How to Care for Chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum) Flower?

How to Care for Chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum) Flower

Pots and gardens that bloom separately every season give people peace of mind. Flowers blooming from budding plants represent hope. Carefully cared for and cared for, flowers bloom at the most unexpected moment, giving people peace of mind. It revives hope for life. One of these flowers is the chrysanthemum.

The chrysanthemum is a flower that blooms just like a person who is sad and having a hard time wakes up after resting and collecting himself. In this article, we will give you the most curious information about the chrysanthemum flower. On this page, you will find the chrysanthemum’s interest in the human spirit and its care tips.

What is Chrysanthemum?

  • Chrysanthemum, also known as chrysanthemum, is known as a flower of sadness.
  • This flower, which shows itself with the coming of autumn, is the representation of sad days.
  • The chrysanthemum, which usually attracts attention in funerals and religious ceremonies, is mostly seen in Anıtkabir in Turkey.
  • The chrysanthemum flower, which decorates Atatürk’s grave every year both on special days and at the time of visitors, is also known as Atatürk’s flower in our country.
  • The name of this flower, which suddenly explodes after November, suits itself.
  • This flower, which has a length of about 50 to 150 cm, represents both sadness and joy.
  • Chrysanthemum varieties are determined by their color. It has yellow, white, and pink chrysanthemum flowers.
  • Although the meaning of chrysanthemum in Japan represents sad days, chrysanthemum is often used in gardens and street decorations.
  • Among the features of chrysanthemum, known as chrysanthemum, is Atatürk’s favorite flower. Therefore, not only for Turkey; This flower is very meaningful for anyone who loves Atatürk.

How to Grow Chrysanthemum Flower at Home?

  • Chrysanthemum care and cultivation techniques are quite easy. You can grow the chrysanthemum in the best way in a pot.
  • First of all, let’s answer the question of when to plant chrysanthemum, which many people wonder about. This flower has the opportunity to grow in pots every month. Therefore, you can sow the seeds in any season.
  • Buy chrysanthemum seeds from quality seeds. Air the received seeds on a veil.
  • Pour the fertile and mineral plant-soil halfway into a deep pot with a diameter of 25-30 cm.
  • Then place the chrysanthemum seeds separately on the soil.
  • Pour the plant-soil loosely over the seeds and give the first watering with a spray bottle.
  • 1 night wait. This 1 night, the soil will accept the seed and the seed will start to germinate thanks to the living water you give.
  • Take care to keep the pot in a semi-shaded area and allow time for the seeds to germinate. In a week or two, you will see chrysanthemum sprouts rising from the ground.

How to Care for Chrysanthemum Flowers?

The care of the chrysanthemum flower is easy and enjoyable without tiring you. If you have chrysanthemums in your home, you should review and apply these maintenance tips to ensure that they last longer.

  • Chrysanthemum flower does not like to receive direct sunlight. If it stays in a semi-shaded position, it will develop better and its flowers will bloom more profusely.
  • You need to clean the dried leaves between the branches frequently. Because chrysanthemums love pruning. It absorbs water better as it gets rid of dead branches.
  • You should water the pot with the chrysanthemum often. It absorbs water fast. You can check the soil every morning and moisten it with a spray water bottle.
  • You can support this plant, which blooms in summer and sometimes blooms in November, with natural fertilizer.
  • The pot must be protected from the wind. Since the flowers of the chrysanthemum will be affected by the strong wind, they should be taken care of in quiet corners.
  • If you have been growing chrysanthemums for a long time, you can change the soil every year in May. It is recommended to switch from the old pot to one size larger pot.

When Does Chrysanthemum Bloom?

  • You wonder when the chrysanthemum that you care for in your home will bloom. You expect it to give its buds as soon as possible so that it can color the balcony or the living room.
  • The chrysanthemum flower begins to bloom in June.
  • It continues to bloom in July and August. When the harsh cold comes, the flowers fall.
  • However, you can see it blooming frequently in temperate climates.

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