How to use the beeswax bar?

beeswax bar

Molded in a block form, the beeswax bar makes it easy to use wax at any time.

Containing many properties, wax can be incorporated into a multitude of preparations. Totally natural homemade products are yours!

Let’s see together how to choose and use the wax bar.


  • Where does beeswax come from?
  • Pure Wax vs Old Frame Wax
  • How is beeswax harvested?
  • How is wax bread made?
  • Why “loaf” of wax?
  • Pure Wax Bar
  • What to do with beeswax bread?
  • How to use a beeswax bar?
  • What is the price ?
  • Where can I find beeswax bread?

Where does beeswax come from?

In a hive, bees produce valuable elements.

Wax is one of them.

It will allow them to build the combs of their hive to store brood, honey, pollen, and bee bread.

It is the worker bees that produce wax, thanks to their wax glands.

Producing wax requires a lot of resources and energy . Bees consume on average 15 to 20 kg of honey to produce 1 kg of wax.

When making wax, bees add very small doses of pollen and propolis.

Wax remains a totally natural product .

Pure Wax vs Old Frame Wax

There are two types of wax : so-called pure beeswax and beeswax from old hive frames.

These two waxes are not equal. They have very different properties.

Wax from old frames is less healthy. It was used to accommodate brood and food for several months. She may also have come into contact with residues of veterinary drugs. These drugs are used to fight against diseases such as varroa.

It is therefore necessary to favor pure wax.
The wax can come from the cappings or from freshly built combs .
This wax is clean, devoid of treatments and residues.

It is also possible to recover the wax from honey frames . It will not be as pure as lidding wax, but it is of higher quality than old frame wax. It is a wax of the year, which has only been in contact with honey.

How is pure beeswax harvested?

In order to be able to use beeswax, the beekeeper must harvest and then process it.

The harvest is carried out at the same time as the honey harvest.

The pure wax of cappings is found on the frames of honey.
The bees cover the honeycombs with a thin layer of wax (photo below).

This thin film allows the honey to be preserved.

To recover the honey present in the frame, the beekeeper must remove the thin layer of wax.
This step can be done manually (photo1) or with a machine (photo2).

When the wax is removed, it is carefully kept to be melted.

How is beeswax bread made?

Melting beeswax is a necessary step to remove the small impurities present.

Once the wax has melted, the beekeeper places it in the container of his choice to give it the desired shape. The wax will cool and then it can be unmolded.

Why “loaf” of wax?

The beeswax bar is a block of molded wax.
The term “bread” is used to echo the shape, and its volume.

Bee bread has the advantage of keeping for many months.

For sale to individuals, the beekeeper generally offers his wax in the form of an ingot or a rectangle.

The denomination used for the sale is variable .

The terms “bee bread” or “pure beeswax” or “beeswax ingot” have the same meaning. This is a beeswax cake.

Pure beeswax bread?

If you are looking for pure beeswax bread, ask the beekeeper what wax it is.

It must be wax, called cappings, or from freshly built frames.

Otherwise, you can look at the mentions of the label.
It must include the terms “beeswax lids” or “pure wax”.

The color of the wax is an element to take into account.
Its color should tend towards light yellow to ochre.

A block of wax that is too dark is made with wax from old frames.

What to do with a wax block?

Beeswax is known and recognized for its protective, moisturizing and healing role.

It is used in various fields.

In the world of cosmetics , manufacturers are fond of it.
Beeswax is found in beauty products such as creams, lipsticks, masks and lip balms.

Beeswax is very easy to use.

It mixes very well with ingredients, such as vegetable oils or essential oils. It is relatively easy to make your cosmetic products at home.

There is another medium where wax is prized.

These are maintenance and renovation products for furniture. Used since Antiquity, wax paint, also called encaustic, is very effective in nourishing and protecting wood.

With its protective effect, wax is also an effective ingredient for maintaining shoes and waterproofing leather .

Wax is found in candles.
For a manual, quick and fun workshop with children, consider making your own 100% natural candles. There are few ingredients needed and the steps are easy to follow.

For some time now, the ecological packaging called beewrap (English term) has been developing.
The beewrap is a fabric covered with beeswax that allows you to preserve your meals and snacks. It replaces cellophane or aluminum.

As we can see, beeswax is a real treasure.
It brings benefits and is used in various and varied fields.

How to use a beeswax bar?

Whatever the intended use, the beeswax bar will need to be melted.

You have two choices.

– You don’t need to use all of your wax bar. For this, grate the wax. If you do not have enough to grate, it is possible to take a knife but watch your fingers! Wax cake is a particularly hard product.

– If the weight of your wax block corresponds to the quantity required, you can directly melt the block in a bain-marie. The wax will begin to melt around 65°C. A word of advice: use a container that is not afraid of anything.

What is the price of a wax block?

As natural capping wax is more valuable and produced in smaller quantities, its price will be higher.

For direct sales, the price of a bar of pure wax is between 35 and 50€ per kilo.

Where can I find beeswax bread?

To find beeswax directly from a beekeeper, it is easier to go online. Beekeepers can offer them on their online store.

Beekeepers referenced on the Honey Platform also sell it.
You can contact them directly.


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