How to Grow Organic Tomatoes

How to Grow Organic Tomatoes

Step by Step Tomato Growing and Tricks! If you say where those old tomatoes are, it means it’s time to grow organic tomatoes in your garden. The secret of delicious blood-red tomatoes, away from hormones and drugs, may be hidden in you. If you want to know what you eat, you should know very well the vegetables and fruits you include in your diet. Tomato, a source of lycopene, which is frequently consumed in the kitchen, will be grown under your control in this article.

Everything you wonder about eating healthier is answered for you in this article on growing organic tomatoes. It seems that there is no need to postpone the idea of ​​growing organic tomatoes, which is the dream of many after retirement. Then you can start reading this entire article now.

We explained the fine details you need to know about tomato growing tricks one by one. If you are wondering how to grow tomatoes at home or in the garden; When you reach the end of the page, you will start to obtain the materials for growing tomatoes. We are sure that those who finished our article will have extensive knowledge about tomato growing conditions and will grow their own tomatoes!

Ingredients You Need to Grow Tomatoes

Before answering your question about how to grow tomatoes indoors or on the balcony, we will ask you to prepare your materials. If all the materials are ready, you can start rolling up the sleeves:


  • Glove
  • Vase
  • peat soil
  • germination tray
  • Tomato seed or tomato
  • wooden stick
  • spray bottle
  • note tag

How to Grow Tomatoes at Home, on the Balcony or in Pots?

Step 1: Preparation

  • Before proceeding with the tomato growing process, you should create your working environment.
  • It would be more appropriate to wear an old outfit and wear gloves. Do not harm your clothes as you will be dealing with the soil.
  • Prepare all the materials you need in your work environment.
  • You can lay a newspaper or a wide nylon cover on the floor.

Step 2: Germination Phase

  • If you want to germinate with tomato seeds; you need to fill half of the germination tray with soil.
  • Add the tomato seeds in the middle of the soil and add some more soil on it.
  • When you want to cut the tomatoes for the growing part, you should add soil to the bottom of the pot, tomato seeds to the middle, and soil to the top .
  • Our advice is to germinate the tomatoes first and then transfer them to the pot.
  • In order not to forget the day you germinated and to calculate the elapsed time, you can use the note labels expressed in the material list.
  • You can stick the tomato seeds in a corner of the pot the day you germinate.
  • So you can easily calculate the time you need for germination.

Step 3: Growing Seedlings

  • If you are continuing the process of growing tomatoes using a germination tray, you can make sure that the germination tray is in a moist and slightly shaded location.
  • The temperature required for the best germination of tomato seedlings is between 75 and 90 degrees.
  • When the seedlings emerge, position the pot in a sunny location.
  • After about 3 weeks, seedlings will appear from the germination pot.

Step 4: Time to Transfer to Pot

  • It’s time to get the seedlings into a large pot or garden.
  • Grasp the seedling with very delicate movements and separate it from the soil.
  • Transfer the separated seedling to a different pot.
  • When transferring, you should pay attention to planting the seedling upright.
  • It is recommended not to get too close to the bottom of the pot, as the roots of tomatoes will be wide and long.
  • The pot size should be chosen medium for each seedling .
  • For the healthy growth of tomato seedlings, you should water them once in 3 days.
  • You can irrigate with a spray bottle.

Step 5: End of Patience Organic Tomatoes

  • In an average of 50 days, the seedlings become quite large.
  • When the seedling gives fruit, you will wait for the tomatoes to grow and turn red.
  • Tomatoes that turn red are ready for you to consume!

What are the Tips for Growing Tomatoes?

  • When you want to grow tomatoes, only plant tomatoes in the soil. Seedlings do not grow well when surrounded by peppers, cucumbers or other vegetables .
  • When cold weather comes, you can collect green tomatoes and let them fry in front of the window or on the balcony. In such cases, you can also prepare delicious meals with raw tomatoes.
  • During germination, you should prevent the roots from staying too deep. You can leave the oxygen at a depth where you can comfortably take it.
  • Tomatoes like water-permeable, fertile and humous soils. You should make your soil choice according to these criteria.
  • You should protect the tomato seedlings from high humidity during the seedling period. You will get good results in a slightly humid environment.
  • If you add some carbonate to the soil where you will plant the tomatoes, you will reduce the acid level of the soil. This process allows you to eat sweeter tomatoes .
  • Those who have tried it say that baking soda is also very useful in this process.

How to Care for Tomatoes?

1) Irrigation

  • Tomato is a fruit that needs constant moisture.
  • Yes, we say fruit; because according to the patterns we are used to, tomato is recognized as a vegetable.
  • However, according to researches, all foods with seeds are considered fruit.
  • You need to water the tomato at regular intervals.
  • If too much water is used, the leaves may rot. Therefore, you can water little and often.

2) Fertilizer Request

  • If you are planting tomatoes in a large area, it is recommended to have a soil analysis.
  • In addition, it would be more appropriate to fertilize to renew the mineral need of the soil before planting seeds .
  • You can also try fertilizing when growing tomatoes at home.
  • You can buy a quality fertilizer and add a handful to the tomato pot.
  • To irrigate the tomatoes you will grow on the balcony, resting the water overnight will give more effective results.
  • Pouring tap water into the soil as it has rested is an efficient process for tomatoes.
  • In cases where you cannot find natural fertilizer, liquid fertilizer can be added to slightly improve the soil quality. Liquid organic fertilizers for tomatoes are available at branches selling pesticides.
  • Liquid fertilizers meet the minerals required by tomatoes throughout the year. Their prices are offered at an average of 40 TL .

3) Pruning Period

  • Sometimes unwanted shoots may occur in tomato seedlings. You can take the leaves from the bottom with your hands for better oxygenation of the root part.
  • When you clean the weeds formed even in a seedling with a size of about 5 cm , you will keep the tomato yield high.
  • After cleaning the injured leaves, you can give the tomato a drug that protects it from harmful bacteria.

Ways to Protect Tomato Seedlings from Insects

During the tomato growing period, you may sometimes encounter flies and insects due to climatic conditions. There are natural and chemical methods to prevent this situation. You may be interested in our suggestions to protect tomato seedlings from harmful substances:

  • By adding a spoonful of coffee to the pot surface , you can ensure that the soil is purified from harmful substances. Coffee powder will protect your plant.
  • Tomatoes will certainly attract the attention of birds. When it turns red, it becomes a feast for the birds.
  • To protect the tomatoes from the raids of birds, it is recommended to put plenty of water next to them. It is said that the birds will stay away due to the reflection in the water.

Why Grow Your Own Tomatoes?

  • You may have heard of many course activities on growing organic products. Organic tomato growing courses are also available within these courses.
  • In fact, the aim is to raise a healthier generation by feeding without additives and hormones.
  • Growing tomatoes at home has become very popular, as many people now have a problem of trusting the vegetables and fruits they buy from outside.
  • After a little effort and patience, tomatoes grown in pots or in the garden not only relieve people’s stress, but also help them eat healthier tomatoes.
  • It looks like tomato farming, which is considered a hobby for some, and an organic diet for others will be an activity that will not go out of fashion.

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