Jafra Royal Jelly: Absolute luxury and a fantastic beauty feeling

Jafra Royal Jelly

Jafra Royal Jelly: Absolute luxury and a fantastic beauty feeling! Treat yourself and your skin to some deep-acting luxury and care that contains all the important nutrients – for a healthy complexion and a fresh, healthy complexion that radiates full of youthful energy.

The company has been active in the beauty industry for over 60 years and has always been distinguished by outstanding quality, the most innovative modes of action and the convincing effect of each individual product. All Jafra creams, lotions and skin care products are dermatologically tested and tested for effectiveness before they are placed on the market– because Jafra only brings the best products from its own design onto the market.

The true highlight of the brand is the Jafra Royal Jelly line. It was designed to satisfy the needs of discerning people who value care products made from the purest essences, the most effective additives and the highest quality raw materials . However, the associated intensity also makes it possible to achieve a great effect with just a small amount of care product – in this way you protect the environment and sustainably protect valuable resources. Treat yourself and your skin to the luxury you deserve!

Rely on the high-quality products from the Jafra Royal Jelly line and let the fantastic effect convince you.

Jafra Royal Jelly products – intensive skin care of the highest quality

The various creams and lotions from the Jafra Royal Jelly care line have set themselves the task of providing the skin with all the important nutrients and ensuring a velvety, even complexion . Of course, every skin region requires individual and tailored care – that’s why we have various products for the face, body and special problem areas in our range.

If you want to optimally care for your face, we recommend the skin-soothing balm from Jafra Royal Jelly. Provided with an extra dose of moisture , it quickly provides relief for dry and chapped skin and supplies the deeper layers with important nutrients that have a calming and nurturing effect at the same time. Also theThe skin’s natural protective barrier is supported and repaired by the skin care balm – a cream that helps the skin to help itself. The skin-soothing balm from Royal Jelly is suitable for all skin types and creates a soothed, velvety-soft skin after just a few applications.

For this purpose, around 20 amino acids and a large number of important vitamins come together, all of which come from royal jelly – a bioactive ingredient from the beehive, which was also significantly involved in the naming.

For the body, the highly intensive Body Complex Cream by Jafra Royal Jelly is the ideal choice. The large area covered by skin on our body is subject to intensive use on a daily basis. In order to maintain natural health for as long as possible, rich care with active ingredients should be used early on to support the skin’s natural protective barrier and to provide many important nutrients that are needed for a radiant complexion.

In addition to the main ingredient royal jelly, the Body Complex body care from Jafra Royal Jelly also uses various Cellspan complexes, hyaluronic acid, nanospheres 100, provitamin B5, vitamin E, a complex of vitamin B and panthenoland many other high-quality and active additives. It was specially designed for the needs of all skin types and manages to provide even mature and dry skin with new moisture and energy. If you don’t want to compromise on your body’s skin, you can rely on the high-quality Body Complex Cream with its soft, velvety texture and impressive effect.

Particularly intensive care with products from the Jafra Royal Jelly line

In addition to balms, creams and lotions, the Royal Jelly line from Jafra Cosmetics also includes products that have a particularly deep-intensive effect and can treat special problem areas. The ” Beautiful Skin Balm ” was specially designed to remove scars – for example caused by severe pimples or acne -, minor burn injuries or scars from surgical interventions. The complex composition ensures that the texture, color and appearance of the scar are significantly improved and adapted to the usual complexion. The Jafra Royal Jelly Beautiful Skin Balm also prevents the formation of new scars on damaged tissue. The mode of action has been dermatologically and clinically tested, so that the effect could be clearly proven. In order to reduce the visibility of the scar tissue, the Beautiful Skin Balm by Jafra Royal Jelly should be applied to the skin twice a day in small amounts – the first results can be seen after just a few weeks of use. Convince yourself and rely on the healing effect of the Royal Jelly Balm from Jafra Cosmetics!

Questions about the correct use of Jafra Royal Jelly?

In our online shop, you will not only enjoy a wide selection and high-quality products, but you will also be delighted by our customer service . If you have any questions about our range, the individual ingredients, areas of application or general questions about skin care itself, we are of course at your disposal. Our trained specialist beautician Sandra Reindl can advise you on all the specifics of skin care with years of expertise and extensive know-how . Simply contact us by phone or via our online contact form – we look forward to your message!


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