How to store oranges

Orange peel

Store oranges at room temperature for up to 1 week, they will last a month in the refrigerator. If the orange is divided into slices, put the slices in a container and send them to the cold – this way they will last for several days. To quickly make a preparation, sprinkle the orange slices with sugar – for 2-3 weeks such a dessert will just last in the refrigerator.

How to store oranges

If you plan on eating oranges within a few days, store at room temperature, and don’t bother. But if there are a lot of oranges, then wash them, dry them and place them in the fruit compartment of the refrigerator. However, while here, oranges should not come into contact with other fruits. The shelf life of fruits in the fruit compartment is 10 days.

The cellophane bag is the “enemy” of oranges. A humid environment forms inside such packaging, plus polyethylene does not allow air to pass through. All this creates poor conditions for the preservation of fruits.

How to store oranges in slices
If the orange has been peeled and sliced, try to eat it as soon as possible. It contains the maximum amount of nutrients. But with every minute you stay at room temperature, there are fewer and fewer of them. To prevent orange slices from spoiling, put them on a saucer, cover with cling film on top and send them to the refrigerator. The maximum shelf life of such pieces is 2 days, then they will begin to wrinkle and dry out, but for a couple of days, they can be sent as an additive to tea.

How long to keep oranges

To extend the shelf life to 1.5 months, wipe each fruit dry with a paper towel, wrap it in parchment paper (or napkin) and place in an enamel pot. Cover the dishes with a lid and send them to the refrigerator. Sort the fruit once a week. This will allow early detection of the fruit that has begun to deteriorate and remove it before it “infects” other oranges.

You can also cut orange slices into thin slices and place them in a jar, sprinkle each layer with sugar. This blank can be stored in the refrigerator for 2-3 weeks.


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