How to store stewed pears? Several ways

How to store stewed pears
How to store stewed pears

How to store stewed pears? In this blog, we will discuss how to store stewed pears for a long time. You should always keep stewed pears cold if you want to keep them good for a long time.  Boiled stewed pears can be kept in the refrigerator for 2 days. Fresh stewed pears can be stored in a dark, cool place for a few weeks. Frozen stewed pears can be stored for 3 months.  Stewed pears from glass can be kept open in the refrigerator for 4 to 7 days.

Read in this blog even more options for storing fresh and cooked or prepared stewed pears and how you can do this exactly.

How Long To Store Stewed Pears After Cooking?

When you have cooked/prepared stewed pears and you want to keep them for as long as possible, the best way is to cool these pears as quickly as possible (within 5 hours).

That way, things don’t happen in your pears that you don’t want. After that, you can keep the stewed pears in the refrigerator for a few more days. There are a number of rules associated with this.

Stewed Pears Store in Refrigerator

If you have cooked or prepared stewed pears left over after a meal, you can keep it good for another 2 days, when your refrigerator is at a minimum of 7 degrees. So not warmer! If your refrigerator is at a minimum of 4 degrees, you can even keep the stewed pears good for 3 days when they are cooked.

Make sure that the stewed pears in the refrigerator are tightly closed, in a clean refrigerator container with a good lid.

When you take out stewed pears in between, you must use a clean spoon, otherwise, the storage time will be shorter.

Always check what the stewed pears look like. If they look moldy or cloudy, the shelf life is over and you must throw it away. There can always be reasons why the maximum retention time has not been achieved.

How Long Can You Store Stewed Pears?

The first question is this are they fresh stewed pears or cooked stewed pears. Both are discussed in the article below.

Fresh Stewed Pears

You can store the fresh stewed pears outside the refrigerator in a dark place for 2 weeks. However, this dark place usually becomes the fruit bowl!

You can keep fresh stewed pears well. If you keep these in a dark, dry and cool place, such as in the refrigerator, you can keep the stewed pears for about 2 to 4 weeks. Sometimes even longer.

Make sure that your vegetable drawer that they are in remains dry. When moisture gets into it due to leaking from a bottle or rotten fruit, the stewed pears will also go moldy.

In any case, it is important to make sure that no fruit or vegetables are moldy in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator. Fruit and vegetables that mold give off a substance that causes other vegetables and/or fruit to ripen or rot more quickly.

Pears that have just come off the tree can be stored longer in a dark, cool place. This could also be one in a dry, dark shed, in crates, neatly packaged or, of course, in the refrigerator. Always check how the pears look when you are going to use them.

Stewed Pears Store In Freezer

You can store stewed pears in the freezer in various ways. You can store prepared stewed pears and cooked stewed pears in the freezer. Fresh pears, however, are not.

Stewed pears fresh:

You can’t put fresh stewed pears in the freezer like that. Also not cut into pieces or just peeled. When they thaw they are not suitable for consumption, they are not tasty and the structure is no longer okay. So don’t. What do you do:

Cooking stewed pears: 

Stewed pears can be boiled and then put in the freezer. If you want to cook the stewed pears, peel the stewed pears and remove the stems. Cut the stewed pears in half, remove the seeds and cook for 20 to 25 minutes. Let the stewed pears cool under cold running water. Now that they have cooled down, they can be put in the freezer.

When they are cold, you can put the stewed pears in a tightly closed freezer container or bag.

Stick a freezer sticker on it with the date of when you cooked the stewed pears and what you put in the container. This way you don’t have to guess when you’ve put the stewed pears in the freezer and don’t open the containers to look/guess what’s inside. The stewed pears will keep for 3 months when the freezer is at –18 degrees.

Stewed pears prepared:

When you have prepared the stewed pears, with herbs, spices and wine for example, you can also keep them in the freezer for 3 months. The stewed pears have probably been cooked for an hour and are nice and soft. Make sure that the stems are also cut away here before you freeze them. Remove the stewed pears from the juice with a slotted spoon and put them in a freezer container or bag. Stick a sticker on it with the date of preparation and write that it contains stewed pears. You do not have to guess what is in it after 3 months!

Make sure the freezer is set to –18 degrees if you really want to keep the pears for 3 months and then eat them.

# Kind of stewed pears Retention time
1 Fresh stewed pears in the fridge at 7 degrees 2 – 4 weeks
2 Fresh stewed pears outside the fridge 2 weeks
3 Cooked stewed pears without juice in the refrigerator (7 degrees) 2 days
4 Cooked stewed pears without juice in the refrigerator (4 degrees) 3 days
5 Stewed pears from glass when opened in the refrigerator (7 degrees) 4 – 5 days
6 Cooked stewed pears in the freezer 3 months
7 Stewed pears prepared without juice 3 months
8 Stewed pears prepared with juice 3 months

How long to keep stewed pears

Now you know at a glance how and for how long you can store stewed pears.

Preserve Stewed Pears In Juice

You can keep stewed pears in juice, but not very long. If you freeze it longer, of course.

Boiled Stew Pears In The Refrigerator

Stewed pears can also be stored in your own boiled juice, with herbs and all, in the refrigerator. You can do this for about 2 days when the refrigerator is at 7 degrees Celsius, so not warmer. When the refrigerator is at 4 degrees Celsius, you can even keep the pears for 3 days.

Always check how the stewed pears look and whether they still smell fresh. If there is mold on it and / or it looks strange and if in doubt, I would throw the pears away. Don’t risk food poisoning!

Boiled Stewed Pears In The Freezer

Again, you can store the stewed pears well if you want to freeze the juice.

If necessary, remove the zest of the lemon from the juice and also the cinnamon stick. Make sure there are no stems on the pears when you freeze them. Now you can put the pears in the clean freezer containers with juice. The juice and pears must be well cooled. Do you want to put this in the freezer because the freezer will drop a few degrees when you put really hot food in it. That is not good for the other food which should be -18 degrees and you want to keep it good for a long time.



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