Macadamia Oil: 10 Miraculous Benefits of Macadamia Oil

Macadamia Oil

Macadamia oil, which is among the healthy oils that nature has offered us, is a nutritious oil that we need to have in our lives in order to have healthy skin and hair .

Macadamia oil is not only preferred by most people in the kitchen, but also has many properties that can benefit from possible diseases that we encounter today.

In this article , we will focus on the benefits of Macadamia oil , how it should be used and where you can buy it. Once you meet macadamia oil, you won’t be able to give up on it…

What Is Macadamia Oil?

  • This miraculous oil, which is obtained from macadamia nut and also known as witch hazel oil among the people, has a similar structure to the oils found in the human body.
  • Since macadamia oil contains palmitoleic acid, it is recommended to be consumed as a supplement to this acid, which decreases in the human body in advanced ages.
  • In terms of calories, 100 grams corresponds to 700 kcal, so attention should be paid to the amount of use.
  • It contains 19% Palmitoleic acid, 60% Oleic acid, 1-3% Linoleic acid in its structure.
  • It also contains Omega-6, Omega-7 and Omega-3.
  • In addition, it has vitamin E and antioxidant properties . It has an amber color and is reminiscent of hazelnut flavor in terms of flavor.

10 Miraculous Benefits of Macadamia Oil

Macadamia oil has many health benefits. It can be used while cooking, and it has an important place in terms of benefiting skin, hair health and many possible diseases.

Let’s list the obvious benefits:

  • By acting on the scalp, it increases the strength of the hair and thus  prevents breakage .
  • Thanks to its palmitoleic acid content, it helps to maintain the moisture balance of the hair .
  • It regulates the moisture balance of the skin and reduces the formation of acne .
  • It contains vitamin K necessary for healthy teeth and bones .
  • Since it is a natural anti-inflammatory, it plays a role in reducing joint pain .
  • Because it contains Omega 7 and Palmitoleic acid, it is good for scars, skin blemishes and acne scars on the skin .
  • Thanks to the strong antioxidants in its structure , it reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer .
  • It regulates metabolism, endocrine, nervous and reproductive systems and affects them positively.
  • Thanks to the phytosterols in its structure, it reduces itching and redness on the skin .
  • Even in a small amount, it has the effect of protecting the skin from the sun .

What Does Macadamia Oil Do, How Is It Used?

We have already mentioned the important benefits of macadamia oil for hair and skin. Now we will focus on how you should apply it to the hair and skin:

Usage For Hair:

Macadamia oil can be applied to the hair in two ways, you should decide the most suitable application for you.

Method 1

  • Macadamia oil is applied to the dry hair strand by rubbing it in a generous amount from the beginning of the hair strands to the end.
  • Oiled hair can be braided, made into a bun, or closed using a plastic cap.
  • After waiting for 30 minutes , oiled hair is washed with shampoo and cleaned.
  • After the procedure, you can dry your hair or let it dry on its own.
  • Finally, you can apply a no-rinse conditioner to the ends of your hair.

Method 2

  • You can consume less Macadamia oil when using this method compared to the other method.
  • Warm the oil in your hands before applying it to the hair.
  • Your hair should be clean and dry before oiling.
  • Massage the oil into your hair and scalp.
  • You can rinse your hair after keeping the oil in your hair for a few hours.
  • Macadamia oil will be absorbed by your hair in a very short time.
  • Always use shampoo when rinsing your hair.
  • It is recommended to shampoo your hair twice while applying both methods.

Usage For Skin:

Macadamia oil is very easy to apply to the skin. It is possible to apply this oil to your skin in more than one way. A few methods are listed below:

  • If you wish , you can obtain an effective body oil by mixing one measure of Macadamia oil with 1 measure of grape seed oil, 2 parts of apricot kernel oil, 2 parts of almond oil and a few drops of carrot and jojoba oil , and you can apply it by massaging your skin. After the oil is applied to the skin, it can be left for one night and then rinsed off.
  • You can also use macadamia oil alone. You can apply 4 or 5 drops of oil to your skin before going to bed at night and rinse with water in the morning.
  • You can add 20 ml of Macadamia oil to 1 tablespoon of clay and apply it to your skin after mixing and achieving the appropriate consistency. After keeping this mask for 10 minutes, you can wash your face with warm water.

What Should Be Considered When Using Macadamia Oil?

  • You should test the product on a small area of ​​your hair or skin before using it on your hair and skin, so you can avoid a possible allergy .
  • Since it is a type of fat with a high calorie value, excessive intake of it can cause fat in the liver, so attention should be paid to the dose of use.
  • If you have a cholesterol problem, consult your doctor before using it.

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