3-day detox diet list example: How to do a detox diet

3-day detox diet

Under normal conditions, the body cleans itself of the toxins it has taken in through various methods every day, especially at night and in the early morning hours. However, with advancing age, the potential for clearing metabolic wastes in the body decreases. In these cases, there are many practices to remove toxins from the body and accelerate metabolism. Detox diet is one of them. What is a detox diet and what does it do? How much weight can you lose with a detox diet in 3 days?

The human body has the task of cleaning and purifying itself from toxins. The lungs allow foreign substances coming into the body from the air to be expelled. The skin tries to block toxins in the environment. The liver, kidneys, lymph system and intestines, and the lymph system also help remove toxins in the circulatory system. However, sometimes the body’s effort may not be enough due to air pollution, smoking, unhealthy and irregular eating habits and similar conditions. In such cases, various detox diets are applied by consuming light meals and vegetable and fruit juices to support them, along with light exercises, meditation and breathing exercises. What is the detox diet used to relieve the body of physical and mental fatigue and purify the body from toxins?

What is a detox diet?

Detox, in general terms, is a diet program designed to get rid of toxins in the body. There are many detox methods. Detox, which is carried out to purify the body from harmful substances and lose weight, includes a diet program consisting of fruits, vegetables, fruit juice and water. Some detox diets may also include herbs, teas, and various body supplements. At the same time, such detox diets help solve some health problems such as obesity, digestive problems, diseases that may affect the immune system, inflammation, allergies, bloating and chronic fatigue.

What does a detox diet do?

There are many known benefits of the detox diet. Some of the detox diet benefits are as follows:

  • It purifies the body from organic pollutants and toxins.
  • It helps to lose weight.
  • It improves the circulatory system.
  • It makes the body look younger.
  • It increases the energy level in the body.
  • It helps develop healthier and more regular eating habits.

How to do a detox diet?

Since the purpose of the detox diet is to purify the body from toxins, the detox program does not include meat, fatty and sugary foods, processed ready-made foods and beverages containing caffeine such as coffee or tea. Detox basically consists of only vegetables and fruits. However, in addition to some detoxes, foods such as walnuts and almonds along with yoghurt, kefir, fish and similar animal-based foods are also preferred. The daily sweet need is satisfied with fruit juices obtained from organic fruits.

It is important to consume food in the right proportions and by preparing it correctly. Detox diets can be applied in different ways, generally for 2, 3, 5 and 7 days. This may vary depending on the amount of toxin in the body. In detox programs, it is essential to keep cigarettes, alcohol, ready-made food and all kinds of chemicals away from the body. It is preferred to consume organic foods in nutrition. Each diet program may have different effects depending on the person. Before implementing these programs, it is necessary to get an opinion from a nutrition and dietetics specialist. At the same time, if a person has illnesses, it is important to follow these diets with expert advice rather than applying them alone, in order to achieve healthier results.

3-day detox diet list example

Although the diet list is prepared separately for each individual, an example 3-day detox diet list is as follows:


  • Drink a glass of detox water right before breakfast.
  • Small slices of fat-free white cheese
  • 1 or 2 slices of whole wheat or whole grain bread
  • A salad made from tomatoes, cucumbers and green vegetables
  • Green tea or other herbal tea


  • A portion of seasonal fruits
  • 6 walnuts or 1 handful of almonds


  • Vegetable soup prepared with a little olive oil
  • A portion of salad made from seasonal greens

Evening meal:

  • Fresh vegetable dish prepared using a little olive oil
  • Nothing other than herbal tea or detox water should be consumed after dinner.

How much weight does a 3-day detox diet make you lose?

Detox diets are ideal diets for losing weight in a healthy way. However, this diet should be implemented with the most appropriate planning for the individual. While applying the diet, care should be taken not to extend the duration and not to restrict the foods too much. It may not be possible to determine exactly how much weight the detox diet causes. Because the body’s weight loss rate is also related to metabolism. Since this speed will vary from person to person, it is not possible to say anything definitive. However, it is possible to lose 3-5 kilos with a 3-day diet list.

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