What is Boat Fasting? How and until what age is it kept?

What is Boat Fasting

Boat Fasting: Practice Fasting for Kids

When the month of Ramadan comes, many children imitate their elders’ fasting. Children who want to experience the excitement of sahur and the blessings of iftar want to fast just like their elders. However, since children’s bodies are weak and they are in the developmental age, it is not appropriate for them to fast completely.

Additionally, they may have difficulty in fasting because they do not have full willpower. We will tell you about boat fasting, an ancient Anatolian tradition that has survived to this day. Boat fasting concerns both families and those who have children.

To briefly explain what the boat fast means, it would be a good idea to turn to the sources of Religious Affairs, where religious explanations are obtained in the healthiest way. It is mentioned that children for whom fasting is not yet obligatory can go through the adaptation process with a playful experiment by waiting until noon without eating.

All parents who want to instill the excitement of Ramadan in their children and teach them the feeling of self-control can tell their children about boat fasting. Now let us explain to you the meaning of boat fast and the rules of this fast.

What is Boat Fasting?

What does boat fast mean? First of all, let’s explain why this fast is called boat. This fast is not called boat; It is known as tenkiye. Over time, it came to our language as a boat due to the development and change of the language. Tenkiye is an Arabic word and means to identify.

When integrated with fasting, it was transferred from language to language as boat fasting. To briefly explain what boat fasting is; It is the act of fasting by those who are under age for a certain period of time during the day. It can be explained as giving children a religious identity and duty. The month of Ramadan is a good opportunity for children to fast like adults, even if it is short.

The question of what is a boat fast and how to fast does not have a clear timely definition; In other words, when asking what boat fasting is and what its dictionary meaning is, a clear-cut definition cannot be reached. We can say that waiting until 12 noon for the boat fast is accepted among the public. This fast, known as boat fasting, is kept by children who are eager to fast but do not have the willpower.

Boat fasting, which is generally an encouragement for children, sometimes becomes a suitable fast for sick people. The purpose of the boat fast is; It is to instill the feelings of hunger, understanding the situation, mastering the will, and reinforcing unity and solidarity that come with the month of Ramadan.

How to Do a Boat Fast?

You have to be younger than a certain age to fast. It is important to have willpower at this age. Girls and boys who have not yet reached puberty can fast.

Sahur and iftar are made to observe the boat fast. It will make children happier if they wake up and make the intention for sahur, just like adults.

Children who are familiar with concepts such as iftar time and sahur time through boat fasting will fast more easily when they grow up. Children can be controlled by their elders to encourage and teach the rituals of worship during Ramadan.

Children who make the intention and go to sleep after eating at sahur will strengthen their self-confidence as they will know that they are fasting when they wake up in the morning. If you consider that children over the age of 9 are in the period of understanding the feeling of fasting; You can help your children wake up for sahur and fast.

In order to avoid health problems, you can first explain to your child what fasting is. You can prepare a balanced plate for sahur and emphasize that he is making sahur. When both children and sick people fast, they will feel happy because they have fulfilled their religious duty. The answer to the question of whether boat fasting is a requirement in religion is no; But this tradition is a method recommended by good religious scholars for the process of getting used to fasting.

Until what age can boat fasting be performed?

In the month of Ramadan, the sultan of 11 months, you can help children who have not entered puberty when they want to fast. The age limit for boat fasting is different for each child. Because it is the adolescence period and the body that determines this limit.

You can explain to your teenage boys and girls that fasting is obligatory after instilling the feeling of self-control. The answer to the question “What is the boat fast and until what age is it fasted?” is related to being a teenager. In girls, puberty occurs when menstruation occurs, and in boys, puberty occurs when they dream and ejaculate. On average, puberty occurs between the ages of 10-15, and time may vary from person to person.

Young people who have reached the age of 15 but do not show the symptoms mentioned for various reasons are considered to be adolescents and fasting becomes obligatory. Fasting, which is not obligatory for children before puberty, can be observed as boat fasting. Boat fasting can be done until the age of 15 or until puberty begins.

How long is the boat fast?

Your excited children who intend to fast may come to you during the day and often ask you when the fast will be broken . You can explain that the fast must be broken by preparing the iftar table for them at the noon adhan.

Your children and sick people who wake up for sahur and prepare to fast can break the fast by praying during the noon adhan. Since longer periods of fasting will tire the children’s bodies, the time for the noon adhan is deemed appropriate according to religion.

Is it permissible to fast for a boat?

In the religious sense, the word permissible refers to actions that do not have any harm in doing them. Boat fasting is not prohibited because it does not harm the person. Boat fasting can be recommended and supported in order for children to get used to Ramadan, gain a worship identity and love fasting.

Who Can Do the Boat Fast? Who is it suitable for?

Boat fasting is a fast generally practiced for children. It is taught to support children in getting used to fasting. From time to time, very old people can also fast and fulfill their religious duties with enthusiasm. People who follow this fast are willing to go hungry for a few hours during the day and are happy because they fast. Families can support young children to fast if they wish.

What is the Story of Boat Fasting? How Did It Appear?

It is reported that; In ancient times, when children wanted to fast, they would start fasting with their families. Just like children, when very old people got hungry on a fasting day, they would hide behind the breadbasket and eat some food. These people, hiding behind the breadbasket, continued fasting when they were full. This habit among the people developed over time as boat fasting and became embedded in our language.

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