How to consume dried mulberries?

How to consume dried mulberries

All fruits have various benefits for human health. Some fruits can be consumed both fresh and dried. Fruits are also used as supportive foods in the treatment processes of some diseases. Mulberry fruit is a fruit that is extremely beneficial to human health when consumed both dry and fresh, thanks to the vitamins and minerals it contains. So, what are the benefits of dried mulberries , how to consume dried mulberries?

Mulberry fruit is among the most consumed fruits in summer. It can be consumed fresh as well as dried. While fresh mulberries can be consumed directly, dried mulberries can be consumed both directly and by adding them to various foods and beverages. Additionally, box mulberries can be boiled with water and drunk. Dried mulberry, which can be obtained ready-made from herbalists or markets, is known to be a cure for many diseases. Drying fresh mulberries at home is also an extremely easy process. Mulberry gives the body the energy it needs. It is used against constipation.

How to consume dried mulberries?

Every food and beverage has a recommended daily consumption amount. When consumed in excess of this amount, foods and beverages may cause allergic reactions, toxic properties, or cause some discomfort in the body. Dried mulberries should also be consumed in recommended amounts. Dried mulberries can be eaten directly, or the juice obtained by boiling them with water for a few minutes can also be drunk. Since it contains high amounts of protein, dried mulberries should not be consumed in more than recommended amounts. So, how much dried mulberry should be eaten per day?

The recommended daily amount of dried mulberries is a handful per day. Consuming more may cause some side effects, especially for people with sensitive bodies. It would be healthier to use it by consulting a specialist doctor.

How to make dried mulberry ?

Dried mulberries can be easily obtained ready-made. However, it is also possible to dry fresh mulberries using the means at home. Dried mulberry is prepared at home as follows:

  • Fresh mulberries to be dried are placed on a baking tray.
  • The oven is set at 60 degrees.
  • The baking tray with the mulberries arranged spaced apart is placed in the oven.
  • It is dried by checking it from time to time for a maximum of 5 hours.

It is also possible to dry mulberries outside the oven by placing them on a tray under the sun. The amount of fresh mulberries to be dried is cleaned and placed on a tray. It can be dried by stirring occasionally during sunny hours, but this process will take a long time. Can dried mulberries, which can be dried both in the oven and in the sun, be washed?

Like other vegetables and fruits, mulberries are among the foods that should be washed and consumed. Dried mulberries should also be washed to remove any dust on them. However, since mulberry has a delicate and small-grained structure, it should be washed with a different method. It should be cleaned without pressing or rubbing too much. Fresh or dried mulberries placed in a bowl can be cleaned of dirt by changing the water several times.

What are dried mulberries useful for?

Dried mulberry, which can be consumed in many different ways, is a cure for various health problems with the variety of vitamins and minerals it contains. The benefits of dried mulberries are generally as follows:

  • It contains high amounts of vitamin C.
  • It contains vitamins B1, B2 and K.
  • It supports and protects the proper functioning of the digestive system.
  • It contains high amounts of iron and calcium.
  • It has a strong antioxidant property.
  • It is useful in kidney diseases.
  • It is supportive for gum diseases. It is known to strengthen teeth.
  • It is used as a natural antibiotic, especially on cold winter days.
  • It is good for bones and supports their development.
  • It helps to cope with liver problems.
  • It is used in skin diseases and eczema treatment processes.
  • It gives energy to the body.
  • It has an indigestion relieving effect.
  • It is known that it is good for memory and strengthens it.
  • It has appetite enhancing properties.
  • It accelerates metabolism and helps it function healthily.
  • It helps fight cancer cells.
  • It can be consumed against anemia.

The juice obtained by boiling dried mulberries can be applied to the skin with the help of cotton. In this way, it is known to be good for some skin problems. It can also be used for this purpose if approval is obtained after consulting a doctor.

Are there any harms or side effects of dried mulberries?

Like any food, dried mulberries may cause some side effects if consumed in excessive amounts. It should be consumed consciously by consulting a specialist doctor. Especially people with allergies, expectant mothers, breastfeeding mothers, and people with sensitive bodies should be careful. Some side effects that may occur when consumed more than necessary are as follows:

  • It may be harmful for diabetic patients. It may cause a sudden rise in blood sugar.
  • Some allergic reactions may occur in people with sensitive bodies.
  • There is also a possibility, albeit at a low rate, that it may cause skin cancer.
  • Especially people who are undergoing chemotherapy should not consume dried mulberries.

Does dried mulberry cause diarrhea?

Dried mulberry is a food that helps relieve constipation. It has supportive properties for the healthy functioning of the intestines and stomach. It relieves constipation by consuming it on an empty stomach. However, it can also cause diarrhea if consumed in excess. It should be consumed consciously and in sufficient quantities.

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