Is salmon good for you?

Is salmon good for you
Is salmon good for you

Is salmon good for you? Is salmon healthy? In this blog, we will discuss all about salmon fish. Healthy eating has become a growing phenomenon. Everyone takes full control of their own health and the prevention of all kinds of diseases by eating healthy food. Of course, this healthy diet also includes salmon. This fish is a favorite of many people, both with fish lovers and those who prefer meat. It is very colorful on everyone’s plate and there is a wide variety of recipes for salmon meals. Baked salmon, boiled salmon or smoked salmon, there is plenty of choice. Everyone always assumes that this fish is healthy, but is salmon healthy?

Is salmon good for you?

Is salmon healthy? Why is so much fanfare about this fish in magazines, books, cookbooks and the media? Well, not only is salmon a tasty fish to eat, but it also contains all kinds of important foodstuffs that the sea contains. These foods all have many exceptional health benefits.

Salmon contains a lot of positive health effects. One of the reasons salmon is so healthy is that this fish is very high in protein. More and more people want a healthier lifestyle and of course proteins are part of that.

Low in calories
Salmon fish is low in calories and saturated fat. On the other hand, it is loaded with all kinds of vitamins and minerals, which is good for fighting a large number of diseases. Salmon is also rich in important antioxidants.

Fatty acids
The content of the essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6 is of course also a major health benefit, not only because it is healthy, but also because the ratio between these fatty acids is ideal. These fatty acids protect the heart, but also ensure good blood circulation and the proper functioning of the brain.

Salmon contains an important balance of the three fats that help build the immune system and circulation, either: saturated fats, simple fats and polyunsaturated fats. These three fats are also suitable for reducing inflammation. Salmon also helps with other conditions, such as: diabetes and arthritis.

Types of salmon

There are several types of salmon in circulation: farmed salmon, wild salmon and organic salmon. In the supermarket you will mainly find farmed salmon. Farmed salmon has a slightly pale color. Because it is less recognizable as salmon, coloring agents are added. These can be harmful to health. So it is better to eat organic salmon. You can also opt for wild salmon, but a disadvantage of this is that the water in which they live is not controlled.

Is salmon healthy? Incredibly healthy

Is salmon healthy? It is more than clear that salmon is very healthy. All of the health benefits just listed are very important to the body. That is why it is so important that this fish is eaten regularly. It is a good resource for getting a healthy lifestyle. So salmon is undoubtedly a very good choice in everyone’s diet. Salmon is also very suitable in a healthy diet.

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