What Is An Asparagus – Green, White And Purple


What is an asparagus? I had to search a bit to explain exactly that. Is it a rhizome or a young offshoot, part of a plant or part thereof? Well, the answer is….

Asparagus as we know it are young offshoots of the ‘asparagus’ plant. You have green, white and purple, so a different kind of asparagus. It is the young shoots of the asparagus plant that are harvested. The white asparagus is still underground when it is pulled out of the ground and the green and purple ones rise above the ground before being harvested.

What Is An Asparagus?

An asparagus is therefore a vegetable. Only the white ones are grown underground. You sometimes see those rows of elevations in the country. That’s where the white asparagus are. When they grow, soil is sprinkled over them so that they do not get sunlight, because sunlight makes them green or purple. That depends on the species.

The purple and green asparagus do rise above the ground and are stabbed when they are large enough, but before they really take the shape of a plant. You can’t eat vegetables fresher and younger…

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