Quinoa: Benefits, Uses, Side Effects


Standing out with its nutritional properties, quinoa is one of the foods of Latin American origin with a history of 7 thousand years. Quinoa, which is widely used in European and American cuisine, has just begun to take its place in mostly cuisine and to be used in different recipes.

What is Quinoa?

Quinoa, which is not known among the people because it is not common in Turkish cuisine, comes from the Chenopodioideae, sesame family as a plant. The product, which is cultivated and grown as a field crop with its similar structure to cereals, differs from cereals with its high nutritional values. Quinoa, which has white, black and red colors with its small round grain structure, has a wide variety of food. The use of this food, which is included in many recipes like a grain with its harmonious taste, is not limited to meals in the kitchen. Quinoa oil, which is also available in the market as oil, is included in many healthy and delicious recipes as a source of healing.

During quinoa consumption, the question of whether quinoa is eaten raw comes to mind. The food, which is generally consumed by cooking in the kitchen, is also used in cooking, just like rice. The quinoa plant, which is quite hard in its raw state, is not suitable for consumption without cooking with this structure.

What are the Benefits of Quinoa?

  • Being a high protein source comes first among the benefits of quinoa, and it is known to be a healthier food than animal protein sources.
  • This food, which is very rich in iron, is an important source for those suffering from iron deficiency, and it gives vitality to the mind with the iron in it.
  • In terms of nutritional value, quinoa stands out with its structure containing vitamin B2. Vitamin B2 produces energy by supporting muscle cells and is known to be good for fatigue.
  • Since it is a source of high fiber, it supports the digestive system and quinoa helps to lose weight.
  • It is recommended for diabetic patients with its blood sugar lowering effect.

How to Use Quinoa?

Quinoa is usually consumed as a meal. Before being used in food, it is boiled with water and softened, and the grains of quinoa become larger when boiled. It can be boiled and added to juicy dishes such as soup, or it can be turned into flour without boiling and added to pastries such as cakes. In addition to cooking, it allows you to prepare healthy foods by participating in snack fruit bar recipes. One question that comes to mind while consuming quinoa is ‘How much should quinoa be eaten per day?’ It is possible. Depending on the purpose of use, there is no harm in consuming the quinoa plant three times a week. Quinoa, which is frequently included in diet lists with its nutritional properties, is sufficient if used twice a day, morning and evening, during the diet.

Does Quinoa Lose Weight? Dieting With Quinoa

Quinoa, which stands out in vegan nutrition as a rich source of protein, is a food that can be preferred by those who want to lose weight. Especially with its content that supports fat burning and its structure that keeps it full for a long time, quinoa enters the diet lists. Those who lose weight with quinoa state that their diet is more effective thanks to its satiating effect, and it reduces the fatigue that occurs during the diet with its energizing structure. Those who use quinoa during diet can prepare original recipes by adding it to different dishes, especially with its harmonious taste. When the subject of weight loss is opened, the question of how many calories in quinoa comes to mind. Quinoa, which is a highly nutritious food with high nutritional values, has 372 calories per 100 grams. This food, which has the effect of keeping you full all day long, contains 5.8 grams of fat and 69 grams of carbohydrates per 100 grams.

Where Can I Buy Quinoa?

Although it is not widely used in our country, quinoa is an easily available food. Quinoa, which can be found easily in markets, can be supplied in half-kilo and one-kilo packages. In addition to grocery stores, it can be ordered from online shopping sites or purchased from gourmet markets in big cities.

How Much Does Quinoa Cost?

Quinoa varies in price, as it can be found in the market in different forms. The price of the quinoa plant used in meals can change the price depending on the amount and many factors from the brand to the gram. It is also sold as food, tea and oil, whose weight varies between 30-40 TL on average.

So, Is Quinoa Harmful? What are the Side Effects?

When quinoa is examined in terms of harms and side effects, it is seen that there is no significant side effect. Although it does not have severe negative effects, its excessive consumption is not suitable for health. While talking about the side effects of quinoa food, ‘Can lactating mothers use quinoa?’ the question arises. As long as it is not overdone, there is no harm in using quinoa seeds for breastfeeding mothers and it is stated that they can prefer quinoa instead of foods such as rice.

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