French Cuisine Dishes and Culinary Culture

French Cuisine Dishes and Culinary Culture

The most beautiful element that unites countries and people is culinary culture. As long as there are people who are happy as they eat and do, there will always be the peace of mind. Of course, all people should eat prepared food. We can only call a culinary culture where there are no people who go to bed while their neighbor is hungry.

Ottoman Cuisine, Turkish Cuisine, Japanese Cuisine, Italian Cuisine, and French Cuisine; It is an agenda that excites all gourmets and, so to speak, makes their mouths water. Each of them has left different tastes and different dishes for the next generations. The culinary culture in the world never ends with the menus created as a result of young initiatives with local dishes and popular ingredients.

In this article, let’s go to a kitchen that smells of cheese, wine, and plenty of butter: Let’s meet unknowns about French cuisine. Maybe you will remember us on the streets of France next summer 🙂 Why not?

French Cuisine History

  • French cuisine is remembered as international culinary culture. Centuries ago, game meat was common in French cuisine, and even these meats were eaten fried. Because they have not met vegetables before.
  • In time, agricultural areas expanded and when the people dealing with agriculture emerged, vegetables were introduced. Potatoes were particularly popular.
  • With the Crusades, spices were introduced and their dishes were diversified and flavored.
  • They do not approach the food just to fill their stomach. Aesthetics is more important to them than the taste of the food. A meal without a presentation never comes to the table.
  • Because presentation is the value given to the food. Due to this feature, French Cuisine is included in the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List. It introduces itself to the world as an Intangible Cultural Heritage.

French Cuisine Features and French Culinary Culture

  • When eating in French cuisine, an aperitif comes to the table first. Gourmets also know well that French cuisine has a hierarchy. It is followed by a delicious soup or salad.
  • Meat dishes and main courses are served later. They usually do not exceed 3 meals a day.
  • They owe the taste of their meals to butter. French cuisine is centered around cheese, wine, and butter. Something that always catches your attention on French menus in movies is the wine on the table and a delicious cheese plate.
  • Like us, they do not prefer margarine and sunflower oil. They generally flavor their meals with lard and butter.
  • They rarely add olives to mid-colds because France is not very developed in olive cultivation. Just like lemon. That is why it is common to eat them by adding vinegar to their salads.
  • The consistency of salt and spice in their meals is medium. It leaves a calm palate. With its exquisite and elegant presentations, your soul will be satisfied before your stomach. Bread cultures are quite extensive.

French Cuisine Desserts

  • The French, who love dough and chocolate very much, have created their sweet culture with a dessert that can always be eaten with pleasure. Pancakes, which we also love to eat, are an indispensable dessert for them.
  • You can even eat the crepes served with chocolate and fruit pieces while walking around the streets of France. They have made their names known again in terms of catering and presentation. Another dough and chocolate meeting takes place in profiteroles.
  • When the cream is added between the delicious dough balls, with its full consistency, the chocolate sauce should definitely be on it. And it came… The profiteroles, which everyone loves to eat and rehearse while saying the name of the orders, gladly met the whole world.
  • The macaron, which has recently been offered for sale in our country, is actually an Italian dessert. But in France, the recipe has been developed a little more and the love of macarons has spread all over the world.
  • Coffee lovers have a dessert that turns heads: Pots de Crème. Coffee lovers can eat this dessert-like crazy 🙂
  • Rococo dessert, in which whipped cream and chocolate dance in harmony; The architectural structure in ancient times has been compared to the rococo. An example of its taste has not yet been found.
  • In addition to these desserts, Peach Melba with ice creamchocolate mousse, eclairs that cannot be satisfied with one, Galette, which gives the feeling of a mixture of pancakes and tart, and Madelaine desserts with a sea ​​shell scheme are among the delicious desserts that delight the palate in French cuisine and make you happy while raising your blood sugar.

Meal Time: French Cuisine Meat and Chicken Dishes

  • In fact, the indispensable part of delicious meals is not the food itself. With its stylish and elegant presentations, first, the eyes are filled. In order to relieve digestion, there should be wine with the meal.
  • Dry red wine is drunk especially with red meats. It is considered more appropriate to drink dry white wine with fish and white meat. Desserts and fruits will of course be accompanied by wine.
  • White wine is preferred if possible. Besides desserts, champagne culture is also very common.
  • Butter, which adds delicious flavors to meat dishes, is preferred in all dishes. The French like to leave the table in a satisfying way with less spicy and sauced dishes.
  • Meat cultures are different in each region of France. Seafood is consumed intensively in settlements near the sea.
  • When it comes to Paris, we can wait to dine there. Because Paris is the central place that gathers the food culture of the whole country at one point. There are almost 5000 restaurants in Paris.

French Cuisine Soups

  • Meat isn’t always chocolate, is it? French people also love soup. Let them warm themselves on cold days. The soup flavor of French cuisine comes from wine.
  • White wine is usually used in popular lentil soups. And cream is added to give consistency to soups. Just like in mint pea soup.
  • By choosing healthy vegetables, they enriched their cuisine with various soup recipes. They also liked to increase their satiety by adding a piece of pasta to vegetable soups.
  • In fact, the names of French cuisine dishes are as elegant as the taste of the dishes. It is a full energy store with its delicious Zucchini Vishisuaz soup, which is rich in vitamins and combines leeks and zucchini. what to say? French people know the taste of their mouth 🙂

Let Meat Sauce Please: French Cuisine Sauces

  • Let us remind you that we say that in French cuisine, it is the wine consumed with meat that gives its flavor to the meat. Of course, these delicious meats do not stand out on the serving plate alone.
  • Delicious and thick sauces; It adds color and flavor to the meat. The most preferred sauce is bechamel sauce, which can be used in every dish. Minor changes were made in its content and different flavors were obtained.
  • We use bechamel sauce, which gives flavor to pasta and meat, in our meals, and we flavor our meals.
  • Their white sauce, which is very reminiscent of bechamel sauce but prefers milk to broth, is the most preferred sauce after bechamel.
  • Red sauce, which may be a relative of our tomato sauce, reveals its difference with the presence of carrots in it.
  • Brown sauces, which are very difficult to prepare, may take some time for them to be popular with their sharp taste.
  • White sauce, which will suit your white meats, is a sauce that is very easy to make and makes you love it with its delicious taste. The most famous dishes of French cuisine have made themselves loved by the whole world with these delicious sauces.

French Cuisine Appetizers

  • The cheeses that decorate the list of French cuisine menus are a detail that should be in every meal for them, if not, it will almost cause tension.
  • These cheeses also determine the appetizer cultures. Chèvre, which is especially preferred as a dessert cheese,  will be a good appetizer selection to accompany the meals.
  • A green flavor, spicy avocado paste that decorates the tables is also included in the appetizer culture with its different taste. Mushrooms accompanied by cheese varieties will also decorate delicious tables.

Special French Cuisine Dishes For Those Seeking Different Flavor

We are here with delicious and different French cuisine recipes to enrich our palate culture. Let’s bring French cuisine to our home for those who can’t go to France!

1) French Toast with a Delicious Taste

Meet with a delicious toast that you can choose for every meal but never give up for breakfast. It is both hearty and delicious.

2) Original Recipe: Real French Croissant (Croissants)

You will not receive your croissants packed after this recipe. You can enjoy a croissant feast whenever you want with a delicious recipe in full measure.

3) Delicious French Cream Mushroom Sauce

Consume the delicious mushroom sauce with your meat dishes or with pasta. You will love its taste and texture. Moreover, it is quite simple to make!

4) For Dessert Lovers: Rolled French Toast

We have prepared a delicious recipe for sweet addicts. You should definitely try this toast, which goes well with coffee and tea.

5) French Pie Napolitain in Super Consistency

If you want to host your guests with a different taste; Make a note of this recipe. Bon Appetit.

6) Tea Classic: French Cake

You have brewed the tea, what will you serve with it? Here is a delicious recipe to reward yourself!

7) French Baguette with Every Meal

When you meet with chocolate, you should meet with a French bread recipe that will satisfy your hunger and you can always make with its delicious taste.

8) Dessert Sake: Chocolate French Pie Cake

A delicious pie cake recipe from the French Cuisine, which has a delicious dessert culture with chocolate, is with you. With the hope of sweetening your tea conversations. With pleasure…

9) A Delicious Classic: French Onion Soup

Onion soup, which is very popular in French cuisine, is a source of healing for us in the period of illness. Believe in the healing coming from the onion and try the onion flavor as soon as possible.

10) Sweet Getaway: French Benye (Beignets)

“Benue”, which resembles a bagel that decorates our breakfast, will leave a delicious mark on your palate with its sweet taste. Let’s leave our recipe to try:

11) Tenderloin/Steak/Chicken with Cafe de Paris Sauce

Why don’t you try the delicious sauces you always see on the menus in cafes at home? You should try this recipe for meat with Cafe de Paris sauce, which will be loved when it meets the taste of your hand

12) Simple Flavor with its Delicious Appearance: Paris Brest

It may be a flavor that will take some time to make, but after you taste it, it can be finished in a few bites, be ready. With one click, the delicious recipe is with you.

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