How to store dumplings

How to store dumplings

Frozen dumplings are stored for six months or a year in the freezer. Boiled dumplings, so as not to get wet, store without broth and covered with a lid – 2-3 days. If you leave the broth, the dough will become very wet and the dish will become inedible, moreover, the shelf life will be reduced to 1 day.

Frozen – up to a year

Store-bought dumplings should be stored in the freezer strictly following the expiration date indicated on the package. Take dumplings on which the packaging date is as close as possible to the purchase date.

Hand-made dumplings do not lose their taste for 6-8 months, but they can be stored for up to a year, unless they dry out a little.

In the refrigerator, recently made dumplings cannot be stored for longer than a day, because the meat will give juice, and the dough will turn sour.

Ready – 3 days

If you forgot the dumplings on the stove, it will be very good if you remember them earlier than 12 hours later.
Before putting the dumplings in the refrigerator, it is best to get them out of the broth. They will stand in broth for a maximum of a day, and without broth – 2-3 days, provided that they are covered with a lid, saucer or cling film, but leave a small hole otherwise they will rot and you will only have to throw them out. After the refrigerator, you should not boil the dumplings, because the dough can be boiled, it is better to fry them in a pan until golden brown, while mixing some simple sauce with herbs. The next day, you can fry not only dumplings, but also any “semi-finished dumplings” – dumplings, khinkali and manti.

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