in different ways. You can add a little bitter chocolate with a strong aroma to harmonize the drink, or if you want to increase the sweetness, you can add milk chocolate. Many others also like to add a little cinnamon powder or replace it with ginger to get the drink that suits them. A layer of whipping cream topping is also a very popular method of many coffee shops today to meet the enjoyment needs of the majority of young people.

4. Hot Toddy

If the weather is cold, hot Toddy will be a perfect choice.

If the weather is cold, hot Toddy will be a perfect choice. Because in addition to rum, Whiskey with high concentration, it is also mixed with a little hot water, honey, lemon juice. Surely to make a perfect hot Toddy cocktail, a filter tea bag is indispensable. This unusual combination will make your Christmas Eve even more exciting and joyful.

5. Hot Buttered Rum

Hot Buttered Rum captivates with a sweet blend of cinnamon and vanilla.

The characteristic of this cocktail is the seductive aroma of cinnamon sweetly blended with vanilla flavor. Because of the little romance and passion that this drink brings, people often use it for couples’ Christmases. The warmth of cinnamon next to the crackling sound from the fireplace makes the dance of the couples more passionate.

6. Mulled wine or hot wine

Mulled Wine comes from Germany.

Mulled Wine comes from Germany. Traditionally, Germans will warm red wine with spices such as anise, cinnamon, orange peel, and clove buds to create a unique drink to welcome Christmas and New Year. Along with the passionate aroma from the blend of ingredients, this drink will let the drinker feel enough spicy and warm to soothe the cold of the winter night.

7. Glogg or red wine

Glogg is always present at Swedish Christmas parties.

Since the 16th century, Glogg has been present in Swedish Christmas parties and is popular even today. It is a variation of a traditional drink consisting of wine, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, and orange. Since then, this red wine has been present all over the world, and through each country, it is further reduced with different flavors to make it an indispensable drink in important occasions of the year.

8. Poinsettia

Champagne, Cointreau, and blueberry juice give it a reddish tinge.

What people remember about the cocktail Poinsettia is its simplicity. It is simple from the way of preparation to the taste sensation that gently dissolves into the taste buds. People just need to mix champagne, Cointreau and blueberry juice together to create a reddish color, bringing peace to a peaceful Christmas season.

Knowing more about how to make the best Christmas cocktails from around the world will give you a deeper sense of the taste of a true Christmas season. Wishing you a warm Christmas with your loved ones!

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