Goat Meat: Organic, Healthy, Nutritious

Goat Meat

Goat meat, contrary to popular belief, is a healthy type of meat. Since it’s fat and cholesterol levels are lower than other types of meat, it eliminates the factors that predispose to cardiovascular diseases. Since other types of meat are more preferred, many drugs and hormone supplements are used in the industry. Whereas, goat meat is almost an organic type of meat, as the animals are usually grazed.

Goat Meat Dishes: Soft Roasted

  • The most practical meat dish is roasting. The snapshot is prepared in a short time. Moreover, thanks to the protein and other nutritional values ​​it contains, it creates a healthy meal. To achieve the balance of protein and carbohydrates, it is enough to make pasta or rice with it.
  • Roasted goat meat is the kind of dish that the eater will want to eat again. Especially if it came out of skillful hands who know the job! Because cooking goat meat is not for every brave man!
  • You should definitely try this recipe to make soft goat meat roast like Turkish delight.

Is Goat Meat Eaten?

  • When we think of meat, most of us do not think of goat meat. However, goat meat is an edible meat with many health benefits.
  • Goat meat, which is preferred by almost 75 percent of the world’s population and considered a luxury consumption especially in developed countries, is not very popular in our country. The reasons behind this situation are explained as bad smell, upsetting the stomach and intestines, and being tasteless.
  • So how is goat meat, what does it taste like? Another reason why goat meat is not preferred in kitchens is that it is tougher than other meats. Therefore, it is difficult to cook. Goat meat is hard, while the meat of the baby goat is softer and lighter. In our country, especially in the Aegean, Mediterranean, and Thrace, kid meat is often preferred.
  • There is no clear answer to the question of when to eat goat meat . Because it can be consumed in every month of the year, in every season. However, kid meat is usually eaten between March and June.
  • Goat meat is a very nutritious meat. It is lower in calories than other types of meat. 100 grams of goat meat is only 109 kcal calories. The same amount of goat meat contains 20 grams of protein. This amount alone meets 41 percent of an adult’s daily protein needs.
  • The amount of protein contained in goat meat is almost the same as veal and beef. On the other hand, the fat content is 50 percent lower. 100 grams of goat meat contains 2 grams of fat. This rate meets about 4 percent of the daily need. Goat meat is also rich in potassium, calcium, iron and B group vitamins. 100 grams of goat meat contains 385 mg of potassium, 13 mg of calcium and about 3 mg of iron.
  • Goat meat is compared to sheep meat in some regions. The difference between goat meat and mutton is very clear. In mutton, there is a layer of fat in the form of a cover under the skin. The amount of fat in goat meat is much less. For this reason, experts find goat meat much healthier.

How to Remove Goat Meat Smell? The secret is in marination!

  • All types of meat must be marinated before cooking. However, the marinating process is much more important for goat meat compared to other types of meat. Because goat meat is harder and fragrant.
  • Whichever cooking method you prefer, you should definitely marinate your meat the night before. In this way, you will get a tender and tasty meat.
  • If you are bothered by the smell of goat meat, you can add spices such as garlic, rosemary, coriander, and thyme in the marinade.
  • Marinating goat meat is not as difficult as you might think. First you need to thinly slice the meat. The thinner the meat, the better it absorbs the sauce you prepared. Then add some rosemary, thyme, a few drops of lemon, some black pepper, grated onion, and garlic in a suitable container. After mixing all the ingredients, put your meat in the bowl and close the lid.
  • Marinate your meat this way overnight if possible. If you cannot marinate overnight, soak your meat in this sauce for at least 2 hours and then cook it.
  • Even you will not believe how delicious and tender your meat is after the marinating process.

What are the Benefits of Goat Meat?

  • It is a meat with high nutritional value.
  • Since it has low fat, it can be consumed by cholesterol patients.
  • Protects cardiovascular health.
  • It strengthens memory.
  • It preserves the cell structure. It prevents the proliferation of damaged cells.
  • Goat meat is richer in vitamins B1 and B2 compared to other types of meat. Thanks to this situation, it helps to renew the skin surface in permanent skin injuries.
  • Compared to other red meats, it is richer in unsaturated fatty acids.
  • It is even lower in calories than chicken meat. Therefore, it supports the weight loss process. It accelerates metabolism by providing fat burning.
  • It protects the nervous system.

Goat Meat Cooking Methods

  • Goat meat can be cooked like other types of red and white meat. Goat meat dishes can be made, cooked in the oven or in a pan, and oven-roasted, as we shared the recipe above. If you wish, it can even accompany your barbecue pleasures.
  • In fact, goat meat should be entrusted to the hands that know it. Because the cooking time of goat meat is a little longer, it is not cooked for the same time as other meats . If you try to cook goat meat while you are cooking beef, your meat will remain raw. For dishes made with goat meat, it is necessary to pay attention to the cooking time. The secret of soft goat meat is slow cooking over low heat. Otherwise, the meat will dry out and shrivel.
  • Another problem encountered while cooking goat meat is cleaning the hard hairs on it . If you do not know the method, no matter how hard you try, you cannot remove most of these hairs. However, you can easily clean these hairs with the help of flour and water. Prepare a ball of dough by mixing flour and water. Press this dough over and spread it over the meat. The dough will collect the hairs in a practical way.

Goat Meat Prices 2020

  • How much is a kilo of goat meat? Has the price of goat meat changed in 2020 ? Many people, learning about the benefits of goat meat, ask this question.
  • Although the price of goat meat varies from city to city, it is sold at a price in the range of 40-50 TL per kilo .
  • In addition, the price of goat meat varies depending on where the animal is obtained from.

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