Vitamin D: List of Foods Containing the Most Vitamin D

Vitamin D

What Is Vitamin D Found in? Vitamins are of great importance for your health. While having enough vitamins in your body protects you against many diseases, in case of deficiency of certain vitamins, various disorders may occur.

Vitamin D is one of the most necessary vitamins to both protect against diseases and have a healthy life. When vitamin D is stored in sufficient amount in the body; It strengthens bones by increasing calcium absorption, prevents skin diseases, balances the nervous system, and reduces the risk of breast and colon cancer.

List of Foods Containing the Most Vitamin D

Remember that the largest and most natural source of vitamin D is the sun. While it is possible to benefit from sunlight abundantly in summer, this rate decreases even more in winter. As such, it may be necessary to get support from some foods, especially in these days when we enter the winter months. If you are experiencing vitamin D deficiency, you can contribute to the storage of vitamin D in your body by consuming certain natural foods.

So what does the very important vitamin D contain? Which foods contain vitamin D?

1) Mushroom

Mushroom, which is a vegetable with a very high nutritional value, is one of the most important foods that contain vitamin D. It also strengthens your immune system with the effect of minerals in it and protects you against diseases. You can consume it by adding mushrooms to many types of food, or you can use it for breakfast and pastries. When consuming mushrooms, you should be careful not to overcook them and not to lose their water.

2) Butter

Butter, which is obtained by removing the fat from milk, has many benefits. Vitamins A and D in it strengthen the bones by increasing the absorption of calcium in the body. You can consume butter for breakfast or add it to your meals. Of course, it is very important that the butter is natural and unprocessed. For this, you can make your own butter at home; You can consume it with peace of mind.

3) Egg Yolk

Indispensable food for breakfast, eggs are almost a source of vitamins. Although egg white has many benefits, egg yolk is one of the most important nutrients among vitamin D foods. By consuming eggs, which are a source of vitamins, proteins and minerals, you can meet your vitamin D needs and benefit from other benefits. You can also consume egg yolk in your diets as it is low in calories.

4) Fish

Omega 3 source fish makes great contributions in strengthening memory, protecting heart health and developing intelligence. In addition to all these benefits, it strengthens bones and prevents bone diseases with its vitamin D content. Especially fish such as mackerel, salmon, tuna contain plenty of vitamin D, but you can also prefer fish oil and consume it as a supplement.

5) Carrot

Carrots have an important place among the fruits containing vitamin D. Vitamins A, E and B in it contribute to skin and bone health, and also help cell regeneration. Carrots, which can even be used to make toothpaste, are very beneficial for teeth and gum health. You can add the carrot raw to your salads, drink its juice or add it to your meals and consume it cooked.

6) Rosehip

The warm rosehip tea that you will prepare during the cold winter months will both warm you up and make you feel more vigorous with the vitamins in it. It also helps the problem of urinary tract infection with its antioxidant effect. It is good for weakness and fatigue. You should be careful when buying rose hips, you should not prefer those that are sold in powder form and processed. In order to preserve the vitamins in it, you can obtain it fresh from the herbalist and consume it in the form of tea.

7) Liver

Liver, which is one of the most delicious foods among offal, has many benefits for the body. Liver; It is good for anemia, strengthens the immune system and contributes to the strengthening of teeth with the effect of vitamin D in it. Liver, consumed once a week, can both help you provide vitamin D and meet your protein needs.

Bonus: The sun!

Did you know that the sun’s rays protect your body from different dangers, especially cancer types and bone diseases, as long as it is not overdone? Sun rays, which can also help you secrete the hormone of happiness, will be very useful during the vitamin D storage process, as long as you guarantee your skin with protective products!

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