How to Find Truffles What are the Benefits? How to Cook?

Truffles Mushrooms

The truffle mushroom, which many people have not even heard of before, is one of the members of the tuberaceae family. The mushroom, which grows under the ground at a depth of 5 to 20 meters, is an edible fragrant mushroom variety. It has a pleasant aroma with the sulfur it secretes, and with its aromatic smell, it adds a more delicious and appetizing taste to the dishes, even than red meat. It resembles a potato with its spherical shape, and when it is fresh, its whitish color takes on a color between yellow and brown when dried. The interior is white and slightly porous.

Since truffles grow in a similar way to truffles, it is thought to be truffles. The truffle is just one of the varieties of truffles, of which there are many different types.

What are the Benefits of Truffles Mushrooms?

  • Truffles are one of the foods that are good for high cholesterol because they contain low levels of unsaturated fatty acids. It also helps to keep cholesterol at a healthy level as it contains plenty of protein.
  • The food consumed by making sherbet or porridge with chervil and buckthorn leaves is as nutritious as red meat and is traditionally used in eye diseases.
  • The truffles are one of the important nutrients that strengthen the spinal cord. Its effects are felt more intensely, especially when it is prepared with sawdust.
  • The most common and oldest known benefit of truffles is that it has an aphrodisiac effect.
  • The food, which gives a feeling of satiety as an important source of fiber, begins to take place in diet and vegetarian menus with its taste.

Where Does the Truffles Mushroom Grow?

Along with the finding and gathering conditions, mushroom lovers may also wonder how to grow truffles. First of all, let’s say that truffles are not cultivated like cultivated mushrooms. The truffle mushroom, which cannot be grown in artificial environments and is very difficult to provide natural growing conditions when it is desired to be grown, is a species that grows on its own in nature. Although it grows in all kinds of soil, the mushroom, which prefers sandy soils, grows dispersedly on high slopes.

In which month are truffles harvested?

It is more common around pine and oak trees in coniferous forests, and it starts to mature after April rains and is collected until October.

In which provinces are truffles found?

As a mushroom region, which cannot be cultivated outside of its natural environment:

  • Konya
  • Aksaray
  • Karaman
  • Malatya
  • Urfa
  • It is seen around Antep.

How to Find Truffles

Those who want to collect or buy mushrooms, which attract the attention of many people with their benefits, may wonder where to find truffles or where to sell truffles:

  • A very rare mushroom, truffles can also grow buried in the ground, although it can usually be found under a thin layer of soil.
  • When it matures under this soil layer, it reveals its location by cracking the soil surface and can be excavated by hand as it is very close to the surface.
  • However, it is not easy to locate when it is found deeper in the soil, and it is very difficult to find because it grows scattered in rural terrain.
  • The mushroom, which is extracted by scratching the soil with the help of a stick when found, grows together with the plant called kumi grass or the mushroom flower that blooms yellow flowers in some regions.
  • In this way, it is much easier to trace the plant and it is removed by removing it with the grass.
  • Those who are adept at finding mushrooms can find truffles just by hitting the ground with the tip of the stick. When removed, there are small root parts, namely truffle seeds, on the edges, and the root parts are re-buried under the ground to give the fungus again next year.
  • Mushrooms, which are collected and procured in rural areas, are sold in village markets and neighborhood markets in cities. In addition, you can order the mushroom, which should be bought immediately when it is found in the aisles of large markets, by ordering online.

How to Cook Truffle Mushrooms?

  • Those who are going to try truffles, which we are not accustomed to seeing in the kitchen, for the first time, may ask how to eat truffles in order to consume the mushroom with the right method.
  • Let us remind you that truffles, a valuable mushroom, can be used in any dish where other mushrooms are used.
  • Since the mushroom appears in every recipe it enters, it comes to the table with many cooking methods from boiling to grilling. Since it is a type of mushroom with meat, it is very suitable for grilling or frying, and its preparation before cooking is slightly different from other types of mushrooms.
  • Since truffles are a mushroom with a crust, unlike other types of mushrooms, there is no harm in cleaning them by washing with water.
  • After washing with plenty of water and cleaning the earthy parts, they are made ready for cooking either by peeling their skins or by slicing them directly.
  • Since the shells are thin, it is better to clean them by scraping rather than peeling them.
  • If it is to be used by boiling after cleaning, it is sufficient to boil it for half an hour.

How to Use Truffle Mushrooms in Meals?

  • Domalan or locally called keme, which is the vitamin store of the tables, can be the main ingredient of many dishes. The food, which has a wide range of recipes, is served with meat dishes in the regions where it is collected, while it is served with duck dishes in luxury restaurants.
  • Mushrooms, especially with minced meat, are also made with tomato paste, such as potatoes. With its juicy consistency, this delicious dish is enjoyed by dipping bread.
  • The type of mushroom, which does not smell in its raw form, is the main ingredient in recipes that are even more appetizing than meat with its aroma and when cooked, it becomes the nutritious mushroom of vegetarian menus accompanied by vegetables.
  • It is consumed by adding to salads or making a sauce for pasta.
  • It is eaten at breakfast by frying or making an omelet.
  • It adds a pleasant aroma to the food by chopping it next to elegant recipes in luxury restaurants or grating it on special recipes.

Nutritious and Very Practical! Mushroom Meal

For those who want to try truffles, which are suitable for use in different dishes, the most practical and delicious recipe is truffles prepared with eggs. Prepared with eggs, peppers and onions, the recipe combines with the appetizing flavor of butter. It doesn’t take even half an hour to prepare a practical recipe that brings the delicious combination of butter and truffles to the tables. The recipe, which you should try at least once with its easy preparation method, can enter your list as the most practical and delicious recipe you can prepare with truffles. 

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