How to store salads correctly

How to store salads
How to store salads

All salads are stored only tightly covered and only in the refrigerator. Store light vegetable salads for up to 3 days, with the addition of sauces and processed vegetables – up to 2 days. Meat salads – up to 3 days maximum. Fish – up to 2 days. Any salad, if left on the table for more than 6 hours, will go bad.

Vegetable – up to 3 days

The shelf life of vegetable salads depends to some extent on the vegetables used for their preparation. For example: salads made from watery vegetables such as cucumbers or tomatoes will of course stand in the refrigerator for a couple of days, but after a few hours they will begin to produce abundant juice, and the next day they will more likely resemble Spanish gazpacho soup than an ordinary vegetable salad. Therefore, if you plan to cook a salad for a couple of days, using a teaspoon, remove the watery seeds from the vegetables.

Salads from “dry” vegetables (cabbage, radishes, bell peppers, carrots) will not go bad for 2-3 days; from baked vegetables from up to 4 days. The choice of the dressing used will have a beneficial effect on the timing: a salad dressed with vegetable oil, and not mayonnaise, will last longer. For example: Korean “He” can stand for a week in a closed glass jar.

Salads with sauerkraut or canned peas should not be stored longer than a day. For example: it is better to knead these two components into a vinaigrette just before use, and keep the rest of the time separately from the main vegetable slicing. If you use homemade pickles to make the vinaigrette, then remove the seeds from their cores.

Meat salads – 3 days

For salads with added meat to last longer, fry or bake it until cooked. If boiled meat goes to the salad, then let it cool completely and dry before chopping. Meat salads will last 2-3 days without spoiling, but it is better to prepare such an amount that you can eat in 1-2 times. This also applies to everyone’s beloved “Caesar”, in which the lettuce leaves will fade in 8-10 hours.

Fish salads – 1-2 days

Do not store fish salads for more than two days. Of course, the fish in some “Mimosa” may not go bad for several days, but you need to understand that a salad is a composition of different products and if the fish lasts, then the eggs will not stand such a test.

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