5 exotic fruits that provide more nutrients to our body

most beneficial tropical fruits

Of the foods necessary for the body are fruits . They all have essential nutrients for health and many of them provide great benefits , among which guava , litchi , pomegranate , pitaya and chimoya stand out. Those that come from tropical countries, grow in abundance and are especially juicy , tasty and sweet , are called exotic fruits .. They are not available everywhere, so it mostly depends on imports to be able to enjoy them. Although reaching them is somewhat complicated, exotic fruits have become known without inconvenience and are highly desired.

Exotic fruits are all those that require a warm environment so that their development and growth are perfectly completed. If you think that these fruits have something beyond their extraordinary flavor, you are wrong, what really makes them unique is the climate where they are formed and not their biological characteristics . These fruits contain special properties thanks to the fact that they come from tropical and subtropical countries under optimal conditions, since they do not tolerate the cold.

These are the most beneficial tropical fruits

Exotic fruits are highly recommended to be well hydrated thanks to their high water content. Beyond that, they have vitamins , minerals , antioxidants and fibers , all the nutrients necessary for the body. These fruits, in some countries, are not easy to get, but if you are lucky you should know the benefits you get in the 5 exotic fruits with the greatest benefits and get the most out of each of them, both in flavor and in improvements for the Health.


Its aroma is similar to that of vanilla , which attracts the attention of lovers of fruits and aromatic essences . While the fruit is very similar to chocolate. It has a soft and sticky pulp . It is a type of climbing plant with roots full of a diuretic component , used mostly in Chinese medicine.

2. Pomegranate

This fruit is made up of 85% water and has more than 100 phytochemicals . It is obtained mostly during the fall. Among its benefits is its antioxidant power and stimulating sexual desire . Pomegranate helps eliminate free radicals while protecting cells from oxidative stress. It is a fleshy fruit, globose in shape and slightly larger than an apple. You can also eat it if you want to improve digestion as it is anti- inflammatory .

3. Khaki

This fruit has already spread to many countries, so much so that there are a variety of types. Their consumption is very common as they are sources of fiber and antioxidants. It has an orange or reddish color, its flavor is very sweet and its pulp is fleshy. It stands out for its nutritional value and for the substances that act as a great protector for the body, especially for cardiovascular health .

4. lychee

It is creamy and sweet in taste. It has a high fiber content , to which is added the flavonoids that help prevent cardiovascular diseases and prevent premature aging. By consuming exotic fruits like this, you will be able to keep your nervous , immune and muscular systems in order . A plus point is that it contains few saturated fats.

5. Magic Berry

The magic berry or miracle fruit is almost unique in the world. It is obtained in Africa. It has the ability to alter the perception of acidic foods to sweet. This fruit is fleshy with seeds surrounded by flesh. It also has the power to multiply the heat of capsaicin.

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