Ginger: Types, Benefits, Uses, Side Effects


Ginger, the superfood of alternative medicine, is known as the natural doctor of homes with its healing properties. The healing food, which is a full vitamin store with its nutritive values ​​and which we do not miss from the kitchens in summer and winter with its fresh and dried foods, gives taste to the dishes with its aroma, and becomes a source of health for salads and meals in its fresh form.

What is Ginger?

  • Those who do not know ginger, which we see with its tubers in root form, may wonder what kind of plant ginger is or how ginger grows .
  • Ginger is a member of the ginger family with high nutritional value. Grow it from the root part of a slender herbaceous plant that can grow up to one metre.
  • Ginger plant or ginger tree is often encountered as a tropical climate plant and surprises with its aroma and similarity to local almonds in food, form and color, slightly reminiscent of cinnamon.
  • It is an important part of curry powder, which is the cornerstone of Indian food culture, as well as used alone in meals.
  • Besides Asian cuisines, it has an indispensable place as one of the important spices of world cuisines.
  • Let’s try to enlighten those who are wondering how the ginger plant tastes and whether ginger is bitter.
  • To make a rough definition, we can say that the taste of ginger is between bitter and sour. Therefore, the amount of use should be carefully adjusted.
  • Ginger is also an affordable food.
  • Ginger is a plant that can be grown at home as well as growing in agricultural lands.
  • After you prepare your pot and soil, you can take a step to make your own natural spice by planting ginger.

Is Ginger Weakening?

  • The source of healing ginger is a nutrient that is also effective on weight loss.
  • It is the biggest assistant of those who want to lose weight in a healthy way with its content that facilitates digestion and supports fat burning.
  • Ginger, which provides more fat burning by accelerating metabolism, gives better results if used during diet.
  • Those who lose weight with ginger know the ginger detox method very well.
  • Ginger detoxes, which directly help to lose weight, are the most important recipes to be recommended , especially to those who say that ginger will weaken.

What Are the Benefits of Ginger?

  • The food, which increases the body temperature by accelerating the blood flow, maintains the normal blood circulation.
  • Ginger , which is beneficial for the stomach and nausea , increases the absorption of nutrients in the body. It also facilitates digestion and protects from stomach ailments.
  • Ginger can also alleviate the symptoms of gastritis, but it is recommended to be used carefully and in consultation with a specialist due to its strong and sharp aroma.
  • The most well-known of ginger benefits is that it protects the body against ailments such as colds, coughs, respiratory tract infections by strengthening the immune system .
  • It helps in the treatment of colon cancer and ovarian cancer , as well as reducing nausea that occurs during the chemotherapy process .
  • It has a protective effect against Alzheimer’s disease and the protection of brain cells is especially shown as the benefit of ginger tea .
  • Ginger mask and ginger oil, which are also known to be good for skin health, help fight wrinkles against aging.

What Is Ginger Good For?

  • We can count the benefits of gingerwhich deserves the title of super food among the people with its benefits, against many diseases, from blood pressure to sugar, for those who say what it is good for and which diseases it is good for .
  • Ginger reduces high blood pressure by reducing the pressure on the heart.
  • It is good for cold and cough by mixing with honey, milk, molasses, lemon. Ginger is known to be one of the best foods used against nausea in cancer treatment.
  • Again, it is possible to overcome thyroid gland disorders with ginger juice without the need for drug treatment.
  • Do not be surprised if we say that ginger is also a good option for teeth.
  • In addition, ginger is used to whiten teeth and increases sexual power are just some of the known effects for now.
  • Against diabetes, the food that works miracles with cinnamon is very effective in lowering blood sugar.

How to Use Ginger

  • Before moving on to how to consume ginger, it is necessary to know the types of ginger. Ginger varieties that we are used to seeing in tuber form are of two types, fresh ginger and dried ginger . Fresh ginger root, which is not difficult to find on the counters in the fall, is dried and sold in root and powder form.
  • Ginger powder is mostly preferred as a spice in meals and is considered as a tea. It is an ingredient that gives a pleasant taste to chicken and meat dishes and is added to sauces prepared for meals.
  • Of course, its use as a spice is not limited to meals, and it is brought to the table by adding it to all kinds of salty or sweet pastries with its aromatic flavor. Dried root ginger is used in tea making or cure preparation, while fresh ginger becomes one of the most popular flavors of salads.
  • When it comes to fresh ginger , one wonders how to peel ginger . The trick to peeling fresh ginger is to peel it with a pointed spoon. Since it has a very thin crust, the indented parts are easily peeled off with a pointed spoon, and thus the ginger is not wasted.
  • You can also consume ginger in the form of ginger tea. Just be prepared for a sharp taste. You can add honey to soften the aroma. As a mixed herbal tea, ginger is among the most preferred options with linden honey.
  • If you are looking for a refreshing drink especially on summer days and you are tired of the same recipes, ginger ale can be an alternative for you.
  • For ginger ale, all you need is ginger, lemon, sugar and soda. You can also use baking soda and lemon salt instead of soda to make a bubble drink.

Types of Ginger Cure

  • Ginger is the main ingredient of many cures that are a source of healing.
  • The easiest recipe among ginger cures is ginger tea. Ginger tea brewed with a couple of slices of ginger will help you fight diseases, and those who say when to drink ginger tea are recommended to consume it before autumn.
  • You can also prepare ginger tea with cinnamon if you want, or you can try ginger cinnamon cure against diseases.
  • Another cure, whose value is understood once again when winter comes, is ginger lemon honey cure prepared by adding ginger honey or lemon. It is just as easy to prepare honey cures that are perfect for colds.
  • With the addition of cinnamon, your ginger honey lemon mixture will turn into a complete healing source! In addition, ginger honey black pepper mixture is also very useful. You can choose according to your taste.
  • The cure you will try for cough is ginger milk and ginger molasses cures . You can survive the winter in a healthy way thanks to the ginger milk cure and ginger molasses cure , which can be drunk either by adding honey or just accompanied by milk .
  • Ginger cures prepared not only for colds but also for weakening are also very popular.
  • Prepared with yogurt or only yogurt, ginger yogurt cure is as effective as ginger juice in weight loss .

Ginger Harms and Side Effects

  • Ginger, which is a food with proven benefits, does not show any side effects unless it is used unconsciously. However, improper use and ginger allergy can cause various discomforts.
  • Especially since it has an aromatic and sharp taste, it is beneficial for people with stomach discomfort to be careful about its use.
  • Although it is thought that one of the side effects of ginger is insomnia, ginger, on the contrary, provides relaxation and provides a better quality and deeper sleep .
  • During pregnancy, the food used against nausea can cause miscarriage when consumed excessively, so pregnant women should be very careful when using it. It should also be noted that ginger has a blood thinning effect.

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