Cyclamen Flower: When to Plant? Care, Propagation, Irrigation

Cyclamen Flower

We would like to introduce you to cyclamen, the strong flower of gardens and balconies. This flower, which clings to life without the wind being cold, will create a festive mood in the eyes with its unique color. This flower, which is a bit overwhelmed in indoor environments and whose world is its own when it sees the open air and shade, attracts attention because of its easy care. We are here with an article with plenty of oxygen for our readers who love flowers, those who want to get to know the cyclamen flower better, and those who say what is cyclamen flower. If you are one of those who believe in the peace of flowers, you can start reading our article.

Cyclamen Flower Meaning, Properties and Types

If you take a look at the cyclamen flower, you can see that it looks like a rabbit’s ear. With this similarity, it was named rabbit ear among the people. There are almost more than 20 species. The cyclamen flower, which usually attracts attention with its dark pink and fuchsia color, defines a color with its own name in the color chart. If you love dark pink tones, your favorite color may be cyclamen.

Cyclamen, one of the garden and balcony flowers, is a perennial plant. It blooms and becomes colorful between February and April. As a result of a study conducted at Çanakkale 18 Mart University, it was stated that Turkey is a rich country in terms of cyclamen flower species. Gardens and balconies are decorated with this flower in our country, where there are about 10 species of cyclamen.

Cyclamen is a flower that does not like hot and sunny weather. Don’t enjoy it when it’s cold and shadowy. Its dark green broad leaves stay away from its vital activities in the heat. But it regenerates when there is light wind and cold. If you want to buy cyclamen for a person, you should remember that this flower represents love. It is known as the harbinger of pure and beautiful feelings. Being the flower of love is among the characteristics of the cyclamen flower.

The cyclamen flower is found in European countries with the name Persian violet. One of the remarkable features of this flower is its unique scent. For this reason, it was known as “incense” in ancient times. This fragrant flower can grow up to 10 cm in length. The branches of the flower can grow up to almost 20 cm. Cyclamen flower varieties vary according to the region where it grows. Anatolian and Greek cyclamen is one of them. In addition, the colors of the cyclamen flower may differ. It can create a riot of colors in pots with its red, white, lilac, pink, fuchsia and purple colors.

Is cyclamen flower poisonous?

It is said that the roots of the cyclamen flower contain toxic substances. But this poison is not strong enough to affect humans. It is known to have an effect on cats and dogs.

How to Care for Cyclamen Flower?

Like all flowers, cyclamen will require attention and care from you. It will not tire you much as it is easy to maintain. If you have cyclamen at home and follow these steps, it may be easier to care for cyclamen at home:

  • Location: What environment does cyclamen love? In order for the cyclamen flower to be long-lasting, it should be grown in balconies or gardens. It cannot adapt to the air in the home environment and fades in a short time.
  • Sun: You should not leave the cyclamen flower, which is not very good with the heat, directly into the sunlight. The direction of the flower should change every week.
  • Water: Controlled irrigation is required when watering the squid. Check the soil by hand before each watering. If the humidity has decreased, you can use the rested water. In winter colds, watering once a week will be sufficient. In summer heat, you can irrigate when the soil dries, as moisture will disappear quickly. If water has accumulated at the bottom of the pot after watering, you will need to take this water. Otherwise, bacterial growth may occur.
  • Soil: How should the soil of cyclamen flower be? If you want the juicer to have a long life, you should choose the soil with humus. Soils with high mineral and yield will extend the life of the squeezing.
  • Pot: Medium-sized pots are always suitable for cyclamen. By changing the pot in the spring, you can make the flower come alive and renew.
  • Pruning: If the flower has wilted, you can remove the rotting leaves with a pair of scissors. This prevents the rotten leaf from infecting other leaves.

When to Plant Cyclamen Seed?

The most comfortable way to grow cyclamen is to sow seeds. If you want to grow cyclamen with seeds, you can wait until the first days of August. Sow cyclamen seeds intermittently in a large pot and add fertile soil on top of it. Protect the pot in which you plant the seeds from very hot and sun. Take it to a shaded place during the warmer hours.

Cyclamen Flower Propagation Techniques

When you want to reproduce this beautiful and eye-pleasing flower, you will need to know some tricks. You can apply whichever method you think is easy from the 2 methods we will present to you. One will be propagation by seed and the other will be propagation by tuber.

To propagate cyclamen by seed, obtain the seeds. You can get the seeds from the flower when the plant is dry. Sprinkle the seeds on the humus and slightly moist soil. Add soil just above it. Wait for a while without mixing the soil. During this time, the pot should remain in the shade. When the seed sprouts, thin and juvenile branches will start to emerge from the soil.

When you want to reproduce from the tuber, you should wait for April or May. During these periods, you can catch the temperature that the tuber needs. When the flowering of the dead tuber ends, you should stop watering. You should wait for the leaves to dry with the sun. You should clean the tuber when the soils on the dried tuber are also dry.

Cut the cleaned tuber in half. The tuber, which has rested for a while, is rubbed into the garden sulfur. The tuber, which remains in the shade for about 1 week, is then planted in the pot. The remaining part of the tuber should be facing the air. Reproducing cyclamen in this way is somewhat troublesome and risky.

How to Water the Cyclamen Flower?

When watering cyclamen, you should remember the following items:

  • Your watering measuring cup should remain stable.
  • Irrigation water should be pre-distilled water.
  • Irrigation can occur when soil moisture is lost.
  • Irrigation is done once a week in winter, and on hot days as the soil dries.
  • The water from the bottom of the pot must be taken.
  • When watering cyclamen, it is necessary to distribute the water over the entire soil surface.
  • You should not choose your watering can too big, as it does not like too much water.
  • It will be healthier to irrigate in the morning hours.

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