Sea Bream: Benefits, Calories, How Is It Made?

Sea Bream

Sea bream, a fish belonging to the Sinarit group, is abundant in the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts of Turkey. Sea bream can be described as fish species with silver scales, 20-30 cm in length, elliptical body shape, flattened on the sides, thick body, large head, and a yellow crescent-shaped spot between the eyes.

Sea bream, which is known to be quite delicious, is often consumed daily with its white meat. It is known that the fish, whose hunting tradition dates back to the Romans, was dedicated to Aphrodite, the goddess of love at that time. Fish, which has been on the tables of the Anatolian people for centuries, can be cooked with hundreds of different recipes. It has a wide range of recipes from wrapped in vine leaves to using sea bream in stuffed fish.

What are the Benefits of Sea Bream?

  • It gives vitality to the body with its high nutritional value.
  • It strengthens the immune system.
  • Thanks to iron and calcium-type minerals, it is useful for bones, teeth and joints.
  • Since it is a source of protein, it supports muscle development. Thanks to its low carbohydrate rate, it is beneficial for the digestive system.
  • It regulates the heart rhythm. Cholesterol is low.
  • It is good for iron deficiency with its blood-forming feature.
  • With its quality oil content, it does not clog the vessels.
  • It is a food that diabetic patients can consume.
  • Thanks to vitamin A, it helps to protect eye and skin health.
  • It meets the needs of the body with phosphorus.
  • It is rich in omega 3, which lowers blood pressure, heals joint inflammation, is good for depression and asthma diseases.
  • Thanks to its saturated fatty acid, it helps to lose weight.

Sea Bream Calories and Nutritional Value

Sea bream, which is rich in potassium, phosphorus and sodium, is a nutritious food thanks to its protein content and omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.

100 grams of sea bream is measured with an average caloric value of 109 kcal. 100 grams contain 20.6 grams of protein, 2.8 grams of fat, 70 mg of cholesterol, 101 mg of sodium, 234 mg of potassium, 80 mg of calcium, 11 iu of vitamin A, 0.6 mg of vitamin C and 0.6 mg of iron.

When is Sea Bream Season?

Natural bream, which can be eaten for 12 months, lays eggs in September, October and November. Therefore, the fat rate is low in these months. Sea bream hunting time is between May and November. In other periods, the fish that can be caught with nets and fishing lines in Ayvalık, Çanakkale and İzmir regions are divided into two species that grow on the farm and in the sea. Sea bream tastes better.

It is important that the fish be consumed immediately after being bought fresh. Fish whose meat loses its consistency, releases water, starts to smell, and loses the redness of its gills should not be eaten. It is important that the sea bream bought frozen should be kept intact in the cold chain and prepared for eating by thawing in accordance with health requirements.

How to Distinguish Sea Bream and Farm Bream?

Sea bream has a finer flake structure than farm bream. Sea bream is yellow-silver in color. The lateral fins are more pointed and longer, the nasal bridge is more prominent and close to red.

Farm fish, on the other hand, do not have a blush on the cheeks due to the protein in their feed. The scales are thick, the fins are less sharp, and the nasal arch is indistinct. Sea bream is 2-3 times larger than farmed fish.

How to Hunt Sea Bream?

The fish on the sloping ground, where the sea is slightly wavy and descending inward from the shore, catches well in the morning water. While fishing, it should be known that sea bream do not attack the bait immediately and check it beforehand. Hunters must wait without moving the line and hit hard when the line is pulled forward after a few hits. Hunting can be done with a fishing rod that is wrapped and left calmly.

In shallow and flowing areas, it is possible to hunt with a bolt. In deep water, the hanging method can be preferred. Sea bream team should be selected from quality materials. Thanks to high quality fishing line, fishing rod and bait, a problem-free hunting pleasure can be experienced. In slightly deep fishing waters, 0.35 mm main line and 0.20 – 0.25 mm size line with high carbon number can be used. As hunters gain experience, they make finer choices in bream hook and fishing line. Long-bodied sea bream fishing gear is selected from the traveling ones. No. 3 bronze steel needles are ideal for sea bream, while brass lugs can also be used. It is appropriate to use a sea bream fishing rod when the bait is a set. While short shackle bottom fishing rods can be preferred in coastal fishing, professional synthetic sea bream bait can be used as bait other than chicken and crab.

Sizes Changing Sea Bream Prices

Sea bream prices may vary depending on the season, fish productivity and size of the fish. While farmed fish find buyers at more affordable prices than sea bream, the price of sea bream is determined by the kilo. While farm sea bream can be found in all four seasons, it is known that after the liberalization of sea fishing, fish prices became cheaper in September.

The price of the sea bream varies according to its size. Medium-sized fish weigh 300 – 400 grams and are served in portions. Small fish are sold as 200 – 300 grams. The weight of natural sea bream finds buyers at an average of 50 liras.

How to Cook Sea Bream? In the Oven or in the Pan?

Sea bream:

  • pan,
  • bakery,
  • It can be cooked on the grill or in an ordinary toaster.

Sea bream, which is cooked with flavor in low oil, can also be served in the form of frying. Thanks to its large portion, fish is usually served whole, without splitting. Sea bream recipe varieties prepared as a single portion gain alternatives with sauces.

This big fish, which is prepared with flavor on barbecue and tiles, can also be included in different dishes with fillet, stew or steamed methods. The indispensable accompaniment of the fish flavored with vegetables is of course lemon.

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