Horse Mackerel: Nutrition Value, Calories and Types

Horse Mackerel

All types of fish are known to be beneficial for health. Horse mackerel is one of the most popular and good species among these varieties. By consuming the meals made with horse mackerel 3 days a week, the body is greatly benefited in many ways. You can create an ideal, delicious and healthy table with a meal prepared with horse mackerel, which is a full Omega 3 store, and salads with it. With these practical recipes, you can see that your metabolism works faster and you feel stronger.

Horse mackerel loves warm seas and prefers to live in such environments. Since they also like to travel, it is possible to come across these fish frequently during hunting. Since they are sold at economical and budget-friendly prices, their consumption rates are also quite high. Regulating the level of bad cholesterol is one of its main benefits. As with all fish, it greatly contributes to the strengthening of memory. As a result of regulating metabolism, it strengthens the immune system and protects those who eat fish against diseases.

Horse mackerel Nutrition Value and Calories

150 grams of horse mackerel contains 307.5 calories. In addition, the nutritional value of horse mackerel is extremely high. It contains 18.6 g of protein, 13.86 g of fat, 90 mg of sodium, 314 mg of potassium, 12 mg of calcium in 100 grams.

This aspect of the fish species makes it more beneficial for those who eat horse mackerel regularly. The protein value of horse mackerel is also quite high. This feature of the fish makes it a good meal for those who want to maintain their weight or diet. Another advantage is that it is rich in Omega 3, which is beneficial for heart health and brain development. Fat ratio and vitamin values ​​also show ideal ratios.

What are the horse mackerel types?

There are two main types of horse mackerel in our seas:

  • The yellow tail type, which is frequently seen in the Black Sea and Mediterranean regions , is one of them. Fish with yellowish fins attract attention with their thin scaled and flamboyant bodies.
  • It is possible to come across the second species, bream , in the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. Fish with black dots on them can be seen traveling in the sea in flocks during the summer months.

When we look at their characteristics in general, it is seen that the two fish species are highly similar to each other. It is possible to come across larger versions of horse mackerel in the Aegean Sea.

When Is Horse Mackerel Season?

Let’s come to the question of which months the horse mackerel is kept. Horse mackerel, which is one of the most productive fish species in hunting, can be caught at any time of the year. However, in some periods, the chance of holding horse mackerel is higher. Weather and seas play an important role in this regard. May can be considered as the ideal month for horse mackerel fishing in the Black Sea. In terms of the fishing season, it is seen that September is favorable in terms of weather conditions. However, for those who are interested in fishing, horse mackerel fishing can be done all year round.

How to Keep Horse Horse? Horse Horse Hunting

Horse mackerel fishing is a good activity for those who are interested in fishing. A large amount of delicious fish can be caught by paying attention to some tricks.

You can be more successful if you adjust the materials on the fishing line according to the weather. In clear and sunny weather, the fishing gear should contain gray feathers and white silk. If the weather is cloudy and cloudy, a fishing line with white feathers and red silk is used. After throwing the fishing line into the sea, the fishing line is pulled slightly and left. In this way, horse mackerel bait is seen by the fish and collected here. You can understand that the fish are coming when you feel a sound and heaviness in the anchor. In order to use the caper efficiently, you should also make sure that it is in a wet state.

What is Horse Horse Capricorn?

There are some methods of hunting horse mackerel, which is advantageous with its delicious taste and beneficial properties, as well as its easy handling. Horse mackerel holding activity is enjoyable and fun at the same time. A large number of fish can be caught in a short time by using different horse mackerel hooks.

After obtaining the necessary and important materials, you can prepare the anchor you will use. You can get a hook by buying a tin horse mackerel fishing rod and doing various operations on it. At this point, the position of the horse mackerel hook on the fishing line is also important and should face the palm. Afterwards, the shackle and the speckled feather are placed on the fishing line and tied with red silk. Care must be taken to ensure that the materials are tightly bound. When you add the piece of fishing line, the anchor is prepared and becomes compatible for fishing.

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