This is how Rafa Nadal includes olive oil in his daily meals

how Rafa Nadal includes olive oil in his daily meals

Elite athletes have become the best thanks to their strong training, dedication, discipline and most importantly, a balanced diet that includes the inclusion of all the foods in the human diet . Rafael Nadal is a living example with his prosperous career in tennis and has confessed that one of his star products is olive oil.

Due to the interest of his fans, Nadal confessed to the Guia Evooleum that no matter where he is in the world, he always consumes and buys olives and oil. In fact, he suggests that you very strategically include it in your three daily meals.

This is how Rafael Nadal consumes olive oil

Rafeal Nadal’s breakfasts are little different from those of a normal person: Every morning he eats toasted bread with extra virgin olive oil to replace butter, margarine and any type of sauce. Nadal clearly adds another food, preferably protein, so that his breakfast is completely complete and healthy. For the athlete it is essential that his breakfast is balanced in order to train successfully and have energy for the rest of the day.

He also assured that olive oil is not lacking in their dinners and lunches. Being a fan of salads, she adds it as a dressing. It is also part of stews and fish. For Nadal, a splash of “liquid gold” is more than enough to feel that everything is fine in his meals. “Every morning I have toasted bread with olive oil for breakfast, and at lunch and dinner I usually have a salad or fish, always with a splash of extra virgin olive oil,” says the tennis player.

“Everything I eat is essential”

Although olive oil is his favorite, the winner of 14 Roland Garros titles and 22 Grand Slams stressed that everything he eats is important . He also showed his commitment to maintaining a balanced diet in which sports cannot be lacking. In fact, one of the things that caused the greatest interest in his statements is that he cannot miss sports, since this helps to be a better person and “makes you feel better.”

There is no doubt that a perfect combination of natural fats, rest, discipline, love of sport and hard training have made Rafael Nadal the tennis star that he is. We also cannot help but ignore the fact that at 36 years old he looks young, so there is no doubt that his elixir of youth is in extra virgin olive oil.

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