How many vitamins and minerals does a person need?

vitamins and minerals
vitamins and minerals

Everyone knows of course that you need enough vitamins and minerals, but what amount does a person need in a day? This is a question to which there is no comprehensive answer. This is because every person is different and therefore has a different need. Some people need more vitamins and minerals than others. This can depend on your gender or age, but it can also differ per person.

Following a certain diet can be a great solution for people. Certain people find that when they think more about what they eat, they feel better about themselves. This is easy to explain. If you get enough vitamins and minerals, everything in the body will run more smoothly. Everything takes less effort for the body and this leaves more energy. Enough vitamins and minerals in the body is therefore important and that is why it is also important to know how many vitamins and minerals you should get.

Health Council standards

There are a number of criteria that the Health Council of the Netherlands has issued. This Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) list shows exactly how much of each vitamin and mineral a person needs. These values ​​have been well thought out and extensive research has been carried out. When you adhere to these standards you are in a safe zone and you can be sure that you are getting enough.


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