White Melon: Types, Uses

white melon
white melon

The white melon is one of the special melons. White on the outside and white on the inside. However, there is another white variety that is hardly for sale, that is the white watermelon. You probably know the watermelon with pink flesh. The white watermelon has white flesh.

There is also the melon ‘Honey Dew – White sugar’, which is also often referred to as a white melon, and the Snowball. In addition to these white melons, there are 8 varieties in the Netherlands that you can find in the supermarket. Read our blog ‘ Many Varieties of Melon And How To Use It ‘. This blog gives you all the information about taste and how to use the melons.

We’ll start with the White Melon’ Snowball.

1. White Melon; snowball

This melon has a white skin. The flesh of this melon is also bright white.

The special thing about this melon is the taste. The melon has a very sweet taste. The sweet taste resembles that of an overripe pear. A pear that you can hardly hold.

Due to its distinctly sweet taste, this melon is not suitable for all dishes. In a fruit salad, however, this white melon is a very tasty addition.

In addition, you can also eat this melon from the hand; if you like sweet! Cut the melon into half moons or serve the cubes in a bowl. Delicious on a warm summer evening.

2. White Melon ‘Snow Leopard’

This melon is white and round/ovoid and has green stripes/spots on the skin.

You will not often come across this melon in the supermarket. However, some specialty stores will offer this melon in the summer months.

This melon is also exceptionally sweet and cannot be used in all dishes. like most sweet melons, it fits perfectly in a fruit salad or from the hand.

3. White Watermelon

The white watermelon is a different kind of white melon. In English it is also called ‘White Wonder Watermelon΅.

This melon is almost perfectly round in shape. The skin is often mint greenish in color and mottled/streaked. This skin is also thinner than with a ‘normal’ watermelon, so handle with care otherwise this melon can chafe.

The juicy white flesh is almost translucent when cut and the seeds are scattered throughout the flesh.

The white watermelon has a classic watermelon flavor with a hint of cucumber. The sugar content of this melon is also higher than a normal melon.

This melon is also best eaten on its own or in a fruit salad.

4. White Melon ‘Honey Dew – White Sugar’

This melon has a smooth yellow skin and soft greenish flesh. The shape is smooth from round to oval.

It is, as you can see, not a white melon. It is also known as the ‘white honeydew melon’. That is why it also belongs here in the list of white melons.

This melon can be used in several dishes, as long as it is with different fruits. This melon is regularly for sale in your local supermarket.

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