Difference between caraway and anise

Difference between caraway and anise

Is caraway the same as anise? No, caraway is not the same as anise. They have similar characteristics and differ in others.

Caraway:  It is defined as aromatic seeds, its taste is slightly similar to anise, but if you want to know precisely the true taste of caraway, it is partly similar to the taste of hot peppers, and this makes it included in the ingredients of some delicious foods and used as a spice added to food, and in the modern era, caraway seeds have become an ingredient. In the manufacture of bread and pastries, caraway is sometimes used as a substitute for anise and vice versa.

Anise: Both caraway and anise belong to the carrot family, but the flavor of anise is similar to the flavor of licorice, and its taste and effect on food are stronger than caraway, as the effect of a teaspoon of caraway seeds is equal to only half a spoon of anise seeds. It is advised before using the seeds Try small amounts of anise until you can get the desired flavour.

Benefits of caraway

  • Specialists said that caraway seeds are rich in proteins and minerals important for the body.
  • It is used as a treatment for irritable bowel syndrome and to get rid of constipation.
  • Anyone who suffers from heartburn or a feeling of bloating should eat caraway seeds because they are beneficial for the digestive system and its functions.
  • If you suffer from asthma or respiratory diseases, caraway tea prepared from caraway seeds will be beneficial for you.
  • It promotes sleep and a feeling of relaxation and comfort because it is full of magnesium.
  • For breastfeeding mothers, using caraway tea helps produce more milk.
  • It contributes to reducing menstrual pain, and therefore it is recommended to use it during the menstrual cycle.
  • Caraway contains fiber, which is why it is useful in losing weight and not feeling hungry.
  • It contains antioxidants, and therefore is useful for strengthening the heart muscle and reducing cholesterol in the blood.
  • It contributes to lowering blood pressure because it contains potassium.
  • If you suffer from skin irritation or redness, caraway compresses will be an effective treatment for getting rid of skin infections.
  • It is also used in skin care, as caraway contains essential oil, and this oil, when used in steam sessions for the skin, maintains its freshness and treats wrinkles.
  • Caraway contains calcium and zinc, and therefore has many benefits for bone health.
  • It contributes to treating indigestion and reducing diarrhea, as it relieves upper abdominal pain.
  • Caraway contains limonene, which reduces the risk of cancer in humans.
  • It also contains anethole, which limits the proliferation of cancer cells related to prostate cancer in men.

Caraway names

  • The fennel of the meridian.
  • Persian cumin.

Caraway seeds went by many names. At first, its name was derived from the Latin word cuminum (cumin), then its name was derived from the Greek word karon, and it was later called carum, which is also a Greek word, then karavi, which word is derived from the Sanskrit language, and was This Sanskrit word was translated into the name caraway seeds, and the term caraway entered the English language in 1440.

The form of caraway herb

The caraway herb grows on three continents in different places. It grows in North Africa, West Asia, and Europe. The external appearance of this herb is superficially similar to the rest of the carrot family. The length of the caraway herb’s stem is 40-60 cm, and flowers grow in the same stem whose colors vary between white. And pink. As for caraway seeds, their length does not exceed 2 mm, and they are characterized by having five edges.

Harmful effects of excessive use of caraway

  • Acidity and stomach aches. Although it benefits the digestive system, excessive consumption causes gas and pain.
  • Frequent burping and disturbing others with its sound and unpleasant smell, as caraway seeds expel gases from the stomach, but this is in the case of optimal use, but excessive use will cause a person to have a lot of gases, and this will make him forced to burp in order to expel these gases.
  • Caraway contains fiber, and its excessive use may cause a person to suffer from intestinal obstruction, severe problems in the digestive system, and lead to irritable bowel syndrome.
  • If caraway oil is used excessively and unconsciously, you expose the liver and kidneys to damage.
  • Drinking caraway excessively for a pregnant woman may expose her to miscarriage, and it may also cause bloating and diarrhea.
  • As we previously showed, caraway improves blood pressure and helps lower it, but if a person consumes it in large amounts, blood pressure will drop excessively, and this makes him feel unbalanced, dizzy, difficult to concentrate, and blurred vision.
  • If a diabetic patient uses caraway excessively, his blood sugar will drop below the normal rate, and therefore he will feel uncomfortable, hungry, and sweaty, and he may experience mood swings and distress.
  • An allergy patient should avoid excessive use of caraway, and if he wants to use it, he should consult a doctor, otherwise he will suffer from a skin rash or shortness of breath.
  • Caraway, as we mentioned previously, helps protect people from cancer, but with increased use it may increase the possibility of cancer.

Benefits of anise

  • Anise is rich in nutrients, and contains iron that is beneficial for blood cells, in addition to containing the antioxidant manganese.
  • It is useful in reducing the incidence of depression, as studies have shown that depression affects 12% of men and 25% of women.
  • For pregnant women, using anise 3 times a day reduces postpartum depression, as recent studies have indicated.
  • There is no doubt that stomach ulcers cause a lot of pain and have stressful symptoms for the patient, such as nausea and a burning sensation in the chest, but with the ideal use of anise, you will gradually be treated for stomach ulcers.
  • Anise protects humans from infection with bacteria and fungi, because it contains substances that prevent infection and limit the growth of fungi.
  • There are studies conducted on some animals, which have proven that good use of anise seeds helps reduce inflammation and swelling, and thus gives humans better health and protects them from some diseases.
  • It has been used for medicinal purposes, as 600 mg to 9 g of anise leads to a significant reduction in depression.
  • If the individual is in good health and does not suffer from physical disorders in any part of the body, he is permitted to use 20 grams of anise.

Prohibitions on the use of star anise

  • If you feel insomnia and nausea, stop using star anise immediately.
  • Star anise should not be used by non-adults, such as children and infants.
  • If you feel an allergy (whether a skin or chest allergy), this is a serious indication that you should stop drinking anise.
  • If you take certain prescription drugs, such as Coumadin and heparin, and eat star anise, you may experience severe bleeding.
  • If you suffer from breast or uterine cancer and are taking medications for it, you must refrain from taking star anise because it hinders the effectiveness of anti-cancer medications.
  • If you want to eat star anise, it is advised not to eat it on your own, and you must consult a doctor so that he can examine you carefully and determine the appropriate dose for your body type, and thus you will protect yourself from harm.


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