Kitchen Tricks You Need to Know, Durable Food Ingredients & More Practical Cooking

Kitchen Tricks

The cooking process will definitely be easier if all the ingredients you want to process are available. For that, once in a while you have to take the time and clean up all the stock of food ingredients in the  kitchen and store them properly so that they last.

Seasonings, vegetables, meat and fruit can withstand being stored in the refrigerator for some time as long as you store them in the right way. If you have this stock, in the future, you won’t have to bother shopping every time you want to cook, you won’t even need to weed and wash the ingredients one by one.

You can apply this trick weekly or monthly, depending on what ingredients you store.

Summarized from various sources,  kitchen tips that you can try to make the ingredients and spices in the kitchen last longer.

1. How to store cooked rice in a rice cooker so that it is durable and doesn’t go stale quickly

Often the rice stored in the rice cooker  gets stale quickly. However, you can do the following ways to avoid this from happening.

First, wash the rice thoroughly. Quoting from Endeus TV , bacteria and dirt on unwashed rice can be the reason why rice goes stale faster in the rice cooker . For that, make sure you wash the rice thoroughly before cooking, OK?

Second, cook the rice with the right water, Mother. Using too much water when cooking rice can cause the rice to become mushy and spoil quickly. On the other hand, if you cook rice with too little water, the rice will become dry and hard once it is cooked.

The next tip, you can add lemon juice. Dropping lemon juice into the rice aims to kill any remaining bacteria that may still be on the rice. In addition, it also aims to make the texture of the rice softer, Mother.

The last is to cook rice to eat at that time. For example, you can cook rice in the morning for breakfast. Then for lunch, Mother can cook it again during the day.

2. How to store ginger, turmeric, and galangal 

These three spices are always in your mother’s kitchen, right? Unfortunately, these spices can quickly spoil or lose their freshness if you don’t store them properly. For that, you need to know how to store it properly. Here are the tips, Mother.

First, you can store ginger, turmeric, and galangal in a bag. Before storing it, make sure there are no droplets and water droplets, OK? After that, you have to squeeze some of the air in the bag and place it in your fridge drawer.

Once stored in the bag, you will need to check it every few days to see if any mold appears on the surface of these three spices.

If there are, you can remove the mushrooms with a knife or grater. After confirming that the mushrooms are gone, replace the bag or wash the storage container, Mother.

The next tip to make ginger, turmeric, and galangal last longer is not to peel the skin if you store it in the refrigerator. Well, finally, you can save these three kitchen spices by freezing them.

Before freezing, wrap all three  ingredients in paper towels or store them in a bag.

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