Egg Whites: Benefits and Nutritional Values

Egg Whites

Egg takes its place in the first place among the most valuable foods after breast milk. It consists of two different parts, yellow and white, and these parts differ in terms of nutrient content. In other words, egg white and yolk have different calorie, vitamin and mineral values.

Egg white contains less calories than the yolk and is also used in making masks for skin health. Thanks to egg white, it can provide natural botox effect for your skin; You can also add a low-calorie food source to your fit diet.

Well, egg white nutritional values which contain vitamins and minerals, egg white skin benefits of what are, egg white is given when the baby? All the answers you are looking for are with you in one article!

Egg White Benefits: 4 Little-Known Properties

If you haven’t met the benefits of egg white yet, or if you want to take a look at these benefits, we have an effective list for you!

1) Strengthens the Immune System

  • If you have a body that often fights diseases, egg white is just for you, which is effective in both building resistance and providing one-to-one protection against all viruses!
  • Thanks to the protein and B vitamins in its content, you will not be able to give up this benefit of egg white.
  • All you have to do is consume egg whites regularly.

2) Gives a feeling of satiety, helps to lose weight

  • The most important feature of the egg is, of course, the feeling of satiety it gives during the day.
  • Eggs and egg whites, which are among the indispensables of those who follow a diet program, eliminate the feeling of hunger as they balance the amount of protein.
  • If you want to lose weight but do not know how to eat, you can start by consuming eggs.

3) Protective Against Cancer

  • The secret of a healthy and long life is that the foods consumed are natural and organic.
  • The rapidly increasing consumption of fast food in recent years, the limiting of excessive sugary or fatty foods, and the consumption of processed foods much more have negative effects on both health and human life.
  • Egg white, which provides resistance to many diseases, is also the treatment of deep-rooted diseases such as cancer.
  • You can also take precautions against cancer or minimize this risk, thanks to the regular consumption of eggs and egg whites, provided that you do not overdo it.

4) Strengthens Memory, Accelerates Brain Functions

  • It is very easy to reach an active brain by consuming a whole egg or just egg white!
  • Egg white, which provides the balance needed by the body thanks to its nutritional values, is also very effective in preventing memory loss.
  • If you are experiencing problems with forgetfulness from time to time or if you observe negative effects on brain health, you can minimize these problems thanks to the egg white you will consume regularly.

Benefits of Egg White for the Skin: Natural Botox

How would you like to achieve a radiant skin with egg white, which is highly preferred in the cosmetics industry?

If you are wondering about the benefits of egg white on the skin, you will love these positive results you will see from the first use. With egg white that you will include in your daily care routines, you can both closely observe the benefits of egg white to the skin and create more enjoyable care hours.

  • It tightens the pores and thus allows you to obtain a smoother and younger skin structure.
  • It is effective in repairing wrinkles in many areas, especially eye wrinkles.
  • It acts as a natural moisturizer and thus provides the moisture balance that the skin needs.
  • Thanks to the nutrients it contains, it reduces under-eye bags.
  • It purifies the skin from oil and dirt, and provides a smooth skin when used regularly.
  • It minimizes the sagging that occurs, especially the sagging of the eyelids.
  • It is effective in the treatment of blemishes.
  • It prevents the appearance of blackheads and acne. With regular use, it completely eliminates blackheads.
  • It shows natural botox effect by tightening the skin.

Egg White Nutrition Facts

When it comes to eggs, the first thing to wonder is the nutritional values ​​of egg white. If you are wondering what nutritional values ​​you have achieved with 1 serving of egg that you will consume during the day or if  you are looking for an answer to the question of how much protein 1 egg white contains, you are at the right place.

Here are the nutritional values ​​of 1 egg white:

  • 15 calories
  • 3.3g Protein
  • 0.1 g Fat
  • 0.1mg Vitamin C
  • 46.2 mg Potassium
  • 3.3mg Calcium
  • 0.1mg Iron

Egg white does not contain cholesterol.

When Is Egg White Given To Babies?

  • Eggs, which are rich in nutritional value and protein as a whole, are also rich in iron.
  • Eggs, which are also very effective for baby health, can be easily consumed during the supplementary food period; however, the high allergy potential of egg white may pose a danger to infants.
  • For this reason, it is considered more beneficial for babies to consume the yolk of a well-boiled egg during the transition to complementary foods.
  • In order to avoid any negative effects, egg white should not be used in babies until the end of 10-12 months.

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