How to lose weight with boiled rice

Japanese women are popular for their graceful figures and lack of cellulite, so researchers decided to check what these two facts are due to. A study indicates that the boiled rice consumed daily in the Land of the Rising Sun is the reason why the ladies look so good.

According to the latest data, people with obesity in Japan are only about 3.5%, which puts the country in one of the last places in the world in terms of this indicator. It is well known that rice is used in Asian cuisine as a substitute for bread – if in our country it is just a side dish, then in Japan rice is eaten with every meal.

You will say yes, but white rice is rich in carbohydrates. Then how come Japanese women have such nice bodies? Specialists explain that in order not to stick to the body, rice must be prepared in a special way. First of all, the rice they prepare in Japan is not salted and no fat is added to it, experts explain. The Japanese just cook it.

Of course, rice is hardly the only reason for the few obese people in the country – fatty meat is hardly consumed in Japan, and the fat that people consume on a daily basis is very little. In other words, it is possible to survive and live an entire life without steaks and sausages on the plate.

Instead of high-calorie meats, the Japanese rely on fresh and tasty fish and lots of seafood. They contain many useful ingredients – omega-3 fatty acids, iodine, thanks to which the risk of heart diseases and thyroid gland diseases is also reduced.

It is also important how much rice you will eat – agree that even if it is only boiled rice without salt and fat, if you eat too much, it will not have a good effect on your figure.

Experts believe that another of the secrets to the good figure of the Japanese lies in the small portions.

The Japanese way of eating is a whole philosophy, indeed very different from the Bulgarian understanding of food, where we are used to filling the plate to the limit. The Japanese avoid frying – almost all traditional Japanese manji are steamed or boiled.

And finally, the Japanese drink a lot of green tea . Nutritionists often define this drink as manna from heaven for every person’s body. In order for this drink to have a full effect, you should eat fresh fish and seafood delicacies, boiled rice, experts explain.

With such a diet, green tea will be of maximum benefit to the body and will eliminate free radicals.


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