Is flax seeds good for you?

Is flax seeds good for you
Is flax seeds good for you

Is flax seeds good for you? According to some people, flax seed is one of the so-called superfoods. Linseed is the seed of the flax plant, which was once used to make rope. However, the linseed of this plant can also be used for human consumption. The different nutrients that these seeds carry make it such a healthy product and great for a diet.

Is flax seeds good for you? Flax seed contains many healthy substances

Flax seeds are rich in alpha linolenic acid and many other omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids. Such substances are particularly important to prevent cardiovascular disease. Polyphons can also be found to a large extent in linseed. These polyphons are chemical compounds that ensure that free radicals (harmful substances) are absorbed. In addition, it also contains many other substances, which in general contribute to a healthier and more vital body. These are vitamin B1, vitamin B2, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and calcium. The variety of substances makes linseed a unique product.

Good for bowel movements

Linseed is an excellent addition to when you want to lose weight and is very good for the intestines. In the first place because it consists of 20% fiber. These fibers ensure that a lot of moisture is absorbed. This stimulates the intestinal passage and promotes bowel movements. Secondly, it is good for the intestines because of its purifying and cleansing effect. It takes all the excess dirt with it, as it were.

As a final advantage: linseed also quickly gives you a satiated feeling, which makes you feel full sooner. Because of the full feeling, you eat less and you lose weight. An important detail is the fast action of the linseed. You can already notice results within a few hours.

Whole and broken seeds in linseed

When you buy linseed, you can choose from whole seeds or crushed/crushed seeds. It is best to eat broken seeds. If you choose whole seeds, the seeds leave the body in exactly the same shape as they entered the body. In itself it is not necessarily unhealthy, but it is a waste of the seeds of course. So make sure you break the seeds or buy ready-mashed ones.

How to eat flax seed?

Linseed can be eaten in many different ways. You can easily add the broken seeds to the quark, yogurt, salad, smoothie or any other dish. You can also easily use it in cookies, muffins or bread. In addition to the seeds, it is also available in oil: linseed oil. This can also be used in many ways: in a dressing over the salad or simply on a nice bread with a little salt and pepper. So there are many options to come up with.

Responsible amount of linseed

Make sure you don’t consume too much, because even healthy products such as flaxseed cannot be eaten endlessly. Linseed contains cyanogens which can be converted in the body into the toxic substance cyanide. The Nutrition Center recommends eating between 15 and 45 grams of broken linseed per day. This is equivalent to a few tablespoons. If you go over this once in a while, that is not a problem, but do not make it a habit.

Linseed is a wonderfully healthy product with many possibilities. You can use it in anything and everything and it has a very positive effect on your health. It also tastes very tasty and can be combined with many things. Healthy living and flaxseed are an ideal combination.

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