3 types of plants with red berries, grown indoors all year round

3 types of plants with red berries


Hawthorn, which is a wild plant, has been planted as an ornamental plant in recent years. The tree usually flowers and bears fruit in March every year. Both flowers and fruits bring a lively spring festival atmosphere.

Hawthorn tree from flowering to fruiting, the fruit is always full of branches. The flowers of this plant bloom in clusters of pure white like white apricot flowers, with a gentle, intoxicating fragrance. When it comes to fruiting, it is full of branches, each bunch of red apples is hard for anyone to take their eyes off. The clusters of bright red fruits, chit and chit, are like bringing fortune and joy into the house at the beginning of the new year. That is why it is also called auspicious fruit.

Planting 1 pot of hawthorn in a place with direct sunlight in the house will help bring good fortune to the family every year.

Plum tree

The plum tree was originally a tall fruit tree, but now it is shaped like a beautiful bonsai and is loved by many people to grow in the yard. The branches and leaves of the tree have both photographic value and auspicious meaning. This is an annual plant that attracts fortune. Red plums are also considered “heavy fortune”, the more wrong the fruit implies more fortune.

Plum trees take root quickly, and at the same time have a fairly long life. The longer the bonsai is grown, the more precious it is so you can grow it in your yard.

Rock rose tree

Rock persimmons have very high ornamental value even if they only have leaves, flowers or fruits. The leaves of the tree have a lush green color, fragrant flowers and golden fruits when ripe, implying fortune, gold and silver to the house that many rich people like to grow this ornamental plant in their home.

Rock rose bonsai means many children, many blessings, longevity and wealth. The tree also has the effect of feng shui to gather wealth, attract fortune, and prosper in business.

This plant usually grows wild in the valleys. Sometimes they grow crowded, cramped between the rocks. Pressed by rocks, sometimes its roots and trunk will form different strange shapes. It is this that has created a special thing, bringing high ornamental value to rock roses.

In recent years, rock persimmon has also become a popular ornamental plant in the city. Like hawthorn or plum, they are meaningful feng shui plants, loved by the rich.

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