The most popular fast food equipment

fast food equipment

With the onset of warm days, I want to spend as much time as possible outside. Enterprising establishments even suggest taking meals outdoors.

The restaurant menu is not suitable for a snack on the go, therefore, like mushrooms after a rain, kiosks and fast food outlets have sprung up on every corner. Their huge number makes you wonder how profitable such a business is.

One of the most significant items of expenditure in such a business is equipment for street fast food. His choice is determined by the direction of the institution. Often, only one device is needed from technology, for example, a cotton candy machine.

Let’s list the most popular fast-food equipment for street trading.

Shawarma grill

Today, this Turkish dish, along with sandwiches, is the most popular among fast food. The rotary skewer grill cooks meat in simmering mode. The top finished layer is cut with a knife and used in the preparation of shawarma.

A rotary grill and a small rolled pita grill, in fact, make up all the professional equipment for fast food. . Apparently, the popularity of shawarma is also explained by such cheap equipment of a public catering enterprise.

Chicken grill

Such a device is used not only in eateries, but also in many grocery stores. Not everyone can pass by deliciously smelling and golden brown crusts, which explains the great popularity of such a grill.

In principle, the device is arranged similarly to the previous one, with the exception of several horizontal skewers and a closed chamber. Additional functions can be lighting and odor removal system.

Pizza oven

The Italian variation of fast food continues to grow in popularity. Although here you cannot do with one device. In addition to the oven itself, the list of essential equipment for a fast food pizza specialty includes flour sifters, kneaders, dough dividers, molders and a bunch of processing equipment.

All this is relevant for large food outlets. A typical list of equipment can be found through the contacts suppliers. In small factories, as a rule, most of the work is done by hand.

Popcorn machines

Popcorn goes well in cinemas, parks, beaches, and public events. A crispy delicacy is made right in front of customers.

The operation of such a machine is based on the fact that grains containing starch and water swell and “explode” when heated. Today such fast food equipment is available in several versions.

The most primitive device is a cauldron where oil is added and maize is placed. The disadvantage is that the corn has to be mixed by hand. A modern variation is a box with a heating element at the bottom and a trap basket at the top.

Modern options for making popcorn involve the use of hot air or electromagnetic waves by analogy with a microwave.

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