Laurel Soap: 9 Important Benefits for the Skin

Laurel Soap

Laurel Soap: Soaps, which take their place among natural products in skin and hair care, are prepared from plant extracts. Laurel soap is a type of soap that attracts attention with its benefits and has a high economic value. Laurel soap, which is the choice of many people especially when it comes to skin problems, is a kind of care product prepared from laurel plant and olive oil. It has a place in women’s and men’s skin care.

Laurel soap is a soap that contains the oil of laurel fruit. If the laurel oil is saponified, this product is used. Laurel soap is widely used in Turkey, especially in Mediterranean provinces. People in the Mediterranean region prevent skin problems thanks to the benefits of laurel soap. Research on the benefits of laurel soap on the skin continues today.

Defne soap is produced in the province of Hatay and is sent from Hatay to many cities and countries. On this page, we have answered many questions about this soap produced from the fruits of the laurel tree. If you read our article to the end, you will get to know your skin’s herbal friendly laurel soap better. See what miracles the laurel soap does for your skin!

Laurel Soap Benefits: 9 Features That Will Be Good For Your Skin

1) Heals Eczema

  • Laurel soap is a herbal suggestion for eczema problem.
  • If you clean the eczema area with laurel soap and massage, you will minimize the effects of eczema.
  • If you want to prevent itching and redness in the area where eczema has spread, by using laurel soap, we will recommend you to use it regularly.

2) Removes Foot Fungus

  • Laurel soap cleans the fungus thanks to its benefits for the skin.
  • It eliminates the fungus formed on the feet in a short time.
  • It is recommended to wash the area where the fungus spreads with laurel soap every night and sleep without socks on your feet. After using laurel soap, your feet should be dry and breathing.

3) Dries up Pimple

  • Laurel soap is a soap that also makes those with acne complaints happy. Bay soap, which has an antibacterial effect, prevents the formation of acne.
  • If you wash and clean your face with laurel soap every morning and night, it will help tighten the pores and remove toxins from the skin.
  • Bay soap, which has the feature of cleaning inflamed pimples and acne, can be used from adolescence.

4) Prevents Irritation

  • Olive oil laurel soap heals the irritation on the skin.
  • Bay soap prevents redness and acne on the face of men after beard shaving.
  • To protect skin health, it is recommended to wash the face with laurel soap after shaving.

5) Relieves Itch

  • If your skin is very sensitive and itching occurs in the open air, you can prevent the damage of dust to your skin with laurel soap.
  • Some sensitive bodies feel itchy due to pollen and the open air environment.
  • It is recommended to take a shower with laurel soap to prevent itching. It soothes the skin and relieves itching in a short time.

6) Nourishes Scalp

  • Laurel soap is also herbal support for hair problems. You can prevent burning, itching and acne on the scalp with this soap.
  • Thanks to the laurel soap, which provides the minerals that the scalp needs, the hair grows fast.
  • Bay soap, which establishes the oil balance of oily hair, adds moisture to dry hair and adds a lively appearance.

7) Moisturizes Skin

  • Bay soap, which undertakes the task of establishing the moisture balance of the skin, prevents the problem of dry skin when used regularly.
  • It prevents rashes and peeling caused by drying of the skin.
  • If you use laurel soap during each shower; You will maintain the moisture balance of the skin.

8) Clears Infection In The Skin

  • Laurel soap should be used to prevent the spread of infection in the skin tissue and to clean the infection.
  • Laurel soap is highly resistant to bacteria and viruses. Helps protect skin cells.
  • In case of infection, laurel soap should be used regularly.

9) Good for Skin Blemishes

  • Laurel soap supports the healthy regeneration of skin cells.
  • Laurel soap is a soap that should be used in case of skin blemishes and skin damage.
  • You can heal these problems by using laurel soap regularly in cases such as wounds, cracks, inflammation, blistering and bruising.

How to Make Laurel Soap?

You can prepare laurel soap at home in its natural form. For this, you must first obtain your materials.


  • 6 drops of bay oil
  • 6 drops of olive oil
  • Glycerine

Preparation of:

  • Start soap making by melting the glycerine in a bain-marie in a glass bowl.
  • Add the bay oil to the melted glycerin and mix with a wooden spoon.
  • Then add the olive oil and mix again.
  • Pour the mixture you prepared into the soap molds and wait for it to dry in the mold for 2 days.
  • After 2 days, keep the soaps in a cool place to rest for 10 days and then remove them from the molds for later use.

What Does Laurel Soap Do, How Is It Used?

Laurel soap is used to heal skin imperfections. Suggested usage is as follows:

  • If your skin is very dry, you should use it twice a week. It is not recommended to use more.
  • It is recommended to wash your face with laurel soap every morning and night. You will see the effects with regular use.
  • To relieve muscle and bone pain, massage should be done on the neck and waist during the shower.
  • For hair problems, hair should be washed regularly with laurel soap.
  • Its use in skin disorders will be to use regular laurel soap through massage.
  • You can see the benefits as a result of soaping and good rinsing.

Does Laurel Soap Grow Hair?

  • Laurel soap has the ability to nourish the scalp. Therefore, it prevents hair loss problems.
  • If your hair is thinning and shedding; You can help the hair to grow back and bushy by using bay soap.
  • If you want to nourish the hair follicles and grow the hair healthy; You can wash your hair with laurel soap during each shower.

Laurel Soap Harms and Side Effects

  • Laurel soap does not have very serious side effects.
  • If you have a skin prone to allergies, you can test a very small area before using laurel soap.
  • It is not recommended for those who experience severe skin dryness.
  • It is recommended to rinse well after using the bay soap.
  • When laurel soap remains on the skin, your pores do not get air and invite skin problems.

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