How to Plant Carrot Seeds?

How to Plant Carrot Seeds

Carrots, which are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, will grow well when a fertile environment is prepared. Carrot grown from seed is very beneficial for health. Carrot, which is consumed both as a plant and as a seed, is of great importance for human health. You can obtain carrot seeds from herbalists and benefit from their miraculous properties.

Carrot seed oil is obtained from carrot seeds and is used for many purposes. Now, let us present you the curious properties of carrot seed and information on growing carrots from seed. If you are interested in growing plants at home, you can also use carrot seeds. If you want to heal many diseases in a herbal way, you can see the effect of carrot seed oil.

How and When to Plant Carrot Seeds?

  • To plant carrot seeds, you should evaluate the times other than winter.
  • Seeds are sown 2-3 cm deep into the soil to be planted.
  • For better germination of carrot seeds, you can leave them in a moist bag or napkin for 1 night before planting it in the soil. Carrot seeds remaining in a humid environment will germinate faster. It is recommended for the development of roots.
  • The soil of the carrot seed should be fertile soil. It should have an average temperature of 20 degrees. Very cold soils deteriorate the health of the roots.
  • The seeds planted in the ground will germinate within 15 days and will start to show their first green.
  • Planted carrot seeds should be controlled and watered. Since the soil that is too watery will rot, it should be kept moist.
  • The pot size should be adjusted according to the number of seeds. It is recommended to choose a deep pot, as the carrots will remain under the ground.
  • It is recommended to drill holes in the pot where the carrot seeds are planted. Small holes opened help the soil to breathe. Thus, the sprouted seed does not rot.
  • Keep the pots in a cool and damp place. It should not receive direct sun.

What are the Benefits of Carrot Seed?

Carrot seed oil and tea are used. It has an effect that purifies and nourishes the body in every way.

1) Activates the Bowels

  • Among the benefits of carrot seeds is that it works the intestines. Constipation thanks to this seed can prevent the problem.
  • When you mix carrot seeds with hot water and drink it as tea, you can help the intestines work faster.

2) Clears Infection

  • Carrot seed tea, which has an antioxidant effect, will be your savior tea on infection days.
  • Thanks to the carrot seed, which is as effective as drugs, urinary tract infection and skin infection will be cleared.

3) Refreshes Skin

  • Carrot seed oil and tea, which support cell regeneration, help you look younger.
  • It facilitates the removal of dead skin and ensures rapid regeneration of cells.

4) Protects Eye Health

  • There are studies showing that carrot seeds strengthen eyesight.
  • If you want to have healthier eyes, you can prepare tea from carrot seeds and drink it regularly.

5) Nourishes Hair

  • Carrot seed oil and tea containing phosphorus, vitamin C, magnesium, and many more vitamins will be the elixir of hair.
  • If you prefer carrot seed oil in the hair mask and carrot seed tea on a daily basis, you will get the minerals your hair needs in the most natural way.

6) Removes Toxins

  • One of the ways to get rid of toxins that tire your body is to drink carrot seed tea.
  • It is known that those who drink carrot seed tea regularly get rid of edema and toxins. Regular consumption is recommended to purify the body from harmful substances.

7) Regulates Menstrual Period

  • Carrot seed tea controls hormones and helps them to be secreted in a healthy way.
  • Recommended for those who have menstrual irregularity, carrot seed tea makes menstruation days more regular and painless.

8) Cleanses the Liver

  • Carrot seed tea, which purifies your body, helps the liver functions to function in a healthy way.
  • It has the task of preventing liver fattening and helps to clean the liver.

9) Nourish Breastmilk

  • The benefits of carrot seeds will make our fresh mothers very happy.
  • Carrot seed tea, which has high nutritional value, improves the quality of breast milk and supports more milk production.

10) Strengthens the Immune System

  • The task of increasing blood cells is one of the tasks of carrot seeds. It is often recommended because of its effect on the immune system.
  • Carrot seed tea, which has strong antiseptic and antibacterial aspects, is recommended for people with a weak immune system.

How to Use Carrot Seed Oil?

The carrot seed oil has the ability to relieve skin problems. You can follow these steps to use it consciously without harming your skin:

  • To protect yourself from the sun, you can apply a thin layer to your skin before going out into the sun. It will be better if you mix it with some olive oil and apply it.
  • You can message directly into the skin to heal skin wounds.
  • It is recommended to add a few drops to the hair mask to add volume and health to your hair.
  • If you want it to contribute to the immune system; You can add carrot seed oil suitable for consumption to your drinking water. For this, you should choose oil suitable for consumption.
  • Thanks to the carrot seed oil you add to the bathwater, you will see its effect in aromatherapy. You can witness the purification of the soul and body.

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