Cultivated Mushroom Cultivation

Cultivated Mushroom

Mushroom, which is rich in vegetable protein, is one of the indispensable foods of kitchens with its cute appearance and taste. Cultivated mushrooms, a food that has been accepted as a medicinal food from past to present due to the substances in its content, draws attention with its therapeutic properties.

It is used to make drugs for alternative medicine treatment, especially in China and Asia. Cultivated mushrooms, which have a unique aroma, are also used in dishes such as soup, salad and pasta.


How to Store Cultivated Mushrooms?

The most important point to be considered when purchasing cultivated mushrooms is that they are packaged. In addition, there should be labels on the packaging that inform the consumer.

In order to keep the cultivated mushroom in the refrigerator for a long time, it is necessary to put it in an air-permeable container. The shelf life of cultivated mushrooms stored in the refrigerator is approximately 1 week. Cultivated mushrooms should never be stored in bags.

For longer storage, you can divide the cultivated mushrooms into freezer bags and store them in the freezer. You can keep the cultivated mushroom in the deep freezer for up to 1 year.

The Most Delicious and Practical Mushroom Recipes

1) Both Delicious and Practical: Baked Mushrooms with Cheddar

Baked cheddar mushrooms, prepared using butter, cheddar and fresh mushrooms, are admired for their taste and practicality. You can present the baked cheddar mushroom to your family and guests with its beneficial health benefits. 

2) The Perfect Combination of Chicken, Mushrooms and Cream: Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Casserole

Creamy chicken and mushroom casserole, prepared using mushrooms, chicken and cream, takes its place on your tables with its taste and exquisite appearance. You can easily make creamy chicken and mushroom casserole, which stands out with its taste as well as the health benefits it brings to meals.

3) Soft Flavor with Amazing Appearance: Oyster Rolls with Potato and Mushrooms

Oyster pastry with potatoes and mushrooms, prepared using potatoes, mushrooms and phyllo, enlivens your snacks and breakfasts with its soft taste and magnificent appearance.

4) Easy and Practical: Sausage Mushroom Volovan

Prepared as a result of puff pastry dough, mushrooms, sausages, green peppers and onions combined with sesame, the volovan with sausage and mushrooms decorates your tables with its magnificent appearance. With its taste, you can both serve it to your guests and add a different taste to your family’s tea enjoyment.

5) A Lasting Taste on the Palate: Chicken with Curry Sauce and Mushrooms

Chicken with curry sauce and mushrooms, prepared using chicken breast, curry and mushrooms, leaves a lasting taste on the palate with its unique flavor. You can prepare the meal, which stands out with its health benefits, practically and easily, and you can offer wonderful meals to both your family and your guests.

6) A Tasty Meeting of Mushrooms and Pasta: Creamy Mushroom Pencil Pasta

The wonderful meeting of the sauce prepared with mushrooms, onions, garlic, cream, basil, black pepper and butter and pasta brings a different flavor to your tables. You can serve wonderful meals to your loved ones with creamy mushroom pen pasta, which is among the most beautiful cultivated mushroom recipes.

7) The Most Mushroomed Chicken: Mushroom Sauteed Chicken

Chicken breast sauteed with mushrooms, prepared with mushrooms, green pepper, red pepper, mushrooms, tomato puree and pepper paste, is a delicious main dish. As a roasted mushroom, it combines its unique aroma with chicken and hosts a magnificent taste. You can prepare chicken sauté with mushrooms, which is a very easy dish, for your family and loved ones.

8) The Perfect Combination of Mushrooms and Meat with Puree: Meat Sauteed with Mushrooms on a Bed of Puree

Mushroom meat saute prepared with mushrooms, meat, tomatoes and peppers is served on top of mashed potatoes. Meat sauteed with mushrooms in a puree bed, which has an exquisite appearance, is consumed as a culture mushroom dish. You can serve it to your family and guests by making a meat saute with mushrooms on a bed of puree with a magnificent taste.

Bonus: Mushroom Cookie with Melting Taste

Mushroom cookies prepared by using margarine, egg, flour, starch, sugar and some cocoa are appreciated with their taste that melts in the mouth in the first bite. The cookie, which resembles a mushroom in shape, is consumed with pleasure in snacks and breakfasts.

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